Calling All Stressed Out People! Come One! Come All!


BLAH. Every time I go to write something this morning it comes out as KIM IS BITCHING ABOUT SOMETHING. I start innocently enough and then BAM! Mid-paragraph a blog entry about tuna salad turns into me complaining about my broken washing machine.

I don’t want to spend quality space on the interwebs complaining about all of the things stressing me out in my life. But it’s a little hard not to whine. (I AM STILL DEALING WITH MY DAD’S PROBATE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) But, I’m trying to only put energy out into the universe that I want to get back and I do NOT want to be smacked back in the face with the boomerang action of my own complaints.


So, I’m trying to write without complaining about things that are making me so restless I’m not sleeping (I AM NOT SLEEPING!) and so anxious I am eating non-stop. But instead, I’m just talking about how I want to be complaining but I’m trying not to and OH MY GOD – IT’S NOT WORKING.

I’m stressed. I’m not sleeping well. I’m eating a lot. My washing machine is broken. (Did I mention that?) I may have to go to Knoxville for Probate crap again. (Did I mention that too?) School starts next week and our local education system is a mess which is adding stress in various forms in my life. (THANK GOD OUR TEACHERS ARE AMAZING. Makes tolerating the other much easier.) And all I can seem to do is write about all of this in various parentheticals and asides.

SO…Let’s just combine all of that negative stress RIGHT HERE. Let’s all use this space to bitch about everything we’re trying NOT to bitch about. We can keep perspective in the rest of our lives but right here? LET IT ALL OUT. Tell me what is making you KRAZEE that you haven’t really felt right complaining about because of the whole, #FirstWorldProblems thing. We feel guilty complaining about how expensive organic milk is when there are people starving to death.


We’ll combine all of our negative energy into this ONE blog entry. And then I’ll build a forcefield around it so that none of that negative energy comes back and kicks us in the face. Sound good? Good. Take my comments section and MAKE IT YOURS. Bitch about your husband, your kids, your doctor…anything you want. Unleash it all and then take the kind, positive energy back to your REAL lives where it really matters and I’ll contain all of your stress right here. Okay?



63 thoughts on “Calling All Stressed Out People! Come One! Come All!”

  1. Okay, I will play. I am stressed about school starting. Our school district starts in two weeks and the renovations for the school are NOT done yet. Meaning that their are rumblings of them pushing back the start date to school. Now that isn’t a terrible thing but the uncertainty is stressing me out.

    Then, my wonderful husband comes home and proceedings to tell me he may have a job offer in North Carolina which is 10 hours away from where we live now and would mean moving half way through the school year. But he really doesn’t want to talk about it and doesn’t want me to mention it to anyone because it is just a possibility. UGH!!! I hate drama and uncertainty in my life and all of this is driving me crazy.

    Thanks Kim for a place to vent. I am sorry you are stressed out too. Here’s hoping it all gets better.

  2. My kid loves me so much he won’t let me out of his sight. For a minute. Just one Damn minute please KID.

    My job is crazy busy and super interesting but negative and anxious and resistant to growth right now.

    I could not possibly care LESS about making good food for myself even though I know my mental health needs support and a cheap easy way to do that is good food.

    I’ve got no money, no time, and no peace of mind. (but a lot of love)

    1. I have 2 little boys that want to be ON me all the time. Cuddling, wrestling, playing, EVERYTHING. I just want some flippin ‘ space!

  3. Two things:

    1. The field where my kids are having soccer came is full of dog poo. Seriously? Does no one clean up after their animals? Gross.

    2. I made a batch of cake pops a few weeks ago (inspired by you!) and now somehow I’ve become the universe’s cake pop bitch. I actually am making TWO cake pop wedding cakes (?) for family members, plus I’ve had requests to make them for parties, too. And I’ve only made them once! I hope I didn’t have beginner’s luck, and the rest of them will suck. Today is the unveiling of the first wedding cake, so keep your fingers crossed!

  4. You asked for it. I’m going to do bullet points to make it easier! :-)

    – No money, lots of bills, as usual.

    – School starts in three weeks and I have yet to get all my medical records/tests/background stuff done.

    – School starts in three weeks and I am going to be going FULL-TIME while working FULL-TIME!! I’m going to lose my job by November but I would rather it happen sooner so I didn’t have to go to school full-time at the same time I’m working full-time. It was supposed to happen in September. Crap!

    – My laundry is piled to the ceiling. My dishes aren’t done. My carpet is dirty. My office is a mess and needs to be cleaned out to give Aiden his own room. And yet somehow I can’t seem to get any of those things done.

    – I’m not losing weight this week even though I have stuck to freaking Weight Watchers like it’s a life raft.

    – I can’t get exercise in regularly because work is stressing me out.

    – With my job upheaval I don’t know if we can afford 2 days a week of pre-school for Aiden so he can get ready for kindergarten next week – and I feel guilty that I’m a horrible mother that can’t give her child something as simple as pre-school classes.

