Wesleyan Hall

This is Wesleyan Hall. It was the building Donnie and I studied in while getting our Geography degrees at the University of North Alabama. I spent many hours in that building and even a few nights working on projects for school and work. E even slept up there a few times. One notable time, I laid down with him just to “rest my eyes” on the couch in the computer lab, and then woke up the next morning in a panic as E was due at school in about 5 minutes. Luckily his Kindergarten had a uniform, so no one knew he wore the same clothes the day before.

This is the building that gave us Wes’s name. He turns three tomorrow.

I don’t really do annual letters or photo montages. I figure that’s what this whole blog is – a tribute to my family. Sometimes a boring tribute, but usually with cute pictures. If there’s one trait that stands out about Wes the most right now, it’s that he is the biggest snuggle-bug on the planet. He even proved it last weekend by snuggling in the arms of Nikki’s t-ball coache’s wife for a good 15 minutes. He’s SUCH a good snuggle bug, you’ll put up with it even though he weighs 27lbs. It’s his most evil super-power, to be honest. He makes the hearts melt of women everywhere as they hold him in their arms. I’m surprised no one has given him a car yet.

Mom and Son laughing

Happy Birthday, Wessie-Woo. I don’t always get a chance to blog on Saturday so I wanted to commemorate your special day today. I hope this year brings you lots of dead bugs and garbage trucks. Love, Mom.

This Is Basically An Entry Where I Talk To Myself A Lot

I had this entry TOTALLY PLANNED for the weight I was DETERMINED to hit this week. Last week I was 1.5lbs away from being lighter than I was when I got pregnant with Wes. I was going to write about getting down to Pre-Pre-Pregnancy weight. This was going to be PERFECT since he turns 3 this weekend. SEE THE SYNCHRONICITY? It was going to be AMAZING.

But you know what? I didn’t drop that 1.5lbs. And I looked at the scale and cursed it because: I did TWO double-workout days this week. TWO. And I ate cabbage and asparagus for dinner last night. Do you know how healthy that is? DO YOU?


And then I looked at this picture I sent to Twitter last night. I took it after a run I did with my HUSBAND, a 5K at the fastest pace EVER: 9:45 minutes/mile. Read that sentence again: 5K. With my husband. 9:45 minutes/mile. This was all done AFTER I did boot camp yesterday morning. Why am I putting so much of my hard-earned pride on the stupid SCALE? Do you see how fast I ran? DO YOU?

So…instead I’m doing an entry about how AWESOME I am. I ran 6+ miles on Sunday in preparation for my 10K on Memorial Day. I ran 5 miles Tuesday night and 3.5 last night. This is on top of boot camp every weekday morning. This is TONS of exercise and I’ve loved every minute of it.

And the speed? Back when I trained for my half-marathons, I was running right around a 12-minute mile. Granted, that was for my longer distances, but the 10K I did was at the same pace. The 5 miles I ran the other night? 10:15 minutes/mile. The 5K? 9:45 minutes/mile. When I started boot camp and my coach timed our mile, I couldn’t even do ONE MILE faster than 10 minutes. I did THREE last night at 9:45. I AM LIKE LIGHTENING.

Now…that picture. I look at that picture and see a BADASS. Seriously. I’m so proud of that picture. Do I still have weight to lose? Yes. But I am still working my ass off in ways I never knew was possible. I’m faster and stronger than I’ve ever been. Wes told me last night he wants some running clothes too…so he can be stinky. Which, you know, he’s a boy – so that is HUGE motivation for anything. BEING STINKY IS AWESOME. My kids ask me if I went to boot camp when they wake up, they know we run races. My husband and I talk workouts and muscle pains. The pounds will drop, I know that, but I’m not going to let the speed at which they drop determine my pride. Not when I can hold a wall-sit for 90 seconds and not even cry when it’s done.

NOW…all of that said…these type of entries tend to upset me as a reader because I always feel like the writer is basically making it sound easy. IT’S NOT. And I have a lot of things going for me that you might not: 1) A husband who works out so I’m motivated to be awesome like him. 2) A teenager who can be there for the kids and babysit when I work out. 3) Extra money at times to pay for classes and gear.

If you are lacking any of these things? It’s going to be 100 times harder for you. If you’re doing it anyway? Then YOU deserve a pat on the back. If you’re not? Don’t be hard on yourself. Do what you can. It’s hard on me even WITH all of these things making it easier. It would be too hard without any of them…I’m not sure if I could motivate myself in other situations.

