The One Where I Actually Want My Picture Taken

One of the biggest perks of getting in shape is finding myself WANTING to be photographed. E and I went to see Young Frankenstein Saturday night and I asked Donnie to take a picture before we left. That is the picture you see on the right. The first picture, on the left, was taken before Legally Blonde in January. OF THIS YEAR. And when I saw that picture on my phone after someone snapped it I remember thinking, “This is exactly why I don’t like having my picture taken.”

But now, not only do I feel better in my own skin, but my lovely daughter has been teaching me her fashion brilliance! I put together that entire outfit based on her guidance the last few months. I’m really proud it. I’m developing my own taste and style, even. It’s very much influenced by her, of course, but even she is surprised by my decisions. She said, “Mom! I love the purple tights! That looks really good!” I felt like I had earned my “I Can Dress Myself!” wings for the night!

My point? I don’t mind having my picture taken. I’m still not a huge fan of it, but I don’t mind it as much. Which is a good thing as I’d like my kids to be able see evidence of me in their lives when they look back on childhood photos.

Especially if the evidence shows I was fit. Then it’s just bonus.


14 thoughts on “The One Where I Actually Want My Picture Taken”

  1. You look fantastic! It’s nice that you feel better about being in pictures because you should. You’ve always looked fine to me and I’m sure your family feels the same way. They are going to want to see pics with you in them. (big talk coming from a woman who always hides when a camera points my way!)

  2. Oh my gosh you look so YOUNG. At first I thought, wow she has a cousin that looks just like her. Then I read the post and WOW. Not only are you styled by Miss Nikki Zoe but you look so flipping young. Great inspiration, truly.

  3. You look absolutely fantastic. I always find myself wishing there were more pictures of me WITH my kids. That problem lies more with the fact that my husband, when he plays photographer, CUTS OFF PEOPLE’S HEADS, but I will say it does feel SO GOOD to know that when I AM in a photo, that I’m not going to cringe at what I look like. You are doing great – these posts are so fun to read and follow! Keep it up!

  4. I am just at the beginning of my quest of weight loss and becoming more fit, but your blog is very inspirational to me! You look fantastic!!!!

  5. You look fantastic! I started running a few years ago and did my first marathon this past spring. I think I need to add some boot camp/intense cross training though. I lost the first twenty pounds pretty easily but still have about twenty more to go.

    Also, where did you get those boots? I love them with the heat of a thousand suns and must have them now.

  6. You look so fit and happy and comfortable in your own skin! Your fitness journey has been inspirational. I also love your outfit; as Kym mentioned, NikkiZ _obviously_ stands for Nikki Zoe, but it is great that you are developing your own style as well. Do you think your interest in clothes increased as you became happier with how they fit your body?

  7. Holy Crap. You look awesome. SERIOUSLY. And I envy your boldness to your style choices. I’m so hesitant to try new things (especially now that I barely fit in anything cute anymore!) that I am jealous of your wardrobe. Rock on, Sista!

  8. I have to say I love your current hair color, I think it suits you so well. And yeah those tights are awesome! Is your daughter selling her services as a stylist, cause I could use her!

  9. You look fantastic – as someone said on a previous post you need to have these two photos up somewhere together. Stick them on the door of the fridge so when you feel like binging you can see what your hard work has achieved.

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