    – Gabe has interviewed for a job that would help our family out IMMENSELY but he won’t find out anything about it for 2-3 weeks. Just one more thing to stress and worry about.

    Wow. I feel better just writing those things out. Thank you so much for a place to vent!

  5. But I did program my coffee maker for the first time last night and this morning I came downstairs to the smell of fresh brewed coffee after seeing my babies sleeping soundly in their beds and kissing my husband goodbye this morning. There are good things too. :-)

  6. I lost my job at the end of June and I am freaking out trying to figure out how I am going to be able to afford not only school supplies but new school clothes (cause who knew a 13 year old girl wouldn’t finally hit a growth spurt until I couldn’t afford new clothes every week?) for my daughter with no one to help me.

    I am stressed about finding a job, I am worried about perhaps going back to school myself. I swear I am going to get an ulcer ,,, or eat everything I see in the pantry & gain 50lbs!

  7. Yay Yay Yay! Permission to complain! I needed that!

    School starts MONDAY for my kids. The uniform store was totally out of pants for my daughter, only had 1 pair for my oldest, and the 3 pair that fit my youngest are at least half a foot too long, maybe longer (I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SEW TO SAVE MY LIFE). No PE shorts for either of the 2 youngest, either. Did I mention school starts MONDAY?

    On the positive side… my first night sleeping with CPAP at home went swimmingly.

      1. Continuous Positive Air Pressure. I have sleep apnea and now sleep wearing a nasal mask hooked up to a machine that blows air into my airway all night so I font suffer from low oxygen levels. And I actually rest better.

  8. Not enough space to even begin for me, but what I will say is this… why is it when one thing starts the rest of the crazy follows? I tried to write it all out in one sentence and I believe it would have been the longest run on sentence in grammatical history.

    ExHub is jerked at work, gets a heart issue (seriously) decides to retire and live with ME, sister has a reoccurred health issue (heart) ends up in hospital, have to move exhub by Sunday since he gave up his lease, boyfriend is going TDY to Africa in 15 days, and my feet are swollen for no apparent reason. Oh and my favorite Priest who was fired for no reason is among the missing. ONE WEEK….

    Better times please…

  9. You asked for it! I’m going to bitch about my EX-husband. The one that cheated on me the entire first year of our marriage. The one who is currently living with the harlot who wrecked my home. The one who said he is not going to our son’s 7th birthday party if said homewrecker cannot go. The one who took it upon himself to not tell me directly but instead used our son as a go-between. The one who told our son to tell me I need to suck it up for a couple of hours, knowing that without him going halves on the party I would not be able to swing it myself. The one who gave me the choice of either being in the same room as the homewrecker, or not attending my son’s birthday party because he would have it at the homewrecker’s aunt’s pool. Also making it so that my son cannot have all of his friends come to his party. He’s a real gem, I don’t know how I was ever able to let him go, in all his disgusting, low-life glory.

    1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMOKE COMING OUT OF MY EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insanely irritating EX JERKS,. haven’t seen mine in 2 years – he owes me 10K. BUT… I havn’t seen him in 2 years.

  10. My brother found 3 abandoned kittens and brought them to my house because his fiancee wouldn’t let him take them to his house. I already have EIGHT cats of my own. I was hoping to be able to find homes for these super cute friendly little kittens but so far no luck! I CAN NOT have 11 cats! I can’t afford to have 3 kittens shots, tested, spayed etc all at the same time. Our local shelter is overrun with cats and kittens so I can’t take them there. My husband is ready to toss all our pets out in the street. We ae going on vacation in two weeks and I have to get these kittens homes before we go! Anyone near Northeast PA want an adorable kitten??

  11. I’m 25, yes I’m thinking about having kids one day but I figure that by the time I’ve been pregnant for 9 months I’ll be more into the whole “I’m gonna be a mum” thing – except we might be able to start fostering procedures – I could be a foster Mum to a 12 yo by the end of the year – how the heck did that happen! And how many people are going to ask the question did I have him when I was 13? His home life isn’t very nice he’s often told how he’s a failure and it breaks my heart but I am not very responsible when it comes to feeding myself let alone feeding another human being – i need to suck it up and grow up but how do I do that without losing me?

  12. Everthing stresses me out……everything! Daycare issues, school issues, Ms. SassyPants 6 yr old of mine and her 3 yr old cupcake made by satan sister (thank God they are cute!), work, cheerleading practice, my hubbys soon to be surgery, what to eat for dinner tonight…… name it, it stresses me out.

  13. LOL I bet you get a lot of comments on this one!

    I’m stressed because my house is an absolute disaster area right now but the only one who cleans it is me and it’s not fair because I’m not the only one who messes it up, so I shouldn’t be the only one who has to clean it. And I won’t have time this weekend because we are going away for my son’s lacrosse tournament which won’t even be like a vacation because of all the, you know, lacrosse that will be played.

