I have WAAAAY over used the word “funk” here, people.

This smile helps, you know.

Man. I’m in a DAMN FUNK. And you know what sucks the most about DAMN FUNKS? Is that they’re cyclical. You can’t get out of them because you aren’t motivated to do anything but BE IN A FUNK.

I thought I was just tired. Had a long weekend, with less sleep than like. But last night I got plenty of sleep and I woke up still in my funk. And frustration about being in a funk, keeps me in a funk. And being in a funk makes me grumpy and short with my family, WHICH KEEPS ME IN A FUNK.

Last night I felt like it was a battle between me and the funk. Gripe at the kids. FUNK WINS. Do crafts with the kids. KIM WINS. Quick to lose patience with craft. FUNK WINS. Let kid style hair for fun. KIM WINS. Growl at child for pulling hair. FUNK WINS.

And so on.

I know we all hit these phases, just wanted to see what you do when you are in one? Because I eat. OF COURSE. I eat with every negative emotion. Stress, Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, Loneliness…EAT! That’s why it’s taken me 4 months to lose 17lbs, and then I gained 6lbs back! Obviously, I need a new plan of attack for The Funk. One that – you know – actually works. Today I’m going to try a new method: FAKING IT TO THE EXTREME.

I’m going to walk about my day pretending to feel SUPER AWESOME ABOUT EVERYTHING. One of those…if you SAY you feel it, you FEEL it kinda of treatments. I have enough to be joyful about in my life, I just have to remind myself every second of the day when I’m in these funks. Sometimes the funk is too bad to use this plan but I think it might work today. What about you? Do you eat with all negative emotions? Do you drink? Do you take long baths (another options I like) or are you one of those awesome people who can EXERCISE when you’re depressed? I’m trying to become that person, but it turns out it’s not just a switch you flip! Nothing is ever that easy, is it?

So…how do you get out of your funks? Or do you just wait for them to pass and hope the damage done while they were there is not too great? That’s my predominant method. But 6lbs gained? I think the damage is done. TIME FOR A NEW METHOD.

Commence Day Of Fake Joy! I’ll let you know how it pans out.


13 thoughts on “I have WAAAAY over used the word “funk” here, people.”

  1. I HATE FUNKS!!! It’s true, they’re the most difficult thing to get out of! Honestly the best way for me to get out of a funk is to just have a day to myself. Or at least as many hours as I can steal. I take a long bath, read a book, light some candles, and relax. I go out on the porch and just sit and breathe in the fresh air. Of course another thing that truly helps me to get out of a funk is to be with friends. I’ll be in the worst mood ever and some friends of ours will come over for dinner and make me laugh, and that definitely helps!

  2. I plan trips! Just looking at different places puts me in a better mood. It helps me to remember the world is bigger than my front porch. Just this week I brought photos to my office from our spring vacation to remind me why I work. I know I want to return to a great week long adventure with my family some day. Having something big to look forward to always helps me bring myself out of a funk.

  3. I’m a little perplexed by your “only” 17 lbs in 4 months comment… um, that is AWESOME. Even with six pounds gained back, AWESOME.

    But I totally get the funk. Oh, I get it. I hope faking it works, because that will be my new strategy. My current strategy is to rage at my husband and cry a lot.

  4. I don’t comment much, although I love reading your writing every morning while my daughter is nursing. But I have to say, “commence day of fake joy!” will be my rallying cry today! Thanks! Hope it helps de-funkify your day.

  5. I make plans with friends and stay busy. Sometimes it helps; sometimes it doesn’t. But even if I’m still in a funk, at least I spent time with my friends.

    Also, I agree with OPH about the weight loss. You’re making progress, and you’re getting really fit, regardless of weight loss. So great job!

  6. I read Harry Potter. Even if it’s just a few pages, it always makes me feel better. No joke. If that’s not possible, though, sometimes I’ll just make sure X is safe in his play area or crib, and I’ll step outside and take a few deep cleansing breaths and do a psuedo meditation for a minute or two, just to try and hit the reset button.

  7. I go for a walk. Not a power walk cardio exercise thing but just the wandering putting one foot in front of the other walk. Eventually my mind slows down enough to reset itself and I feel a bit better. Or I suppose you could always embrace the funk and find some sort of hip hop youtube video and rock out in your living room :)

  8. This may sound silly, but I give myself permission to just be in the funk. Not try to solve it or deal with it, just be in the funk. Usually, I just take some time to be selfish, read a book in bed at 7:30, got to bed at 8pm. Yes, I said 8pm. Sleep is by far, BY FAR, the best solution for my funks. Things often look better in the morning and I find I can usually semi spring out of bed with a clear head and try to check off a couple of the easiest issues.

    Sometimes funks last a while, it happens. Its okay, but beating yourself up about them or how you deal with them seems like it just has to be making you feel even worse about being in a funk in the first place! Got any friends who are willing to just take your kids for an afternoon so you can have a few minutes of peace to just be in your funk? Hope you feel better soon girl!

  9. One of the things I do for funks is keep posting really positive quotes, websites, or mantras on my facebook. Enough people will comment on my optimism to give me some! I’ve also just found out about malas (Buddist prayer bracelets) and was thinking of making one for myself. From what I understand it’s like a rosary to help you remember to say affirmations or in my case, just funny things! Good luck with your funk!

    1. I have a Buddhist prayer bracelet and I love it! I don’t have a mantra I use, but whenever i fill the beads I sorta just try to tell myself to calm the eff down.

  10. Ugh. I know that feeling. Good luck. For me, getting outside usually helps. Or my cycle starts and, hey look at that, the funk magically disappears with the crazy making hormones.

  11. How’s the fake joy treating you? :) I can totally relate. When I am in a funk, forcing myself to dress up a little and go out to dinner with my husband usually makes me feel better.(Just going somewhere that isn’t work or Kroger!) Otherwise, I’m in my pjs by 5:30 with the lights out and TV on..completely zoned out, which never helps the funk.

    Hope your day gets better!

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