Pride! (To Hide The Shame!)

Handpring Frame Of Awesomeness!

One of the first things I pinned on Pinterest was this hand print project which I had found at Fun Mama. Unfortunately, it required a very specific increase of hand-sizes. Which, when you have a 16-year old, is kinda tricky. BUT I WANTED ONE!

So, I did something just as easy. I found a frame (with a mat!) stashed somewhere in my house that was empty. And I cut out our hand shapes in different scrapbooking cardstock. All of the cardstock came from the same book of papers, which makes it much easier to coordinate the colors/patterns. It took some tinkering to get them together in a way I liked, but once I did? Hodge Podge under the connecting pieces. Easy Peasy. I just picked a solid color to put BEHIND the mat, and glued the pile of hands to the FRONT of the mat.


I’m not entirely sure where I’m going to hang it. I may actually take it out of the frame and tie a ribbon to the mat and hang it on a wall with brown frames. Not sure yet. Obviously it’s a very flexible project. Adapted easily with colors, patterns and frames. And also? Friendly for families whose hands don’t consistently decrease in size.

NOW…let’s talk about another awesome thing.

It only took me 20+ years...

When I was in Junior High, friendship bracelets were the rage. I became quite good at the basic pattern but I could never figure out the one above. Which, is evidently called the Chevron. When I picked up the friendship bracelets again for my summer To Do list, I tried ONE MORE TIME to figure out that damn pattern. I thought, after 20+ years, I should be able to figure it out. I’m WAY SMARTER, right? Nope. Couldn’t do it. I was very frustrated.

BUT THEN! I remembered the INTERNET! And Pinterest! And I found this tutorial which made it SO EASY. And that bracelet? IS FOR ME. My kids have been watching me make it (it’s taking forever) and both are requesting it with serious intensity. But that thing? ALL MINE. It has basically taken me 20 years to make that bracelet. When I’m done? I’ll wear it with PRIDE.

Sorry for all the bragging this week! I’m just full of some Kim Is Totally Awesome blog content, aren’t I? I apologize. If it’s any consolation, I also made the BIGGEST PARENTAL ERROR OF MY LIFE this week, and I didn’t even realize it until hours later. I am not ready to share this story yet, because the shame is SO STRONG, so please tolerate my ego-pumping bragging as I try to convince myself I’m not the WORST PARENT IN THE WORLD.

(I promise. When a little bit more time has passed, I’ll share the story. I ALWAYS DO. Until then? Let’s just pretend I’m the awesome Mom who always makes cool crafts, good food, and never commits life-endangering mistakes, okay? THANKS.)


12 thoughts on “Pride! (To Hide The Shame!)”

  1. I love the handprints. I need to make one, but squirmy baby and a five-year-old who has no appreciation for *my* crafts might make it a bit difficult. Still beautiful though!

  2. I love how honest you are with the good and the bad.
    Another way to make friendship bracelets is with a braiding disc. Goes super fast and might be easy enough for Nikki to do.

  3. Ki,, you ARE an awesome mom, stop being so hard on yourself…we ALL make mistakes!

    I used to love making friendship bracelets! I was in college when I learned how, some little kids taught me how when I was manager at our local pool. I could do the basic and the chevron but some of the fancier ones I could never figure out.

    LOVE the handprint project, I think it looks great. Wondering if I can get my 15 and 25 year old to participate…???

  4. Oh forgot to add, I like your hand print project much better than the original one you posted! Yours is much prettier and I love the arrangement of the hands!

  5. Love, love, love the handprints. The bracelet is pretty awesome too! I had to laugh at the reference to Pinterest. I promised myself I wouldn’t get pulled into it and I failed miserably. I could get lost in that website!

  6. I made SOOO many friendship bracelets as a middle schooler. I wonder if I’d even still remember how to do it. I’ve never even seen the chevron style before, but I was a master at the regular one and the twisty one back in the day.

  7. I made so many friendship bracelets as a kid, but I also never got past the basic pattern or the spiral round style. I always envied the girls who could spell out names and stuff in their bracelets. Sigh. I could have been so much cooler with the internet!

  8. I love the handprint project! And like the others, I prefer the way that you did it. I find that I like a lot of those projects, but having only one child they just don’t look right and it makes me sad (I feel the same way about the “traditional” mother’s jewelry). The way that you’ve done it, I could probably do with my family if we did BOTH hands of each person… Hmmm… :)

  9. I love that handprint idea! I’m going to have to try that with my family.

    We all make huge parenting blunders, the best parents actually admit to them!

  10. LOVE the hands! We always try to do a handprints gift for my MIL at Christmas- I’m so excited this doesn’t require painting!

    If you can track down the Klutz brand Friendship bracelets book it has many more besides the chevron, with clear instructions/illustrations.

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