    AND my co-workers went out for drinks last night after work and didn’t invite me, and now I’m starting to get all angsty about my personality and do they not like me? And then I wonder why I even care because I’m not really that close to them anyway.

    On top of all this my husband is trying (for the last 2 years) to get his own business up and running but it’s not going that well and my salary doesn’t really cover the bills, much less grocery shopping and gasoline and the broker we get the more I think I should get a second job, which will leave me even less time to clean the house. Ahhh, full circle. :)

    1. I totally do the same thing when I hear co-workers are getting together and I didn’t get invited!!!! The EXACT same thing… HUGS!

  14. Only because you asked…

    My first world problem right now is that I HATE, HATE, HATE my fairly well-paying, easy commute job. It’s kind of sucking my soul dry and isn’t making the amount of my law school loans (still over 6 figures after 10 years of payments) and the time away from my kids, worth it. AND, I can’t get a new job. I’ve been trying forever and being a lawyer for 10 years is, apparently, not who anyone wants to hire. They all want someone with 2-5 years experience — probably so they don’t have to pay too much.

    Thank you.

  15. We are trying to buy a house. Found a house, negotiated, they accepted an offer, had a home inspection, and found a water problem. Asked the seller to fix the problem and things are just getting annoying and irritating and I kinda want to punch the listing agent in the face.

    The house is owned by Home Steps, which is Freddie Mac’s liquidation program (I guess liquidation is the right thing to call it). So we asked them to repair the patio so water stops running into the family room, and the listing agent is being insane about it. He’s all talking about how he’s a “representative of the bank” and they don’t care how it looks, blah blah blah. Dude doesn’t represent “the bank” (note: not really a bank), he only communicates with them through an online form and they say yes or no.

    He’s harping on our down payment. “We don’t want to fix it and then they can’t close the deal.” Dude, WHY WOULD WE LIE ABOUT OUR DOWN PAYMENT??? Seriously, who would go through the stress of home buying, knowing we couldn’t close the deal. Plus, the house still has an issue if WE don’t buy it, they’re either willing to fix it for a buyer or they aren’t.

    If they aren’t willing to fix it, we completely understand and that is actually the answer we expected to get. But this listing agent acting like he has to personally verify our down payment, and get the lowest bids so he can save “the bank” some money is annoying me. He does not make decisions on their behalf.

  16. I seriously feel like I have no room to complain, but right now I have all of these balls in the air and I can’t drop any of them. And what’s pissing me off is that none of them are things I particularly like/want to do/want to expend my energy on. We only get a certain amount of time and energy to use, why do I have to waste it on stuff that is pissing me off? I feel like telling everyone “no” and taking off for a week at the beach WITHOUT my cell phone. Gaaaaah.

  17. Okay, here’s what I’ve refrained from whining about online. It’s raining where I live, and it has been EVERY DAY for two weeks. I know there are farmers out there that would love some rain, and I feel guilty that it’s bothering me, but come ON. I need some sunshine, and I want to take my two-year-old kid outside before one of us loses it. My bets are on me, btw.

  18. Everything is stressing me out lately. I’m having health issues so I’m doing stupid crap all of the time. At work I have to push myself to get things done, then wind up screwing up something else in the process. I wake up feeling like I’m a senior citizen due to the above mentioned health stuff. Saw a specialist this week and he’s working on it, but in the meantime, I’m miserable.

    I’m trying to finish up some college stuff but I zone out on that, too. Next week is the last of the summer semester and I’m glad for it. It’s not like there are a zillion jobs out there for the degree I will have so most nights I wonder why I’m even trying.

    Anyway, I think this is a great idea, Kim. Sometimes it helps to know you are not alone, and have a time to vent to a bunch of strangers. LOL!

  19. I am so stressed out I can barely breathe. The twins start kindergarten in three weeks, and I decided to split them up. I know it is the right decision, and everyone keeps telling me it is the right decision but it still feels really awful to me that for the first time ever in their little lives they will be separated all day. But I can’t talk about it because all anyone has to say is “OH, they’ll be fine.” My baby turns one on August 10, and I still haven’t decided what to do for his family birthday party. We had to refinance the house in February because we discovered we had to replace the siding on our whole house (wood rot!) and five windows (none of which was covered by insurance). The work is finally done, and I had to make every phone call to insurance (insurance did cover the roof – did I mention we had to replace that, too?!) and contractors. I also work full time. And secretly I have to tell you – I want another baby (I am about to turn 38). I know 90% of people think that makes me crazy, but it is there inside me like a tribale scream – I want another. Thanks for this!

