Cup ‘o Tea, Gov’ner?

Tea Party!

Nikki had a Going Away party for one of the classmates in her classroom this week and Wes was UBER-jealous. I eased his sadness by promising him we’d have a tea party last night after dinner. Which I promptly forgot because I’m totally that Mom. I bribe my kids to get the tears to stop and then immediately forget the bribe.

Lucky for me… they remind me!

So, we had a tea party last night after bathtime! And obviously before we brushed our hair if Nikki is any indication. I even conned E into joining us which wasn’t hard because he’s the best big brother EVER.

Tea Party!

Tea Party!

Our tea was of the SPRITE variety, of course. And Wes got to pour the tea since the party was for him. They used my tea cups from my collection (What? Didn’t know I had a teacup collection?) and you know what? They haven’t ever been used. What is the point of a teacup collection if you don’t ever put tea (or Sprite) in them? I DON’T KNOW. So the kids drank out of ones last night that – if they had been broken – would not have cause my heart pains. Or at least not SEVERE pains.

But they weren’t broken! Tea party was a total success. We just didn’t have any crumpets to go with our Sprite-Tea. Which is fine since, well, I have no idea what a crumpet is.

Tea Party!

Look For Me Tonight On ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

I’ve had to upgrade the silly in our lives the last few days. I looked at a few of our nights the last several weeks and realized I had done substantially more nagging, yelling, and griping than I had anything else with the kids. I was annoyed every waking moment and my patience was EXACTLY non-existent. I think I spent about 3-5 days doing my best to make my pre-school children contemplate running away from home simply to get away from the SUPER-DUPER MEAN MOM constantly ON THEIR CASES.

So, I took a deep breath and injected some silly a couple of days ago. First, I just curled up on the couch and watched Power Rangers with the kids – that’s their new favorite show. They’re ALWAYS trying to get me to watch it with them but I don’t because I can’t stop LAUGHING AT IT (It’s so bad)…but this week? I did. Followed, of course, by some impromptu samurai fighting in the living room. Which – for the record – my dogs hated.

And then, instead of reading Wes a story and singing him a song before bed…I did…wait for it…INTERPRETIVE DANCING.

Yes. Yes I did. I picked random children’s songs and did my best Mia Michaels around the rooms complete with leaps and bounds and dramatic sways around the bed. IT CRACKED WES UP. And you know the best part? I felt like a total idiot and couldn’t help but laugh hysterically AS I was doing it. But…AS YOU KNOW…contemporary dancing involves NO LAUGHING. So, I was trying my best NOT to laugh in order to maintain my professional composure, OF COURSE. It was so hysterical that Wes asked for it instead of story/song time for two nights running now.

And let me tell you something…goofy interpretative/contemporary faux-dancing for a 3-year old? Best mood-lifter EVER. It’s not changed my life or anything, I’m still facing tons of grumpiness and stress in my daily activities that I need to figure out how to deal with, but my evenings with the kids? Are seeing much less nagging and yelling now that I’ve been trying to up the silly again. I do this periodically and it always works. I wish I could figure out how to permanently implant lightheartedness into my life, but until I do, laugh breaks with the kids will have to work.

Not All Dorks Are Created Equal.

Sorry for my absence yesterday, I’d love to explain why but it’s TERRIBLY BORING to anyone but me, so let’s just say I was busier than I expected. To make up for it, here’s an awesome picture of my daughter and her awesome hair that I did MYSELF for a princess birthday party she went to:

Princess Party


We good now?


You know how all of us who have spent time writing and/or reading online agree that the internet is awesome because it brings us weirdos together? For example, in my life, I’ve discovered there are other people like me: obsessed with Harry Potter, hooked on office supplies, and terrified of left turns. Yay for united freakdom!

But you know what ELSE it does? The OPPOSITE. It makes me see OTHER people gather in unity over things I didn’t even know were a big deal. I guess you have to have balance…joy in finding comrades in my own weirdness, but also discovering I’m not aware of things some people faithfully adore or find terribly annoying.


Lots of people wish I would hide my feet. I’ve seen several snarky comments on twitter, facebook and in blog entries from some people wishing that women who wore flip-flops would take care of their feet in order to keep from grossing out the rest of the world. Wait. What? People notice my feet in my flip-flops? EEK. Mine are terrible! I even asked Twitter and half of my responses were Eh, don’t care. and the other half were Yeah, I care. I know it’s probably shallow but I can’t help it! AAAHHH! Do you know how gross my feet are? SO GROSS. Callouses and black toenails are NOT PRETTY. I never knew some people cared. EEK.

