Movies In 2012 That I’m Totally Stoked About

I realized the other day that I am looking forward to a CRAP LOAD of movies in 2012. I mean, I love movies. I’ll go see just about any movie in the movie theater if I have the time. But there are movies in 2012 that I’ve actually got marked on my CALENDAR – or I will as soon as the release dates are announced. That’s how excited I am.

The first, of course, is Snow White And The Huntsman (JUNE) which has a KILLER TRAILER seen here but I’m unable to embed it because the stupid creators restricted embedding. You know, because GOD FORBID I promote their stupid movie. Instead, look at this picture of Chris Hemsworth:

I have to say that Kristen Stewart has grown on me over the years. Both on screen and off. ESPECIALLY off-screen. She is much more tolerable in interviews and appearances now which makes her endearing. AND, I think I like her more on screen as well as evidenced by my enjoyment of the first half of “Breaking Dawn.” Can’t wait to see her play a badass Snow White in a damn suit of armor. SCORE.

You KNOW I’m totally bursting to see “Hunger Games” right? I mean, I am SO STOKED. I think the casting has been brilliant and even the decisions I didn’t agree with at first, I’m on board with now. Either because I’ve seen wardrobe/footage and I’m pleased, or because I’ve just decided to trust the creators. Either way? CAN NOT WAIT. And since they don’t mind me promoting their movie for them…here’s the trailer.

Another movie-from-a-book-I-loved is The Perks Of Being A Wallflower which comes out at an unknown time in 2012. I read the book after E had been begging me to for AGES. I really enjoyed it. I had a few complaints but nothing that would interfere with my excitement over seeing the movie. Especially when seeing the following cast list: Emma Watson, Nina Dobrev, Paul Rudd, and Mae Whitman. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Everyone one of those people have done projects I adore. Even if I hadn’t read Perks in book form, I’d be all over this movie.

I’m also totally anticipating two more movies that don’t have release dates yet. (WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? GIVE ME SOME RELEASE DATES ALREADY.) Struck By Lightning which was written by, and stars, Chris Colfer from Glee. And of course, his boyfriend on the show – Darren Criss – will be in Kristin Wiig’s next movie, Imogene which also comes out some time in 2012. There is a still here showing him in all of his boy band glory. Rock On.

What about you? Do you have any movies you’re stoked about in 2012? Movies I am probably also stoked about but just not remembering? Am I over-using the word “stoked?” Is that word completely out of date? I don’t feel like I’ve used it in years.


5 thoughts on “Movies In 2012 That I’m Totally Stoked About”

  1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… although that is technically a 2011 flick… but the VERY END of 2011. That whole series was amazing. First couple chapters of Book 1 was rough to get through, but once you did… WOW, could not get enough. I half read that series on my Kindle and half listened to it on my iPod during runs. Listening was WAY better because the narrator helped get all the Swedish names etc correct. Sure did make me WANT to hurry up and run more to find out what happens next.

    I listened to Hunger Games while running too… the narrator was good for that one.

    1. OH>>>>YES! Totally stoked about Dragon Tattoo. Loved the books and even the Swedish movies! Can’t wait to see the Daniel Craig versions!

  2. I definitely agree with you about Kristen Stewart. In the first movie, she just wasn’t “my” Bella. But by Breaking Dawn? I kind of really love her. (On a side note…am I the only one who LAUGHED OUT LOUD during the wolf pack scene in the lumber camp????? I mean, I wasn’t in the theater I saw it in, but I came out of the whole movie STILL LAUGHING at that scene! And if I think too much now, I could have another fit of giggles over it.)

    I haven’t read the Hunger Games books yet despite your recommendation…but after seeing the preview before Breaking Dawn? I think I have to read the series. Now. Because there is no way that I can see the movie until I do and I’ve GOT to see that movie! Moral of that story: If Zoot says it’s good, I need to just read it already!

  3. I agree with you on the casting for Hunger Games, I was like Woody, really? And after seeing the trailer I am 100% on board with their casting for EVERY part. And they didn’t make anyone looks like an idiot…

  4. I’ve been keeping a close eye here for your thoughts on Breaking Dawn, but it looks like I missed it somewhere! Did you write up your review? Where oh where??

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