  20. Probate? Don’t get me started. We had to get a court order to open my in laws safety deposit box because we couldn’t close probate without it. Several months and a few hundred dollars later we get it opened only to find out it is COMPLETELY EMPTY. Not kidding, not just nothing valuable, but NOTHING except dust. I just had to laugh at the end of the day. Now only a few thousand more things to finish before we can close the damn estate.

  21. I love my job, but it is only part-time and I knew at the start that it wouldn’t be forever. I recently completed my college degree and need a full-time job to complete an internship as required by the state licensing board. Having worked many crappy, stressful jobs in the past, I am not looking forward to leaving the tiny, pleasant office I’ve had the pleasure of working in for the past two years. They can’t afford me full-time, so I have no choice. It sucks and is totally stressing me out. I haven’t even begun looking for an internship position, something I should have started at the beginning of the summer.
    Thanks for the outlet!

  22. I feel like the man who screams into the woods. No one listens to me. I have a special needs child who is 6 and everything that I do for him is an exhausting uphill battle that I fight every day. I constantly have to explain for him and fight for his rights at school, at the doctor, to get therapy, anywhere he needs help. Nothing is covered by insurance because his autism is not caused by an accident. How stupid is that!! I am fortunate that my son is high functioning and there are so many worse off, but then I feel guilty when I complain. But my frustration and mountains to climb are real as well even if they are not as tall as some.

    This is my main complaint. Trying to get him in school. He is repeating kindergarten because they would not listen to me last year and would not put him in instructional support and he learned NOTHING!! So I moved to a new school and we start the battle all over again.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I feel better now.

  23. I never commented here before but this post just calls for comments. I’m stressed about my senior year of college. I have a huge product I have to complete by April and I have no clue what to do. Life is just full of stress anymore.

    1. Don’t stress too much! It will all come together and the best part of college is meeting people and enjoying yourself. The real world comes after! I learned that way too late.

  24. I think my stress is just run of the mill. School starts in 3 weeks and 11yo son needs new clothes, new shoes. Of course the ex stopped paying child support 2 months ago so it will go on credit cards. Which is another stress. I must stop using credit cards!! lol My house is a mess but I work full time over an hour away and my son has football 3x a week and sat mornings. I want to enjoy the weekends and not spend them cleaning but then I’m miserable all week thinking of the mess i didn’t tackle over the weekend. I want to rent one of those industrial carpet cleaning machines from Home Depot and clean my carpets. Its a small 1 level house and the carpets smell of dogs, yuck. Need to squeeze in excersice since i lost 25lbs and then broke from diet all of July and gained back 5lbs. Its CRAZ!! lol. but my son is a good kid and I have my health. Right? right. I try to think positive. It could be worse. I have good Karma out there so I’m hoping it will come back to me soon. Whew. Thanks for the vent. That felt Great!!

  25. i am stressed b/c i am only a half an hour into a HORRID hour and a half long conference call on a HORRID project i’ve recently been assigned to in my new “fabulous” job. HATE. i’m stressed that i won’t be able to handle the BS of it all.
    also stressed that i can’t be there to hug and love you…that sucks.

  26. My stuff is pretty lame, I’m sure. But here goes:
    1) we have a new kitten and while he’s adorable and sweet and the kids really love him, he kinda is driving me crazy with his kitten shenanigans. I can’t eat around him or else he’s in my food, helping himself. I can’t knit or he’s in my project trying to sleep or gnawing on the yarn. This kitten needs to grow up and get a life.
    2) The debt ceiling crap. I just want to scream and shout, “stop messing up my country, turdbuckets!” That or curl up in the corner and suck my thumb. Every time I see a news story about this my stomach twists in knots.
    3) Middle child starts kindergarten on Monday and I’m not worried about him being gone all day (its now full day… wowzers!), but rather that he’s too young and immature and they’ll end up sending him home. He NEEDS to go to school, he’s driving me insane.
    4) Various and sundry knitting world issues and stresses and why do I let myself get involved in all this stupid crap? Honestly, I would be better off just beating my head against the nearest wall.

  27. The cost of getting kids ready for school is INSANE! That is stressing me out. My husband is spending money like it grows on trees! Trying to juggle EVERYTHING in my house while still work 40 hrs a week. I am stuck in my weight loss plan because I can’t make the time to work out.

    Okay, that’s enough from me.


    Yeah, that. Thanks – I feel a little better, just knowing that I’m not alone in being stressed. I’m seeing so many breezy summer posts that I’m starting to get Other People’s Lives Envy. (That is a Thing, right?)

