The Future Rachel Zoe

Some time last year, Nikki’s “I Dress Myself” fashion statements became kinda cool. Most of them are still insane, but I’m definitely seeing a type of style or method to her madness lately. In the midst of this style development, I’ve started letting her help me get dressed in the mornings. Gone are the days […]

Nap Time!

A few weeks ago I was sick and home alone and needing somewhere to nap. My bedroom was not an option because the guy across the street had his saw out in his driveway which was all I could hear in my bedroom. I went to Wes’s room instead, because it’s on the back side […]


Nikki is in school now. And while she probably isn’t any different than she was two weeks ago, I feel like she is so much older. Talking about hot lunches and recess. P.E. and the Library. Being teased and making friends. Two weeks and suddenly I feel like she is no longer my little girl. […]

The Power Of Shared Experiences

I parent my kids in may of the same ways my Dad parented me. However, there are many privileges I had as a child that he did not, so I experienced things he didn’t have first-hand experiences with. (Just like I didn’t understand his stories of waking up before school to milk the cows.) My […]