Why ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Made Me Have A Rage Blackout

SPOILER ALERT! Do not proceed unless you have seen last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother called “Symphony of Illumination”.

Everyone is clamoring to jump to the praise of last night’s ‘How I Met Your Mother’ thanks to it’s emotional hook and tender care. But you know what I say? BOLLOCKS.

First – let me tell you why I didn’t like it from the perspective of a general fan of television. I absolutely HATE when a show leads you into one GREAT BIG PLOT TWIST that you weren’t expecting and then – after you’ve spent hours/days trying to figure out the ramifications of that twist – they “undo” it. I spent all week saying, “ROBIN’S PREGNANT!” And then, nope. She’s not.

THEN, they made the kids she talked to the entire episode imaginary. To me? This is just another cheap ploy to generate water cooler chatter. HATE. Last week they had us talking about Robin being pregnant. Then I spent the whole episode thinking that she and Barney eventually end up with kids together. AND THEN THEY TOOK THAT AWAY TOO. The Vampire Diaries knows how to give me a twist, see it through, and not piss me off. WHY CAN’T HIMYM FOLLOW SUIT?

Now…On to Why I Hated This Episode Because Of My Own Reproductive History And The Emotional Baggage It Burdens Me With.

When you have difficulty having children like I had for years, you always wish you could just get a glimpse of the future. Just someone who assures you, Everything will be okay. Especially if that glimpse of the future shows you having kids! YAY!

HIMYM was giving us that last night with Robin talking to her children. I watched the news of her being unable to have kids, and the struggle she had with coping with that news, and I wasn’t too sad because I knew she’d have kids eventually. Somehow. She had too! She’s talking to them!

AND THEN THEY TOOK THAT AWAY FROM ME. Bastards. I was not sad. I WAS PISSED THE HELL OFF. Don’t give a woman who suffered miscarriages for years that kind of hope and then YANK IT AWAY. BASTARDS.

So…I hated the episode. From a general TV-lover point of view, and from a reproductively challenged point of view. Just wanted to put it out there because everyone else in the world loved it and because it upset me so much (YES. I know. EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE.) I had to document my displeasure. Because – you know – that’s what’s really important.


22 thoughts on “Why ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Made Me Have A Rage Blackout”

  1. I am so very, very glad that I am not the only one that had the same thoughts regarding last nights episode. As the kids went “poof” I just sat on the floor wondering what the hell happened and why they would even bother to do that.

  2. That episode was BULLSHIT. Also, praise? I haven’t seen much, actually.

    I normally read Sepinwall and you should read the comment section today. It’s ablaze after Sepinwall’s scathing review.

  3. I threw the remote across the room when those kids disappeared. What a CHEAP ploy. My partner coaches fiction writing online, & the first thing he tells his students is “NEVER let the twist of a story be ‘and then he/she woke up'” (incidentally, the 2nd is NO TALKING ANIMALS), & that’s what this reminded me of. I appreciated the end of the episode, just in the established friendship between Ted & Robin, & I suspect we haven’t seen the end of this storyline obviously, since Lily’s preggo & Robin hasn’t told anyone yet. But YEAH, bite me HIMYM, for the “fake” kids. They could’ve told the same story in a less insulting (to the audience) way, I think.

  4. Oh how I love that you are so passionate about your tv as I am! I felt the same way. THE SAME DAMN WAY. I walked away from that episode just feeling generally crappy inside and irritated at how they handles that entire situation. I don’t know that it was a “cheap” plot per se…I think it’s possible they were going for something that never quite made it there. (That probably doesn’t make any sense).

    Ugh. UGH!


    It was a terrible story line, period. The pregnancy, the fake kids, everything. Also, Marshall on the roof was ridiculous. The worst thing that could have happened to that show was being renewed for two years last year. They’re throwing stupid story twists in and the characters are becoming caricatures. Remember season two when they introduced the slap bet, Robin Sparkles, the two-minute date? I miss the golden days…

  6. I like the new layout :) I’m 7 episodes behind from being in the UK! grr! We just had the Field Trip one – unless another one was on over the weekend (in which case we’re 6 behind)

    1. P.s. I do get this passionate about TV but haven’t had a shouty moment like this in ages! I usually end up phoning my Mum telling her the end sucks! We kind of had that moment at the end of Bones when Bones goes to the Maluku Islands and Booth goes back to Iraq – then again we had it at the end of the most recent series as well but that was more positive shouting rather then negative.