  29. OHhhh thank you!!! Let’s see…I just finished 2 summer classes and I’m stressing about grades. I’m signed up for 15 hours for Fall and I’m a little freaked about that because I’ve never taken that many hours before. We are going on vacation in 1 week and I have so much stuff to do to get ready. Plus my daughter starts back to school 3 days after we get back and I haven’t bought any school clothes or supplies yet. One of my friends is getting married in September and she has yet to get a wedding dress or pick out bridesmaids dress. The shower date has been moved several times and I honestly can’t afford to be in this wedding and don’t know how to tell her. This last part is probably what is giving me the most stress. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Oh, yay! Great idea. I just moved across the whole damn country with a baby and a dog and we are staying with people I don’t know in their house and taking care of their pets while they go on vacation and it’s insanely hectic and also I’m allergic to their cat. STRESS. Also – NOT SLEEPING. See above re: move and baby and pets. Also also? We moved from CA, the most expensive state ever, right, and yet I have to spend MORE on groceries here. MORE. Also the next? Because we moved so damn far, I have to deal with an actual winter this year – for me and the baby. And it’s expensive as hell – coats gloves hats boots scarves blah blah blah. And all the expensive is even WORSE because this job pays less than the previous job.

    Also the last? No more Friday Night Lights. SO STRESSED OUT ABOUT THIS.

  31. Hmmm…where to start?

    My father in law passed away 2 weeks ago. No life insurance to cover costs of cremation (fortunately, he was a veteran and was able to be buried for free at a National Cemetery). The only $$ that will probably come from the “estate” was claimed by my sister in law who gleefully took the $500 because “she hasn’t gotten sh&t”. Uh…welcome to club. Of course, she hasn’t put out ANY money AT ALL for any expenses and didn’t even THINK to pay her brother back the $1400 he’s out for the cremation. OH! And she ignored her dad for the last 4 years. He tried and tried to mend fences, but she ignored his calls. And is now complaining that “his racing friends knew him better than I did!”

    I’m 31 weeks pregnant and am NOT prepared in any sort of way for a baby. (the above death/funeral took us by surprise and threw a wrench into our schedule). I’m nervous about being a mom again (son is 8 and is thrilled to have a sister), but…this is scary. Also, I’m up 5 times a night to pee, so: NOT SLEEPING.

    School starts in two weeks and there are two 3rd grade teachers and I am positive that my son will end up with the crappy one. And I’m gearing up for a fight to get him in the other class.

    I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow and NO gift has been purchased.

  32. Thanks so much for letting us all use your internet space to vent! I’m a long time reader and first time commenter. I just needed to vent in a place where the universe won’t get back at me for complaining. I’m 30 years old and was just diagnosed with a crazy scary cancer last month that is going to require lots of intense chemo. So, instead of getting pregnant like I had planned/wanted, I’m spending the next 6 months in chemo and the next 3-5 years hoping the cancer doesn’t come back. To add insult to injury, it feels like everyone I know I getting pregnant :( And I don’t think my husband likes my wig.
    Ah, I feel much better after writing that. THANKS MISS ZOOT!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m so sorry you’re going through that. I know it’s not much help, but a few years ago my husband and I were in a similar position, except he was the one with cancer. I’m now looking at my sleeping 10 day old baby. Ok, he’s a few years younger than my friends’ kids (and I’m a few years older than I wanted to be with a first child), but he’s perfect nonetheless.

      I hope that the next few months are as uneventful as possible, and that in a few years you’ll be where you want to be.

  33. I cannot find my Body Glide.

    That is TOTALLY a First World Problem and yet I have spent all week pining over how I CANNOT WEAR SKIRTS IN THIS HEAT WITHOUT BODY GLIDE. And I think about it 1) when I’m dressing in the morning, 2) anytime I’m sweating through my pants at work, and 3) PRETTY MUCH THE OTHER 23.8 HOURS OF THE DAY.

    I am sooooo visiting a sports store tomorrow.

  34. Great Idea!!! and THANKYOU!!!

    My husband’s whole family is coming over to our house this afternoon and he decided to go into work this morning (He’s a teacher and doesn’t NEED to be into work for over 2 weeks) and I said fine, I would clean and have the kids help me but please be home by 11 since his family was coming at 12 and I needed to shower which I can’t do without another adult to watch the almost 2 year old… AND he text’s me at 11:30 and says… “staying longer”. I flipped out and texted back, “No. Come home.” and I have been cleaning non-stop all morning, he comes home and doesn’t know why I’m frustrated, assumes the kids have been bugging me (Thank God they were angels) and then his family calls and says they aren’t coming until after 1:30 and so he sits down to watch TV instead of helping me get more cleaning done and makes faces every time I send him dirty looks and sighs. and now it’s 2:15 and his family is just now “on their way”. UGH!!!!!!

    Thanks again, I feel better now!

