Truth In Advertising Part III

I read a lot of blogs from crafty chefs who create beautiful things by hand. I get inspired and often try to recreate what they’ve done with their kids or in their kitchen. I then come and show these successful attempts to you. But I want to make one thing clear: I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER PEOPLE.

Example: Rainbow Pasta!

I found the idea on Pinterest of course (I think I still have invites if you want one!) and set out to do this with the kids this weekend. Look a the great pictures of the project!

Rainbow Pasta

Rainbow Pasta

Rainbow Pasta

BUT…Here’s the thing. On those blogs I talked about before they show these great photos of the kids working and the final products and everything is all colorful and crisp and just lovely. This is what it REALLY looks like.

Truth in Advertising

My workspaces are dreadful. I’m pretty organized, but while we’re working? Eh. It’s a disaster area. In that photo you can see the midpoint of some 4th of July projects we’re working on too. Oh, and do we want to talk about how I decided this weekend to learn how to use my sewing machine? I did okay, I guess. Got the needles threaded and sewed some practice stitches. But have I made anything yet? Hell no. No where close to that. But look at my lovely sewing nook!

Truth in Advertising

I’ve been saving fabric for a year (curtains, shirts, etc) because I knew someday I’d learn to sew. I’m also saving some of the stuff I had bagged up for Goodwill because I found so many cute idea for old t-shirts and I want to pull some out of the bags before I take them. This is also the same table our only (and ancient) Windows computer sits at because it has the router and is upstairs for better wireless reception. In other words? This area will NEVER be those adorable sewing tables you see on all of these tutorial blogs. HOW DO THOSE PEOPLE LIVE LIKE THAT?

I just want to make sure with all of my project sharing lately, that you guys didn’t think I had turned into one of those people who is all creative and artistic and beautiful in every corner of their lives. Nope. I do fun stuff with the kids sometimes and I’ve made some neat things lately. But in those corners? I’m still totally the girl with the stains on her shirt and a pen she forgot about stuck somewhere in her hair.

(And for those of you not around before, I’ve done other entries pointing out the truth behind the photos here and here, because I evidently don’t want anyone to ever think I live an orderly and clean life behind the scenes of my project photos.)


10 thoughts on “Truth In Advertising Part III”

  1. I’m glad to see things don’t look perfect when you do crafts. I always wonder about how people do things with their kids and keep things looking so great. I can’t do it. Your pictures look normal!!

    I would love an invitation to Pinterest, if you still have one left.

    1. Teal – I sent you one but DO NOT BLAME ME if you get sucked into all of the great ideas and don’t move for 8 hours. (Not that I did that or anything… :))

  2. I love “true” side of crafting with kids! I noticed the sewing stuff you had pinned on Pinterest. For now I will continue to just observe. LOL! I’ve told myself that I need to learn to sew. Then I realize I have the patience level of a gnat. My husband has encouraged me for years to try it but I’ve never followed through.

    I probably won’t have one of “those” homes even when the kids are grown. I love the look, but not the maintenance that comes along with having spotless spaces. Yes, I’m lazy and I admit it!

  3. Thanks for the full disclosure, but I tell ya, you still impress the hell out of me. And, you inspire me to play with my kid — messes be damned!

  4. Sewing spaces are NEVER neat and tidy. Trust me. Oh and an awesome project you can do when E graduate’s and starts to not wear his awesome show shirts anymore (because he’ll be in college and won’t want to remind everyone he’s a freshman), you can make a tshirt quilt! Save all of his shirts, cut them up, and then sew them together. It’s an awesome and easy keepsake as the tshirts begin to disintegrate from all the washes.

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