• Proof.

    The thing I’ve been telling people the most often about running, is the thing I can’t remember the source of. But the basic idea is this:

    Have a running schedule. When the time comes for one of your scheduled runs, if you don’t want to do it? Just put on your running clothes and get out the door. Jog/Walk for 30 seconds. If you still don’t want to do your run? Come back inside. But you’ll probably keep going.

    I have fallen back on this rule of thumb dozens of times in the last 2 months of training for a half-marathon. And strongevery single time I’ve kept going. We play horrible mental games with ourselves that thwart our efforts to exercise (I’ve had to do the same thing with boot camp in the mornings as well) but those same mental crutches seem to also be what keeps us from stopping once we’ve started.

    For me, some days I’m too lazy to go for a run. But that same laziness also keeps me from stopping once I’m out the door and ready, if you can believe that.

    Yesterday was hellacious. I took the dogs to the vet and finished prep for Kansas City Pest Control before leaving for work, went to the office until they called, came home while they did their thing. Spent the next several hours trying to transition the house from Pest Control to Carpet Cleaning and then bagged up bedding to be washed and stuffed animals/pillows to be quarantined.

    THEN we had a soccer game that had us out of the house until 7:40pm. I usually am in bed by 9pm so running was off the table if I wanted to watch Glee. So, I put on my clothes, went out the door, ran 30 seconds, and then continued for 5 miles. Had a GREAT run as it seemed I was a bit stressed and running helped ooze that anxiety out of my body. I was faster than usual and I walked back in the door about an hour later dancing.

    I AM INSANE. But also? PROOF.

    So I keep telling people about that wisdom I read and hold dear to my heart. Just put the gear on and get out the door. Chances are? You’ll keep going. And if you don’t? You’ll at least feel better about not doing it because you put forth an effort.

    P.S. If you find any article or quote or motivational poster that says something like what I tried to say in my blockquote? PLEASE TELL ME. I know someone said it somewhere (A book maybe? An interview? BAH!) and it will bug me until the day I die if I don’t ever find the source.