  35. The forcefield will be strong, right? I’m just going to blurt it all out just as it comes to me. I hate my job, it’s part time the pay is crap, the boss is a giant douchebag. He pissed all over the floor in the bathroom today! A grown man and he peed eveery where, it was so revolting. Aim you stupid @$$!!! Major problems with my 20 year old step daughter and I could really use someone to talk to about them but I don’t have any time to talk to anyone. I am also in college full time and the studying might kill me. My husband has lung cancer. June 2010 they gave him one to three years to live. Well he made year one but he is starting to sound crappier and with all the stuff with our oldest the stupid sh*t started smoking again. Yes, the &#^@&*%#@&*. I could kill him! My younger two daughters (8 & 3) have done nothing fun this summer at all. We have no time and no money to do anything. I am so stressed out I am not sleeping. I am eating everything that isn’t nailed down and to top it off my thyroid decided to just stop working a few months ago. That lead to lots of tests and trying to get the medication the correct dosage. I am just so tired and really, really need some time to myself. I love to read and haven’t been able to pleasure read anything for a long, long time. And, did I mention I really need some sleep.

    Thanks, Kim.

  36. Mine is really not a stressful thing compared to the above, but I am starting to feel the pull to have another baby. My son is almost 3, so if I wait, he will be 4 or almost 5! I want them to be friends so I really think we need to get this party started. Of course, I can’t work with a newborn and we can’t afford to lose my income so I don’t know if it’s even an option now! But my body tells me it’s time!!

  37. New job, new boss, new city. Still don’t have keys to the new home, for which I’ve been paying for 2 weeks, and my movers aren’t coming until next week. Been living out of a suitcase. Also, two friends who recently moved with the same company (military) just unpacked and found all their stuff was MOLDY. *sigh*

  38. After reading these, I really can’t complain. And it’s not that I’m stressed so much as toted. I know she’s teething. I know she has a cold. But, 13 months for goodness sale. When do I get to consistently sleep more than four hours?

  39. I’m basically going to gripe about the most ridiculous thing I can think of, and that is PICKLES. I bought some cucumbers from the farmers market a few weeks ago, found a delicious sounding pickle recipe online that got lots of good reviews, and set about making them. They’re supposed to “pickle” in the fridge for 10 days before you can eat them. So the last 10 days I have been gleefully anticipating my delicious cold crunchy pickles, and I FINALLY taste them last night, and….they taste like crap. Like pickled crap. I waited 10 long days for these things! Oh the humanity.

  40. Ugh- I am currently home recovering from a hysterectomy which is actually going well but oh my the having too much time on my hands is causing me stress, which is really dumb, I can not exercise for another two weeks and kind hearted people are bringing me delicious food which is not a good combination. Really though I just need to knock it off and enjoy the hours of DVR’d TV and books I haven’t gotten to when I am working full time and being a single mom.

  41. 1st world problems? I have a few of those.

    I lost 20 pounds and now my nacessant wardrobe has to be started ALL OVER again. Did I mention this is after we went on personal budgets? My budget does not cover an entirely new wardrobe all at once. In the meantime NOTHING FITS RIGHT. My work wardrobe is down to 3 pairs of slacks, one of which I don’t like and the other I PUT A HEEL THROUGH THE HEM OF (in front of a coworker, graceful) yesterday. GUH. (On the plus side, I have been slowly buying things and I DO now have two pairs of jeans and a handful of shirts that actually fit.)

    My house. It doesn’t clean itself. This is a clearly a major issue since I don’t clean it either. It deserves better.

    My mother is “subtly” pressuring me to move back to California. She is not subtle. I am not moving.

    Studying for my Professional Engineering license is putting a real damper on all the fun stuff I want to do.

    Ahhh, that feels better. : ) Now if only I could get rid of the irl drama mongers, I’d be golden.

  42. Oh this is a dangerous proposition ;)

    1.) Debt. Student loans, primarily. But also other debt, because I do not always make Good Choices.

    2.) School. I am waiting for a textbook so that I can finish my very last course in my degree, and even when I have everything I need I have a heck of a time getting motivated and I don’t really understand it so I just end up frustrated with myself and angry all over again. Plus I know I procrastinate because of my fear of “making it” in the Real World and not being able to keep my head above the water of my clinical depression. And the outcome of this, of course, greatly affects problem 1.

    3.) My ice cream Problem. I ate enough ice cream today to make myself feel quite unwell. And yet! I know I would have so much more energy if I lost weight, which would be easier if I exercised, which would be easier if I had some energy. ;)

    4.) I live with my grandfather, but I don’t really know for how long, depending if he becomes ill (he’s 89 this month) or decides he doesn’t like having me in his house (his moods vary). I know I can’t stay here forever, and I’m not entirely sure it’s good for me, but not paying rent is Very Helpful.

    5.) My older sister is having a baby mid-August, and my relationship with her is complicated and I always seem to screw things up and I have no idea what my “auntie” role will look like or if I’ll have much of a role at all.

    6.) I get so wrapped up in all of this that I fail to do anything useful with my day, so I’m just even more discouraged at the end of it.

    7.) I DO have things I love. I had a band rehearsal last night and had so much fun, and I swear I’m not ALWAYS Debbie Downer.

