Spirited Art

My brother and his wife have been visiting us for several days and last night we decided to go out and enjoy each other’s company without my children hanging from them every second of the day.

(I can not WAIT until my nephew is old enough to do that to me, for the record. It only makes me crazy when my own kids do it. That’s the joy of being an aunt, you can be entertained by the things that annoy you as a Mom.)

We were going to see a movie but there wasn’t a good consensus about what to see. Donnie suggested Spirited Art which ended up being the BEST IDEA EVER. The class was small so we were really able to enjoy each other’s company and cut up enough that I almost peed in my pants SEVERAL TIMES. Especially when I thought my brother was hiding behind his painting for a minute. He wasn’t, but something aobut that got me so tickled I started snorting I was laughing so hard.

No night out is complete without laughter-induced snorting.

I’m really proud of our paintings. I did three eggs for obvious reasons (I’m a showoff) and while my nest doesn’t look as 3-dimensional as the original, I think it’s damn awesome. And we talked way more than we would have in a movie.

I’m going to be heartbroken to say goodbye to them today. I’m so lucky to be so close to my brother and I’m blessed his wife is just as amazing. We have such a good time together, always full of laughter. It’s just been a great trip and I’ll be counting down the days until we see them again.

Until then…I’ll have my work of art to remind me of them.

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