Where I’ve Been.

This weekend was stressful and I was quite absent online yesterday. Instead of doing that again today, I’m just to going to write a very BORING entry to explain so that I can get this off my chest because it’s STRESSING ME OUT.

Thank you for letting me vent…in advance.

As everyone who has pets that spend any time outdoor knows, sometimes you see the periodic flea around your home. Which we have seen them a few times recently. And Nikki had a few bites which didn’t phase us too much because she has always been really sensitive to bug bites.

Well…Friday night Nikki woke up with MORE bites. Which seemed weird since I slept in her bed and woke up with NONE. Saturday night? She woke up in the middle of the night and needed an oatmeal bath, she was itching so much. SHE WAS COVERED IN BITES. The rest of us? Still none.

Since it was the weekend there wasn’t much we could do. We treated the yard, the dogs, and Donnie vacuumed the hell out of the furniture. We let Nikki sleep in Wes’s bed since it appeared there were fleas in HER bed. WHICH IS CRAZY because the animals RARELY go into the kid’s bedrooms. I keep them out for that reason specifically. Yet SOMEHOW…she was getting bitten CONSTANTLY. Even in her brother’s bed. WHERE HE WAS NOT BIT ONCE.

(This is evidently common, one person being the yummy target.)

So…Nikki came to work with me yesterday instead of school. We scheduled for the pest control to come out today after they inspected yesterday. We took Nikki to the pediatrician where she got chewable steroids and no magic remedies to keep her from itching. Not that I expected any…but basically she’s miserable. And then we took the cats to my friends house and spent the night picking up everything off the floors of our house for the flea treatment tomorrow.

Basically? This has been four days of STRESS. My daughter won’t stop scratching and she now looks like she has leprosy. AND she was on steroids. Which, you know, makes kids AWESOME to deal with. I’ve tried about every itch creme available and oatmeal baths and the only thing that really works is distraction. WHICH IS WEARING ME THE HELL OUT.

And I fear this is all my fault. I’ve not done a great job keeping house lately with the half-marathon training and the boot camp and the soccer and the theatre…I’ve not vacuumed regularly for awhile. That seems to be a key. If you vacuum regularly you can get rid of eggs/pupae/larvae etc so infestations don’t occur. I also hadn’t washed bedding much in forever nor had I given the dogs baths. Donnie’s schedule is just as insane, so while we’re both enjoying our lives and our extracurriculars, our house was/is suffering.

And now Nikki is paying the price.

So I’m tired, I’m stressed, worried this won’t work and wondering how long it will take before my daughter scratches all of her skin off. Or…will I lose my patience with her first and just lock her up in the bathroom with duct tape on her hands? And I feel gross. Embarrassed. Like somehow the world will conclude that my daughter’s bites indicate a higher level of filth than is truth. And then will conclude we’re lazy, as opposed to busy.

All in all? This is what’s been going on and why my weekend was so stressful and why I burst into tears on my couch last night asking my husband for reassurance I was doing a good job. I was tired, moving everything off the floors (which is IMPOSSIBLE, for the record) and I’m looking to another day of prep as I get the dogs out and move the last bit of stuff onto the beds after we leave the house. And then? WE HAVE TO PUT IT ALL BACK.

Thank you for letting me vent. I thought about posting pictures of my daughter so you can see how bad she is, but it’s so bad I just don’t want to document it. THEY’RE ON HER FACE. While the rest of us are bite-free. Because she is evidently the tastiest.