    8.) I know, logically, that I am so tremendously blessed. I have had the opportunity for a college education, and a family, though complicated, who love me. I have a place to live and all my needs are met. And yet? Part of me longs for another life I saw myself having at 27. I’m perpetually single and I desperately want a family.

    9.) Shut up already, Heather. GOSH.

  43. Stoopid Work stress has left me with a twitch in my upper right eyelid since last Fall! A co-worker who was out on ‘medical leave’ (stress) for 2 months came back this week 1/2 days and all I’ve seen her do so far is put her head down on her desk, plan up coming vacations, and look on line at flights a hotel packages. Meanwhile I am doing the work of 3 people and have to do OT tomorrow. Grrrr.

    PLUS I have no idea what I’m doing with my life PLUS have soul sucking deb AND no love life to speak of.

    Basically I hate the happy people when they laugh.

  44. I have been unemployed for almost exactly a year, with no prospects in sight. My fiance decided a little before I lost my job that he didn’t want to be with me after all (thankfully before we got married, right? Positive spin!) and left. We had five cats, not that big of a deal when there were two of us, but now I feel like I can’t give any of them the attention/caring/playtime they deserve and I feel guilty. I moved in November and still have many, many boxes that I haven’t unpacked. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been in a flare for weeks now, but don’t have a rheumatologist to see who could adjust my medications. I also can’t get one because my COBRA-d health insurance is based in the state where I used to live, and seeing someone in my new state would be considered out-of-network and therefore bring into play the $4000 O-O-N deductible. My brother is leaving in September for his 2nd tour in Afghanistan as a sniper (having also previously come home safely from Bosnia and Iraq) and I can’t help but feel as though he’s used up his stay-safe karma, although of course I’d NEVER mention it to him. And I thought the library closed at 7 today instead of 5 and now have to wait through the weekend before I have anything new to read.

  45. You are adorable. As one of the most positive people I come across on a daily basis, please – COMPLAIN!!!

    I’m stressed because my daughter is going to Canada with a sports team on Monday, and she’s never done this before. Out of the country! Without me! Or her other parent! Yikes! What if she loses her passport? What if she loses MY ATM CARD??!!! What if she goes to withdraw money using my ATM card, and accesses the wrong account, and takes out all our rent money!

    And I’m stressed because my ex-husband is coming to town in a few weeks, to visit with my other daughter.

    And I’m stressed about money. Which pisses me off.

    Thanks, Kim. By letting us vent, you’ve created nothing but positive energy for yourself.

  46. We recently moved and now we are in a different school district. We really want our kids to stay at their old school, but have to be approved for it. We really don’t have much more of a good reason besides, “Because we want them to.” My youngest daughter is super shy and I don’t want to stress HER out!

    Speaking of moving, we are buying this house on contract and have to get financing in a year and a half or we lose the house. We screwed up our credit several years ago, have been cleaning it up, but OMG what if we can’t get a mortgage loan?

    My husband had LAP band surgery last year and has recently had some minor complications. The doctor is stressing me out with some of his decisions and my husband basically just nods and says, “Yes, Dr.” If I don’t go to his appointments with him he NEVER asks the right questions or anything and OMG it stresses me out!

    I recently(ish) turned 40 and I need to have a physical and mammogram and all that, but I have such a fear of something bad being found I find myself rendered mute and unable to dial the phone to make the appointment. I KNOW I have to do this. Perhaps I will make my husband call and make my appointment. Lame. I know.

    The company I worked for was bought out by a larger company almost 3 years ago (or was it 4?) In the past year, they have slowly been letting people go in all of our offices in the division even though one of the big wigs sat in a big meeting with us and insisted that “Indiana is very important to us! We are committed to Indiana.” Whatever, dude. Please just tell me if I’m going to still have a job by the end of the year, OK, because all those other people don’t! And the thought of interviewing for new jobs gives me panic attacks.

    My youngest daughter is over weight (she’ll be 10 on Sunday) and I am stressing out SO hard about teaching her good eating habits and helping her to lose some weight without totally and completely ruining her self esteem/causing her to have an eating disorder/causing her to hate her body. It’s all my fault and the guilt and stress is killing me!

    My son has a speech impediment which was “cute” at 5, not so much as he gets older and I have nightmares about him still having it in high school and being an outcast.

    I don’t have any close friends and I want close friends but I have a terrible time letting people get close to me!

    Oh, and I need to lose 100 pounds. Simple, right? Sure.

    Ahhhh…that felt good! Thanks, Kim!

    Also? Life is good! I know it is!

  47. Ooh I like this game!

    My husband’s job is naturally drawing to a close and he needs to apply for academic jobs this fall. Whether he gets one, and where it is if he does, could determine where we live for the rest of our lives. I am super-stressed about him not applying to the right places, or enough places, or not getting something, or getting something in a place where we don’t want to live, or or or etc. etc.