But in this situation? I’ve done it. I’m going to run a 10K on Memorial Day that I’ve feared for YEARS. I’ve always done the 5K because it doesn’t have the DREADED HILL FROM HELL, but this year? I’m going to kick that hill’s ass. Even if I do it while walking.

Either way – I’m proud. Seriously proud. And that – is something rare for someone insecure like me. So I’m going to savor it, no matter what the scale says.

My Teacher

Recital Night

I just love this picture. I love that she looks so natural doing this because it gives me hope that she’ll navigate the waters of femininity better than I did. I used to blame being raised by a Man in a house with a Brother and no other female for my inadequacy in that department. However, Nikki only has ME and she seems to be doing better at the age of 5 than I am at 35, so I think some of those tendencies must be innate. I’m thrilled they’re there inside her, because it gives ME someone to learn from, even at this age. She has taught me more about being a girl in the 2 years since she’s been developing her own style, than I ever learned in the 30+ years prior.

Random Notes About TV

We all know I love TV. I don’t watch as much as I used to, but I do still watch more than most people. And this is my periodic blog entry dedicated to TV as the Fall Season wraps up. This blog entry is full of spoilers, if you’re not caught up on your shows you may want to skip this entry. However, if you are? Commentary is welcome!


The Vampire Diaries is still the show I look forward to the MOST. The writing on that show is superb and keeps me guessing every episode. And now…next season? SO MANY DOORS LEFT OPEN. Is Stefan evil? Is Damon Good? Is Jeremy haunted by Ghosts of Dead Girlfriends? Or Ghosts of Dead Vampires? Or just ALL Ghosts? Will Caroline and Tyler be the cutest Vampire/Werewolf couple EVER? Will the sheriff be one of the good guys? OH MY GOD…I love that show. If you need something to watch this summer? Watch the first season. Then…the second season if it comes out in time. Seriously. It’s fun, it’s gripping, it’s surprising and OH MY GOD…it’s so full of sexy people! SERIOUSLY. You should watch it.


This was a show that could have totally pissed me off this season with the Will They/Won’t They Peter/Olivia storyline. I stuck with it and had patience, even through the FauxLivia pregnancy, and it paid off. They ended up together. They even fast-forwarded and showed us the two of them MARRIED. I almost DIED OF JOY. And then…THEN…they took it ALL AWAY. Peter? Gone? Never Existed? If this is the way the next season goes I will NOT watch it. Seriously. Peter and Walter are the thing that keeps me with the show. Walter without Peter? Not worth it. Olivia without Peter? Nope. Fringe without Peter? NOPE. Won’t watch it. I guarantee you.

But if they undo that stuff in the beginning of next season? That STUPID twist? If that is somehow undone by the end of the first episode? I’ll return for the next season. If not? I don’t think I can do it. I’ve had patience, more than with most shows, but without Peter? Blah.


I loved this season of Justified. I would have never in a million years thought I’d get into this type of show but it is so good I just hate when it’s over. Like The Vampire Diaries it’s one I just love every piece of. EXCEPT ONE CHARACTER: Winona Hawkins. Man, I hate that they put them back together this season. I actually skipped almost all of the arc involving her stealing the money just because I HATE HER SO MUCH. I love Ava Crowder, don’t even mind her and Boyd together, but I loved her and Raylan. She’s fragile but strong and doesn’t make me want to punch her in the face like Winona does. I just hated that part of the season. The rest of it? Perfect. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re getting rid of her anytime soon. ::sigh:: Oh well, it’s a testament how much I love the rest of the show that I can hate her so much and still keep watching.


As with last year, Glee is ALWAYS a total hit or a total miss with me. I watch it an look forward to it every week, but mainly because the hits are so awesome. Kurt/Blaine? Totally have redeemed this season in my opinion. I love them with all of my heart. I love that, for awhile we had more Brittany, less Rachel. Now it seems like it’s gone back to being Rachel-heavy and this annoys me. There are two more episodes left in the season and as long as they don’t screw with what I love about it, I’ll keep watching it, but I often feel like if they took just a few of the characters or storylines out of the spotlight I’d probably stop watching. Because even though it’s GREAT when it’s GREAT…I sometimes feel like it’s SO BAD when it’s not.


