• Calling All Stressed Out People! Come One! Come All!


    BLAH. Every time I go to write something this morning it comes out as KIM IS BITCHING ABOUT SOMETHING. I start innocently enough and then BAM! Mid-paragraph a blog entry about tuna salad turns into me complaining about my broken washing machine.

    I don’t want to spend quality space on the interwebs complaining about all of the things stressing me out in my life. But it’s a little hard not to whine. (I AM STILL DEALING WITH MY DAD’S PROBATE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) But, I’m trying to only put energy out into the universe that I want to get back and I do NOT want to be smacked back in the face with the boomerang action of my own complaints.


    So, I’m trying to write without complaining about things that are making me so restless I’m not sleeping (I AM NOT SLEEPING!) and so anxious I am eating non-stop. But instead, I’m just talking about how I want to be complaining but I’m trying not to and OH MY GOD – IT’S NOT WORKING.

    I’m stressed. I’m not sleeping well. I’m eating a lot. My washing machine is broken. (Did I mention that?) I may have to go to Knoxville for Probate crap again. (Did I mention that too?) School starts next week and our local education system is a mess which is adding stress in various forms in my life. (THANK GOD OUR TEACHERS ARE AMAZING. Makes tolerating the other much easier.) And all I can seem to do is write about all of this in various parentheticals and asides.

    SO…Let’s just combine all of that negative stress RIGHT HERE. Let’s all use this space to bitch about everything we’re trying NOT to bitch about. We can keep perspective in the rest of our lives but right here? LET IT ALL OUT. Tell me what is making you KRAZEE that you haven’t really felt right complaining about because of the whole, #FirstWorldProblems thing. We feel guilty complaining about how expensive organic milk is when there are people starving to death.


    We’ll combine all of our negative energy into this ONE blog entry. And then I’ll build a forcefield around it so that none of that negative energy comes back and kicks us in the face. Sound good? Good. Take my comments section and MAKE IT YOURS. Bitch about your husband, your kids, your doctor…anything you want. Unleash it all and then take the kind, positive energy back to your REAL lives where it really matters and I’ll contain all of your stress right here. Okay?

    Let it loose: WHAT IS STRESSING YOU OUT?