      (On a completely different note, my aunt was asking for suggestions having finished Twilight and Harry Potter (and only having one more film to go) I suggested Hunger Games but wondered if there were any other suggestions out there)

  7. I call bullshit on that episode. It was just mean spirited IMHO. Yes, I have some emotional baggage too but there was no reason to do that. They’ve never told it from the perspective of another character nor talked to another character’s future children. They could have let Ted talk to his kids about it and left it up in the air until the end of the episode. Or they could have spent time letting her be sad that the choice of kids was taken away instead of having her talk to imaginary kids. It was just lame and cheap. And it pissed me off.

  8. I. Did. Not. Love. It. Ugh. I was so angry! I HATED all of it! I was so mad when those kids disappeared. The whole “Robin’s pregnant” was just a cheap ploy to suck viewers in and then stick it to them. Hate. So glad to know I am not the only one.

  9. I agree that is was a cheap ploy. I get the feeling that they are just messing around to avoid the actual ending of the show. Just be Funny!!!

  10. HIMYM is my favorite show on TV right now and they totally bummed me out last night. It just made me really sad. I have a little one that doesn’t sleep right now so I was up multiple times last night and my mind kept circling back to Robin.

    I don’t watch dramas b/c there are enough sad things in real life, I don’t need them on my escapist TV. They really disappointed me last night.

  11. I didn’t like it either. And I think that’s solely because of my history with infertility and miscarriage. I imagined talking to future kids as well. So last night’s episode upset me a great deal and brought back all the terribleness of 2009. I don’t ever wish to relive that. And the show tapped into it.

    BUT that’s my baggage. So while I was angry, I guess I’m trying to realize that they hit a nerve and maybe it’s not that bad to most? I dunno.

    But yeah. You’re not alone. It hurt. Bad.

    Not sure where I’m going with this! Haha

  12. Totally agree. When the kids vanished I sat up on the couch and yelled at the TV. I normally could care less, but I was really watching that episode to see how it turned out. Hated it.

  13. I completely agree! The first thing I thought after I finished the show was how to post in the most public possible forum that anyone with fertility issues should avoid the episode.

  14. I watched it twice last night. Once in real time. Then with my housemate got home. I bawled the first time. The show truly broke my heart. I was so happy that she was going to have a baby. And this whole eppie I just figured that maybe she adopted? I had a ton of different thoughts…and when they took them away? oh so so so so sad. I think it brings every women’s feelings about kids to the surface. I want to have kids, but at my age I am not sure if it is even in the cards anymore. so I live vicariously through TV, friends, blogs, babysitting….whatever. My housemate doesn’t want kids…she says…..she wa a bit upset by the eppie as well. ugh. I am so glad that I had watched Once Upon a Time yesterday as well so I had some happy TV viewing. (actually was a bit mad at that one too.hmmmm)

  15. I was pissed off about that too. I half way expected them to say she wasn’t pregnant, but the leading us on through the whole episode? NOT OK.

  16. I’m with you. Although I will say that the only praise I’ve seen for it has been for Cobie Smulders’ (Robin’s) performance, which I will admit was really good.

  17. I was too emotionally spent after the episode to be completely angry about it. It was RIDICULOUS. I loved the scenes where they showed how she was actually dealing with it, though with my reproductive history sucking as it does, that was HARD. But to get to the end and take that away? To take away the sure knowledge that she was with Barney, that she did have the children she didn’t even know yet that she wanted… That pisses me off. There was no point in doing that. The rest of the episode, without those gimmicks was actually good. It’s always a big trigger to me emotionally with anything infertility/miscarriage (even when it’s good “and they did ivf and it worked!” “and they adopted and had a happy family!” “miracle baby!”). But Cobie Smulders portrayed the emotional roller coaster of that kind of news well. She was fantastic…the episode as a whole? Not so much.

  18. I couldn’t get that episode out of my head last night. I kept going back to it and thinking “why did they do that??” It was like a dream sequence where a whole bunch of stuff happens then goes away–you still remember that stuff…it doesn’t really go away. I cried for Robin but I was pissed about the way they handled it.

  19. Yep- What Bullshit that was. HIMYM has been on a decline for the the last couple of seasons I think, and now they are in a ‘Friends’ position where they are trying to be pretentious in their plots, turning the characters into caricatures of themselves losing the real depth the show carried and replacing it with emotional drab.

    Have to say I called bullshit as soon as I saw Robins kids in the first scene.

    Do we have to now wait until the new year for more? If so, I’m hoping I can ween myself away from the show in that time.

  20. I don’t watch this show, but I’m sure my feelings would have been close to yours. Mostly I just like that someone else likes TV enough to rant about it like this.

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