Bring It On, 2012.

This time every year I hear a lot of, “I hate New Year’s! The expectations! The resolutions bound to fail! The pressure is too great!”

Obviously these people aren’t as OCD about beginnings as I am.

I’ve always been someone that starts a “diet” on a Monday, and if I fail at any point in the week, I throw the whole week out and wait to start again the following Monday. I was the same with exercise plans. And vows to keep caught up with laundry. Monthly beginning are even more powerful: I’m going to read the kids a story every night! I’m going to cook real meals five nights a week! I’m going to shower!

(Who am I kidding with that last one, right?)

So, if Mondays and the first of the month hold that much weight for me, you can imagine how much I love New Year’s Day. BEST DAY OF THE YEAR, in my opinion.

I do get a little anal retentive about things, this LAST week of the year, however. For example, I really want to log all of my runs this year. I’ve used RunKeeper off and on this year, but I wanted to start anew so I spent about 30 minutes the other day DELETING ALL OF MY RUNS off RunKeeper. Just so I could start clean for 2012. I’m also pledging in 2012 to not start any new Pinterest projects until I finish the several I’ve started in 2011. To do that I had to clean and organize my workspaces this week.

So, basically? The last week of the year I spend prepping for the first day of the year.

But I love it. I love it ALL. I love the feeling of a fresh start, I love the potential. Do I ever really see through any of my “resolutions” of the year? Never. At least not how I map them out. But I always see some sort of change in my life. At least a budge in the right direction. 2011 was a HUGE year of changes for me that all started with the excited start to the year.

So I jump into 2012 hoping to be able to look back at the end of the year and say, “I didn’t do it all, but I made a step in the right direction.”

Because like I always say – as long as I’m trying to be better in some way, then I know I’m at least heading in the right direction. I don’t want the failures of the past to discourage me from successes of the future. That’s what’s great about the New Year, you can compartmentalize all of the failures in the past year and start with nothing but potential for success.

My Goals for 2012

  • Log all of my runs. I hit 100 miles in October when I was logging miles for my training group and knowing that felt SO GOOD. I’d love to keep track of it all for 2012 and see how THAT feels.
  • Finish projects. I’m not going to commit to finishing them ALL, because some projects are better left discarded. But I’m not going to start any new projects until I finish most of the half-complete ones I’ve got haunting my craft table and office.
  • Cut back on my consumption of Diet Coke. I’m not going to say I’ll quit, but I’m going to drastically cut back. My goal is to stop grabbing one to take in the car every time I walk out the door. But it will take awhile to break that habit.
  • Do more trail running! Did my first one last week: SO FUN. I’ll write more about that later.
  • Nag less, Goof Off more. No explanation needed, that one is pretty obvious.
  • Run the Rocket City Marathon. I’ve finally been vocalizing that goal to make it real so I feel like I can put it down in writing. I’m going to join the Rocket City Marathon training group for the last half of the year so that in December, 2012 I can run it. EEK.

I LOVE THE NEW YEAR. Bring it on, 2012. In many ways I feel like I kicked 2011’s ass, so you better watch out.


8 thoughts on “Bring It On, 2012.”

  1. I’m not a big New Year person, but that’s more the whole drinking/party/blah-ness part of it. I LOVE beginnings, though. I was the kid always so excited for the first day of school and spent days (or weeks) at the end of summer getting ready for it. I never keep all of my resolutions, of course, (or any of them), but I do love to make them. I always love an opportunity to try and improve myself.

  2. Have you checked out dailymile? I’ve been tracking all of my workouts (runs, swims, rides, weights, etc) there for a few years now and it is one of the most supportive communities I’ve ever been part of. http://www.dailymile.com If you join. friend me! It’s free but Ben and Kelly have added a “pro’ option that gives you a few extra features, including a weeky summary email that is pretty cool.

  3. Amen girl! I’ve always felt the same way. As long as I am doing something to better myself and even if a little bit of it sticks, that’s a good thing.

  4. I love New Year’s, too. I love thinking about the changes I might or might not want to make. I especially like small and practical things: not “I’m going to lose weight” but “I’m going to add one fruit/vegetable per day.” And I also like the part of the thought process where I consider a resolution and then decide “Should I ______? No, I’m NOT going to try to ______!” That can be interesting/exhilarating too.

  5. 1) DailyMile is pretty awesome. I’ve used that off/on for years and it ALSO lets you track non-running exercise. (I especially loved it when I was doing CrossFit.)

    2) I AM SO GLAD YOU MENTIONED THE MARATHON TRAINING. Mostly because I think it is highly optimistic of me to be ready for the spring half training, but by June/August? I should be TOTALLY ready. Whew. Now I can stop kicking myself.

    3) http://www.erincondren.com

    1. Well, nevermind. If they’re doing training for the Huntsville Half (and they might!), it’s not showing on their website yet. But no worries. I’ll always have dear ole Hal Higdon.

      1. They’ll have it! Don’t worry! Since they launched that winter one for the April half in Nashville, I guess they just don’t have the Rocket City Half program listed so as not to confuse things. I joined it late last Summer, I remember because it was SO HOT outside on our first run and I thought, “I AM GOING TO DIE.”

        I think it’s their most popular training program b/c it’s a Half (which feels doable to most), it’s Local, and it gives out REALLY GOOD SWAG. At least mine did!

        I hope you sign up b/c I’m going to sign up for the full program at the same time (late summer) and we’ll undoubtedly see each other and that will make me happy ;)

  6. I am the same way about starting at the beginning of the week (which in my mind is Sunday) or month, so the fact that New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday this time is like triple the awesome for me.

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