    I’ve created a day for myself with both a routine physical/cholesterol check at the doctor and a dentist appointment that will involve x-rays in addition to the cleaning, and although that day is still ridiculously far away, I am already living in terror of it. That is just so freaking lame in a world where people have real things to worry about. I keep trying to tell myself that both of these are just routine appointments, I’m taking care of myself, this is a good thing… and yet, Aug. 22 looms.

    Wheeeeww. Positive energy now!

  48. LOVE this post! My biggest stress right now is people judging my parenting, and people acting like they are better than my family, and then the same people being the first ones to come to me for support and help in their own lives. I’m tired of trying to help EVERYONE in my family, and stressing about each of my three kids, my husband, my mother, my sisters, my great aunt in the nursing home slowly and painfully dying, the family already fighting about her estate, being the best employee I can be even though nobody really cares or acknowledges how much I do at the office, my friends, ugh. I am so mad at my body because I am trying to eat healthy and not drink my troubles away every night and still my body just doesn’t want to cooperate and then when I am not thinking about keeping everyone else happy I am mentally beating up myself! fun times! Thanks for letting me vent – I feel better now.

  49. So in preparation for the impending baby’s arrival, we finally combined our two living rooms into one, including getting rid of one TV and moving the Tivo downstairs to connect with the big TV. This mmeans it’s now connected to the main cable box rather than the satellite box and now EVERY show we record is subject to this ridiculous copyright setting. We have 7 days to watch a show or it gets automatically deleted. And once we start a show, we have 24 hours to finish or it gets automatically deleted. AND, half our shows are recording with the comcast info bar across the bottom of the screen for the enire show. Tivo claims there’s nothing they can do, it’s a Comcast setting. I am DREADING calling Comcast because I know it’s useless to try to get them to fix anything. Basically, our Tivo is now useless. My husband wants to cancel cable anyway to cut back expenses and I am STRESSED. I don’t think I can live without cable. And I KNOW I can’t live with the Tivo being so useless. I don’t want to switch to Comcast’s stupid DVR, which I know they’re going to suggest. I just want my Tivo to wotk again!

    Thanks for letting me get that out… I feel stupid being so stressed over TV, but… I really love my Tivo.

  50. Here’s grumblecakes: we have a houseful of guests whom I adore and am so glad to be hosting and our air conditioning just broke! It’ 85 degrees in our house. We’re pathetic hosts and we probably smell bad, too.

  51. I started with a whole list of complaints in my head, but really?
    *1. I have a job. Even tho the community voted down the levy and I will be teaching in a school with NO extra-curriculars. . . . or
    *1b. The school board said the community could raise the entire amount needed by August 1st, and then they would re-instate the extra curriculars. NOW they have decided (this happened once before, a few years back) that the community committee can pay in chunks throughout the year. . . . Hello? Why in the hell would the community EVER pass a levy if the board keeps doing this? So that is still nebulous. They will likely run out of money and quit fund-raising after the fall season sports, but that’s all the community cares about so Yay Football and too bad Girls Basketball.
    *2. My husband is trying to get a job 3,000 miles away. Thinks it would be cool to leave me & 2 kids here and fly back once a month or so. BUT – he has a job. And. He’s really a nice guy. Maybe having a mid-life crisis, I don’t know.
    *3. Both of my kids are ridiculously smart and/or musically gifted. Am I doing all the right things for them? Don’t know. Hard to tell. Check back in ten years.
    *4. My Mom has taken to making snide remarks about me & my kids being vegetarian which makes me really mad in an extemely quiet, self-destructive way. However. She still makes delicious vegan muffins & cakes for us and leaves the dressing off the potato salad until I get there. p.s. My sister & I secretly put Vegenaise on the entire bowl of potato salad yesterday & Everybody Loved It.
    So thanks for letting me complain about things that really, really should not be a problem – especially compared to people with Real Problems and Stress. Ready to face the day and possibly even the new school year now!

  52. Total first world problem that doesn’t even compare to everyone else’s: I am rereading Harry Potter, and am all SUPER fanboy obsessed with is right now, but I already missed day 1 of Pottermore early registration, and I am convinced, CONVINCED I am not going to get in on the next 6 days either. I just know it, and it is driving me crazy.

    It is an idiotic little thing, but it’s been a rough summer of health problems, friend problems, parenting problems, trying-to-buy-a-house problems, and I just really want this one little thing for me, you know?

  53. 1. My mother-in-law’s estate.

    2. My sister-in-law’s taking-over of same (she’s been living rent-free there for nearly 2 years now—but it’s not like WE want/need to live there) (STILL, though. Urg.).

    3. A problem Paul and I are having about who-will-do-the-dishes and who-will-take-out-the-trash, and MY GOD are we not yet done with these problems after 16 years of living together???

    4. Coffee is making me crazy-irritable, but not-coffee is making me tired and dull.

    5. Sick of summer.

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