Best Laid Plans…

I drew giant butterfly wings on our sidewalk for some cool photos with the kids. Nikki saw the wings and immediately complained that there were no antennae. I grumbled something under my breath and then just said, “Don’t worry about it, just let me take your picture.” She sighed with EXTREME frustration and said, “I guess I’ll just use my arms.”


Wes, on the other hand, didn’t quite understand the concept. He rolled around in the chalk for a bit first, of course. And then settled on a pose that didn’t seem to care about antennae at all. I tried to get him to roll over and he was all, “I want my picture like this!”


These grand ideas never EVER seem to turn out how I envision them.

Sometimes, they turn out BETTER.


4 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans…”

  1. That chalk dusted butterfly boy might just be the best picture you’ve ever taken. I would happily frame it and hang it on my wall.

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