I was bored one morning and watched a few of these on OnDemand and WHERE HAVE I BEEN? I think I watched one or two of these episodes when the show started and just didn’t like it. I think I grouped it in with The Office which I couldn’t get into. I just assumed if I disliked one I would dislike the other. THIS IS A LIE. I have watched this entire season (I think) and am now considering watching the first two over the summer. Do you recommend this? Should I watch all of the seasons or was the first one not very good (and therefore making me feel validated for not sticking with it) and maybe I should just watch the 2nd season?

I made Donnie watch “The Fight” last night, which is the one where they all got drunk. Ron Swanson dancing with that hat on may be my favorite 10 seconds of television EVERY in the HISTORY of television. I want an animated GIF of that one small bit of beauty and I want it tattooed digitally on my eyelids.


There are several shows I LOVE…but I just don’t the luxury of time to keep up with them. And parts of them sometimes annoy me. Like Parenthood’s storyline with Sarah Braverman: Scriptwriter. Or Julia Graham’s battle with infertility that lasted 5 months. HOW DID SHE COPE? Other shows in this category are just a wee predictable. So…how do I keep up with them? THE FAST-FORWARD BUTTON. I love NCIS, NCIS: LA, Castle, and Hawaii 5.0 — but they are ALL terribly predictable. I watch the first 5-10 minutes to get the Case Of The Week and then I fast-forward through the middle and watch the end. Sometimes I squeeze in an hour drama in 15 minutes (Hawaii 5.0) other times it takes 30 minutes (Castle) because I like some of the relationships outside of the weekly cases. I love seeing scenes with Castle and Beckett or Castle and his mother/daughter. I’ll stop and watch those even if they’re completely irrelevant to the case. I’ve pretty much done this ALL SEASON, and now that several are ending? I don’t feel like I missed out on anything. I still get to keep up with my favorite shows, but in a fraction of the time!

Sidenote: My husband HATES this and thinks I’m insane.


What about you? How do you feel about this season? Pick up any new shows? Give up on any old shows? What about this summer…what do you watch over the summer? We’re a big So You Think You Can Dance family…so we like Summer TV. What about you?

Freakin’ BUGS.

Wes and his Dead Bug

I kept the interwebs updated in other areas about the BUG DRAMA that unfolded in our lives this weekend. It all started Friday when Wes found this dead beetle on our porch. He started carrying it around and while I took pictures of his sister before his dance recital, he insisted that I take a picture of him and his bug too.

Wes and his Dead Bug

As you see here, he even put the bug on his lap. You know – because when he gets his picture taken with Mommy or Daddy? He sits in their lap! This photo setup only makes sense.

We found a green jar for him to put the bug in, and he dumped it out and looked at it 100 times between Friday night and Saturday morning. He took it to Nikki’s ballgame where he was the talk of all the little brothers. They even found ANOTHER beetle to put in the jar. TWO DEAD BUGS. We were all quite proud.

He wanted to take it to Accolades (E’s theater awards show) Saturday night. At first I said “No,” but he was so disappointed, and I found the whole ordeal so cute, I obliged.

Before Accolades

See the jar in the photo there? That’s about as far as he ever wanted it from him. EVER. So we let him take it to the show. And of course, about 1 minute before lights went down in the house (house: the part of the auditorium where the audience sits.) Wes dropped the jar. Glass and dead bugs EVERYWHERE. It was AWESOME. It was pandemonium as we looked for a broom and tried to get everything cleaned up before the show started. Wes handled it well, but was not impressed that I crammed his precious dead bugs in my purse.


Now the bugs reside in the plastic cup in my kitchen. You know, because we think that’ll impress guests. “Please, come into our home. Yes. Those are dead bugs in our kitchen. Are you ready for dinner?”

He’s very disappointed he has not found any more to add to the collection. I thought about trying to preserve them in some way, but he loves holding them in his hand and feeling their sticky feet attach to his skin. (EW.) I’m guessing we’ll have to just dispose of them eventually. I am hoping, however, that he finds more to replace it. I’m thinking bugs are his thing now, which means they need to become MY thing. As long as they’re dead, I’m okay with that. I told Wes we are NOT collecting LIVE bugs. You know…because we don’t want to take them from their families.

Yeah. That’s why. It has nothing to do with the fact that BUGS ARE FREAKIN’ CREEPY. I can cope with Dead Bugs…but live ones? HELL NO.