She’s Keeping Me From Leaving The House Looking Like I’m Homeless

Nikki is still very much a fashionista. She puts tons of thoughts into what she wears and she rarely leaves the house anymore without some sort of accessory to accentuate her outfit. Maybe a fedora, maybe a scarf, maybe a purse, often all three!

We went out to go shopping the other morning as a family and I was just wearing a t-shirt, jeans and my converse. Then, of course, my daughter walks down all decked out and looking AWESOME. I looked at her and thought, Crap. I can’t go out looking like a slob if she looks like she just walked of a CW TV show. So I went and changed and put a bit more effort into my outfit. My hair and face still looked awful (bun, no makeup) but my outfit was at least cute.

And you know what happened? We were stopped, interviewed, and photographed for the newspaper. They were doing coverage of local shoppers and we ended up being on of the families they photographed for the paper. It was a COLOR photo. In the FIRST section of the paper.

So…you know…thank you, Nikki. For motivating me to try to look a little nicer when I step out in public. One of these days I’ll make that decision on my own without your influence, but until then, thanks.


9 thoughts on “She’s Keeping Me From Leaving The House Looking Like I’m Homeless”

  1. You all look great. And I love that ring you have on in the picture of you and Nikki. You’ve always had great taste in jewelry!

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