The Magical Age

I have been so busy lately I’ve not done any photo taking of the kids. Not while they’re eating lunch, and not on specific Trying To Get Fun Photos type of outings. Nothing. This makes me feel a little crazy, so I made a point this weekend to set aside time for a Photo Outing.

Nikki dressed herself (of course) with me just telling her to wear a hat because I was trying to do some different photos than I usually do. I put Wes in something decent (with a hat) and we headed downtown early Sunday morning. Now, these type of outings are fun with Nikki because she’s old enough to play along. But Wes? Not so much. I usually spend the entire time going, Smile! SMILE! Look at me! Now Smile! Say Cheese! Say Poopie Pants! LOOK AT ME! Wes! WES!

Imagine my surprise when I scored this one first try:


I was like Oh, yeah. We’ve finally made it. ALL KIDS ARE OLD ENOUGH TO COOPERATE. I didn’t have E with me but I was going to take full advantage of this new development and take as made frame-worthy pictures as possible with the two kids.


Are you KIDDING ME? This picture is PERFECT. I didn’t even tell him to lean on Nikki’s leg. Not only is he cooperating but he’s improvising. This must be the magic age: 3 and 2 months. The magic age when kids actually understand the point of having their pictures made. I didn’t mark the age with Nikki because it wasn’t significant with her little brother still trailing behind. But now? NOW? All of my kids are picture-friendly!


We still had a bunch of problem with Wes smiling too hard, or with him just getting bored after the first 15 minutes, but overall? He was entirely perfect.


Now, if only I could get his sister to quit growing up and everything would be fine. Who is this girl and what did she do with my Kindergartner?


Now I can’t WAIT to get all three of them out and about with my camera. I’ve only had a few good pictures of the three of them EVER and I take a lot of pictures. Making the Christmas Card is usually easy because there aren’t many photos to choose from. But now? It’s going to take a little longer since I’ll have so many more options. But one thing is for sure: This year’s Christmas Card collage is going to KICK SOME PHOTO ASS.

You heard it here.


6 thoughts on “The Magical Age”

  1. Those are GORGEOUS. My four-year-old is definitely not that cooperative with pictures. She barely tolerates the camera. Now that we have a newborn, though, she is more interested in having her normal camera-time. That hasn’t led to such natural smiles and poses, though. She’s still impossible.

  2. The HATS. The EYES on your kids. And THAT PHOTO. Yes, the one where Wes is leaning on Nikki. Yes, it is perfect. These are really fantastic. As usual, you inspire me! And you had better be right about that 3 year, 2 month thing. I will follow up with you in 4-ish plus months. ;-)

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