If There Are More Of You Who Do This I Know For Sure This World Is My Kind Of Place

My most recent embarrassing moment: My husband laughing with a stranger over my tendency to pose my kids in front of ugly objects when I’m taking their pictures.

I got so much positive feedback from yesterday’s post that it simply reminds me that for every ONE jerkface online there are probably FIFTY kind souls, who just don’t ever comment. Maybe that should be my own motivation to comment more online? To try to drown out the vitriol!

But I have something JUST AS FASCINATING to discuss today. I mean, I can’t stop thinking about this.

I’ve discussed my tendency to hide my face in the Embarrassment Pillow when watching TV because I can’t handle seeing other people embarrassed. Many of you said, “Me too!” which is awesome, of course. But there’s another weird thing I do thinking about my own embarrassment that I never thought about writing about because it’s SO WEIRD and there’s no way anyone would understand. And then…Temerity Jane wrote about JUST THAT WEIRD THING.

So, that was crazy. What? Someone else does that? Then…I read her comments…AND LOTS OF PEOPLE DO IT. Holy CRAP. My world has been ROCKED.

It’s really hard to explain this thing, feel free to go read TJ’s explanation if mine doesn’t work. But, here is exactly how it happened to me a few days ago.

First…the original embarrassing moment: I kind of misunderstood someone talking about a wedding of their child’s and I thought they were planning on inviting me so I ended our visit by mentioning hopefully seeing them at the wedding. EEK. It was obvious by their reaction that I was NOT going to be invited and I was mortified. Funny thing, I would have never thought I would have been invited anyway! I just misunderstood something they had said earlier and OH MY GOD. I still cringe thinking about it. Even though it was 5 years ago.

So…sometimes that moment replays in my head. It’s not that I’m remembering it, it actually starts to just happen again in my mind. Usually when I’m just walking around minding my own business: BAM! My brain flashes back and makes me relive the mortification of that day.

It happened a few days ago when I was walking down a hall in an office building. The second it started I thought, No! I don’t want to be embarrassed again! So I try to stop my brain from forcing me to re-live it by saying something out loud like, “Oh my god,” or “No, I didn’t.” Basically, I talk to myself – OUT LOUD – to stop myself from re-living an embarrassing moment. It happens quite often since I have quite an arsenal of embarrassing memories.

Now, I’ve probably explained this REALLY WEIRD thing I do thinking many of you will be all, “Me too!” Just like at TJ’s. And now, you know what’s going to happen? NONE OF YOU WILL UNDERSTAND. It will be like a cricket chirping in the comments and I’ll be embarrassed and THIS ENTRY will be the next thing forcing me to talk to myself in public.

But hopefully not! TJ had commenters who are as crazy as she is. I’m banking some of you all are crazy like me, too. And if not? That’s okay.

Maybe your sanity will rub off on me.