Toilet paper should be placed a certain way on the roll. I’ve seen several blog entries about this: People annoyed by their significant other who places the toilet paper the wrong way on the roll. Every time I read these entries I think I don’t even know which way mine goes. I mean, evidently some people have VERY STRONG OPINIONS about whether toilet paper gets unrolled over or under, and I have no idea which way is the RIGHT WAY. Because I never think about it. But some people do and have very strong thoughts about it…have they been in my house? Has my toiled paper angered them? EEK.

People really love their cable-channel adult dramas. I love my TV and whenever I talk about it people echo their love for a lot of the same shows. But there’s always a group who professes their love for all of those shows on channels like Showtime and HBO – Shows like True Blood and Walking Dead and others that I just CAN NOT WATCH. I can’t watch shows that are so dramatic or dark or serious or bloody or gory or…adult. I can watch tons cheesy teen shows on The CW (For the record, I’m talking about Nine Lives of Chloe King, Vampire Diaries is a legitimately good show. NOT a cheesy teen drama.) but I can’t even make it through one episode of Spartacus without wanting to set my eyes on fire.

What about you? What have you seen people on the internet (ME!) get so excited/worked up about and found yourself going…Eh. I don’t get it.

Weekends in the Kitchen

Breakfast ritual

During the week, breakfast menus are quick and healthy. Cream-cheese bagels, oatmeal and blueberries, fruit salad, rice krispies. Those types of things. Nothing incredibly time-consuming or yummy, if you were to ask my kids.

But one day a weekend we usually go off the main track. We take two rolls of croissants and we cover one roll with peanut butter and milk-chocolate chips and the other roll with butter and cinnamon/sugar. There is really no wrong way to do these. We cook by the instructions on the can, we just add fillings! And I let the kids do most of the stuff so obviously none of them are identical. But it doesn’t really matter, it’s another way to get them helping in the kitchen – which I’m determined to encourage so they’ll know more as an adult starting out cooking than I did.

On my end, in the kitchen, I cooked FIVE new recipes ALL YESTERDAY. Two different types of poppers, one appetizer, and two different veggie dishes. (I love having Sunday Dinner at my house because it motivates me to try new things.) All of them turned out great, even if I did modify a few things here and there. However, I wanted to show a picture of my kitchen yesterday morning to prove to you that, even if I manage to get a decent picture of the foo in my weirdly-lit kitchen, know that 2 inches outside of the frame chaos reigns.

Messy Kitchen

Expecto Patronum!

Spectra Specs

My birthday was great, I’m slowly (but surely) making it through all of my birthday comments, so I will get to yours eventually! Thank you all so much. The internet make yesterday one of – if not THE – best birthday I’ve ever had.

Of course, it had a little help from a little movie that came out last night! You know, I’m not a big fan of crowds. I hate shopping around Christmas, I hate eating at restaurants on the weekends and I hate seeing bands in crowded bars.

But crowds at the midnight releases of my favorite movies? BEST. CROWDS. EVER. If for no other reason but the costumes, which are always brilliant. E gave a Dobby his sock which is the grossest and MOST AWESOME gesture ever.

If you are really anticipating a movie, seeing it with the type of fans that go to midnight showing is the best way to do it. There was a chattering group behind us last night, but once I gave them the Basilisk look of Death, they didn’t bother me. (Evidently people further down the aisle were still bothered.)

The crowd SCREAMED when the opening credits rolled. They then cheered when the best parts from the book were re-created. I heard sniffling all around as I was crying silently myself. And the funniest part to me was when a certain character almost dies. (During this film EVERY character either A) Dies or B) Almost dies so that’s not a spoiler.) This character has a big part in the end of the book so this moment was probably not as tense for those of us who read it. We kinda assumed they’d survive.

But when they did? There was cheering from about….10 people in the theater. It cracked me up because it totally showed who didn’t read the book. It was just a funny moment because in a normal movie, one NOT based from the book, the entire audience would have been cheering. But last night? Most of us were like, “Yeah. We kinda saw that one coming.” Except for those 10 people who realized about 1.2 seconds into their cheering that they had just outed themselves as MOVIE fans but not BOOK fans. Heh.

We’re taking Nikki today, so I’ll hold off my final “review” until after I see it the second time. I like to see these things twice because I tend to spend the first viewing thinking about the difference from the book. The second showing? I simply enjoy it. But rest assured…I adored it. Just not sure where it ranks amongst the previous 7 yet.

Did you see it last night? Did you love it?