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    Dressed by NikkiDressed by Nikki

    Some time last year, Nikki’s “I Dress Myself” fashion statements became kinda cool. Most of them are still insane, but I’m definitely seeing a type of style or method to her madness lately. In the midst of this style development, I’ve started letting her help me get dressed in the mornings. Gone are the days of the solid color shirt and converse. She’s helping me branch out by talking me into things like feather earrings and outfits that don’t “match” in the typical sense. And let me tell you — I AM LOVING IT.

    These are two outfits she help me put together last week. She’s been wearing boots and dresses a lot lately, so we thought we’d try it out with stuff from my closet. She also encouraged the use of scarves and leggings. And best of all? She’s the one who pushed me to buy patterned TOMS. At first I thought, but they won’t go with anything! But you know what? Because they’re insane and I’m letting my daughter dress me? Suddenly they go with EVERYTHING.

    Let me tell you something: SHE HAS CHANGED ME LIFE.

    I have never thought about fashion or clothes before. I do a “Mark as Read” reflex if any blogs on my feed-reader do a clothing entry. I don’t go “shopping” for clothes and my wardrobe takes up less space in our closet than Donnie’s does. But now? Now I think about clothes CONSTANTLY. I don’t have the money to go shopping for a new wardrobe, but I’m keeping my eye out for fun pieces to spice up what I’ve got. Suddenly? I feel like I have a style that is more than just: Shirt. Jeans. Converse. Or Shirt. Denim shorts. Flip-flops.

    I think this is both AWESOME and HYSTERICAL because – as you all know – MY DAUGHTER IS FIVE. Yet somehow, in her five years on this planet, she has accumulated a better fashion sense than I’ve ever had. And now? She’s teaching it to me. I don’t wear everything she tells me because she is still FIVE, but man, she has a lot of say now when I get dressed in the morning. She encouraged me changing my sweater the other day to an aqua one and I was told by several friends I looked cute that day. The boring brown sweater I had been wearing would not have garnered such a response.

    So, here I am. I have my own personal stylist. She’s five, but she’s very affordable. And as long as I leave the house feeling awesome, she’s earned her pay for the day. Which is room and board. Because nothing is better than a live-in stylist. NOTHING.