Training Myself To Ignore The Scale

weightIt’s hard to ignore the scale. EVERYONE TELLS YOU TO IGNORE THE SCALE. Hell, just this weekend I was telling my family that the scale doesn’t tell me anything. But still. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE IT.

I gave up on having a weight goal as soon as my boot camp instructor told me that, based on the change in measurements and percent fat, I had lost 5lbs of fat and replace it with muscle. It’s hard to use a goal weight when you have no idea how much your muscular body weighs.

HOWEVER, I do weigh myself. It allows me to at least monitor progress. Because my goal is to simply be able to wear my wedding band again. I took it off during the last half of my pregnancy with Nikki and haven’t worn it since. I’m close, I could get it on but I fear I wouldn’t be able to get it off again. It’s hard to tell how much weight on the scale I have to lose because you never know where your body will choose to burn fat. From your feet? From your ass? Or in my case: MAH BOOBZ. I still have a nice pocket of fat around my midsection that hasn’t shrunk at all, while my arms and legs look AWESOME.

My point of all of this? It’s easy to get discouraged each time I step on the scale and don’t see a drop. Especially when I ran 35 miles last week. So I tried to find some comparison pictures. Which is hard because I can’t wear most of the bottoms I used to wear anymore. Why this isn’t enough is BEYOND ME. I can’t wear the skirt in the first picture above anymore because it will fall off me. WHY ISN’T THIS ENOUGH?

Anyway. I can still wear some of my older shirts because I was probably wearing them when I shouldn’t be anyway. So I took this picture to compare my body in the two shirts. IT IS SO OBVIOUS I’VE LOST WEIGHT.

But that DAMN SCALE. And don’t tell me to get get rid of it, because I’m physically incapable of it. And don’t tell me not to step on it, because I have to. Just remind me that this picture and the fact that I ran THIRTY-FIVE MILES THIS WEEK, on top of 4 days of boot camp, THAT is what is important. So, I can step on it all I want, but I need to take that number and put it in the bag with the clothes I can’t wear anymore. Because it’s about as useful to me now.


20 thoughts on “Training Myself To Ignore The Scale”

  1. Get the darned ring sized up–cheap and easy. I wonder if your bone/joint size hasn’t changed a bit in 6 years? You can always get it sized down later if you need to.
    I think you should measure yourself on how good you feel and how marvelous you look. And you look marvelous and confident. Embrace yourself. You are a whole different person now, in so many ways, than when that ring fit.

    Better yet, buy yourself a gorgeous ring to celebrate your success or, even better yet, get your husband to buy it.

    1. I hadn’t thought about my joints/bone changing size! I may have to bite the bullet and get it re-sized…because regardless of finger size, I like myself a lot better now than then :)

  2. You look fantastic, Kim. And I say this very gently and with love: Go have a bra fitting. Having the girls hoisted appropriately will draw the eye away from what you consider your problem area (I can’t see any midsection fat, by the way, but I understanding being sensitive about a certain part of the body). When your weight fluctuates, so does your bra size, and it’s something people often don’t think about. Wearing the right bra will make you look and feel better/thinner/etc. :)

    Seriously impressed with your dedication to boot camp, by the way. You rock!

    1. I’m not sure if what I’m about to say is going to make me look insane or not – but I’ve given up on real bras! heh. I’ve been wearing nothing but sports bras for a year now! I got a few annoying cysts along my bra-line for a few years and since then I’ve resorted to just wearing sports bras. TERRIBLY unflattering but much less painful! Maybe, as a treat, I’ll at least buy a “real” bra for special occassions? :)

    2. I agree with Mir! It’s amazing how much better you look with the right-size bra! You may find that you WANT to wear it most of the time.

      Not that you don’t look pretty awesome right now.

      As if it even needed to be said — weight doesn’t matter! No one cares what you weigh, but they all will noticed how you look.

  3. hey kim!

    the biggest area where i have lost weight is in the girls, they are pretty sad:) i am also having a love hate with the scale. i know i have lost weight because my skinny jeans are baggy, but my scale is not cooperating.
    so frustrating, but also rewarding!
    thanks so much for the running posts, they are motivating me like you would not believe!

  4. You look incredible! You should print those comparison pictures and hang them above your scale…or tape them to the scale, so you see them every time you step on there and feel bad about the numbers.

  5. You look amazing!

    I am so impressed with your improvement in running over the last few months. I always liked reading your running posts because you were “slow” (not really, but compared to most bloggers who write about running) like me; now I’m finding your recent posts on breaking through the pace plateau and getting fast super inspiring! If you can find a way to put in the time and energy to improve (with three kids, a job, theater, book club, AND watching television), then I sure should be able to!

  6. WOW! Awesome before and after photos. Definitely motivation to keep going. I remember when I trained for my half marathon a few years back, I trained hard for 9 months and didn’t lose a single pound but I never gained any either. However, my body firmed up and things “moved” around to better places. :-)

  7. You DO look great. But I totally understand the scale thing. I haven’t been working out, but have been eating much better, and still, the scale stays the same (or, even worse, GOES UP, BECAUSE IT’S AN ASSHOLE). It’s hard to see that and not jump right way into a defeatist-let’s-just-eat-that-box-of-Oreos-for-lunch sort of mentality.

  8. Congratulations on your progress! It wouldn’t hurt to measure yourself in the following places every so often: upper arms, waist, hips, thighs, calves. The difference in each of those measurements will tell more than your weight alone. Your before and after photos show that you’ve definitely lost *inches,* even if your weight hasn’t changed much. I don’t see any midsection bulges at all. Try to pay more attention to how you feel and how your clothes fit than to the numbers on the stupid scale. And for heaven’s sake, get that ring sized so you can finally wear it again! As someone else already mentioned, your joints have probably gotten a little larger–not something you can control. You look wonderful, so enjoy it!

  9. We were scale-less for two years after my kids broke it (two scales in fact). Frankly, the best way to go through pregnancy but not so good with the post-pregnancy “why am I still wearing maternity clothes when my baby is 8 months old?” phase. So we got a scale but I only allow myself to get on it once a week (monday mornings, in fact) and if I forget, then I make myself wait until the next week. Sooo, still chubby but less obsessed. (and I put away all the maternity pants and smooshed into my regular pants)

  10. You are happy, you are healthy, you are hot! But I also have to agree with Mir – and a proper fitting will probably help avoid cysts too! I’m probably due for a fitting myself, and as much as I haaaaate it (and new bras are so expensive) it is worth it for how GOOD you feel – and it helps with posture too ;)

  11. You look great! I am impressed by the amount of physical work you are doing, it totally shows. I think the more we freak out about a scale or a number the more important it becomes. But what is important is you have taken charge and made a change. I have been reading you blog from when you started boot camp and even from that you can tell your mental energy has totally changed…keep up girl.

  12. You look amazing! I feel you on the scale thing – it’s hard to stop weighing yourself even when you know it’s meaningless. Still, clothing fit is the best way to judge progress.

  13. Everyone else seems to have mentioned that you look good (which, DAY-UM, you do). But does it help to know that I’m looking at your pics the last couple months and thinking I should try running?

  14. I’m gonna be the “hippie” here and say that – sure, you look smaller in the picture on the right, BUT – you look so much happier too. And more confident. Your body language is different, Kim. You feel comfortable in your own skin.

    That’s just SO much better than a number on a scale.

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