Rainy day at the gardens


I’m a chronic eye-roller. It is probably my husband’s least-favorite quality because I throw the eyeroll at him at the most mean moments. He’ll have had a rough night’s sleep and say he’s tired and I’ll think of all of the nights I didn’t sleep well with newborn babies and BAM! EYEROLL. It’s a trait I know is not fair, but a lot of it is subconscious. When my instinct is to say, “OH. MY. GOD. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Then I eyeroll. I know. Ugly trait. Let’s move on.

I eyeroll a lot when I go through my feed reader. I’ll read blogs where someone talks about the joy of exercise and how happy they are now that they’re eating healthy. EYEROLL. Someone talks about the joy of parenting and how they are truly blessed by their children. EYEROLL. I’ll read an entry about the power of inspiration and creativity and tapping into your inner artist. EYEROLL. Articles about how annoyed people are by bloggers who don’t use proper grammar. EYEROLL.

Here’s the catch: I have written EVERY ONE OF THOSE ENTRIES.

See…if I’m in the mood to relish in my pride of eating right and exercising? I nod and smile. If I’m not? EYEROLL. If I’m experiencing a joyful Mom day when I read your entry about hugging your kids? I nod and smile. If I’ve just discovered the 43rd crayon mark on my walls? EYEROLL. If I’ve spent a weekend crafting and creating when I read about your weekend of inspiration? I take notes and learn lessons. If I’ve spent the weekend mowing my grass and weeding my garden? EYEROLL.

I say this for one reason: I am about to write something that is probably going to make a lot of you ROLL YOUR EYES. And I am okay with that, because on many other days? I would be rolling my eyes too. I just wanted to say you are perfectly fine to roll your eyes and please don’t worry about hurting my feelings. Because I know what I’m about to write is the CHEESIEST, most OBNOXIOUSLY toxic, and annoyingly TRITE thing that has ever been written. Yet…here I go.


Yesterday morning was a typical morning in my home. Me running around trying to get myself ready for work post-boot camp while also feeding the kids and getting them ready for school. WHILE ALSO doing laundry and packing lunches. (Mornings are FUN.)

Because the kids had a long weekend, Wes was a little emotional. A lot of whining and refusing to eat breakfast. Fighting getting dressed and grumpily picking on his sister. He sat in my lap to eat (It’s a new phase, don’t ask.) but I had to get up after I finished my oatmeal to put dishes up. He wrapped his arms around my leg and begged to be held. I told him to PUHLEASE sit and eat his oatmeal. I got irritated. He went back to the table and when he went to sit in his chair he hit his shin on the chair. And he lost it. He grabbed his leg and started wailing.


But luckily? Something inside spoke to me. I knew the day he was having. I have those days CONSTANTLY. The day where everything just seems to go wrong. You can’t shake the grumpies. I KNOW THAT FEELING. And in reality? I was in a fine mood. Wishing the kids would be more cooperative, but I got a good night’s sleep, my allergies weren’t bothering me, boot camp started back up. I was feeling good.


So I put down what I was doing. I pulled up a chair next to him. I sat in it and I picked him up while he was crying. I curled him up in a ball and snuggled him as tight as possible. He calmed down and wrapped his arms around me. And we just sat there. Donnie and Nikki and E were all getting ready around us, eating, getting dressed, putting up dishes…and Wes and I just snuggled. He rubbed my back and I kissed his head 100 times. I ignored life for a moment and just tried to focus on giving him exactly what he needed from me, which I very rarely have the luxury to do.

And you know what? Turns out I needed it too. I think I always do, I just sometimes get too busy to notice.




20 thoughts on “EYEROLL”

  1. I dunno, I didn’t roll my eyes. Disclaimer: I do not have kids. But I just imagined the complete chaos of a busy morning (I have 3 brothers) and your little port in the storm. Like, if your life were a movie, the scene would involve you and Wes sitting there cuddling while everyone else sped and whirled around you in super-fast speed so as to be blurry. Huh, and since I got TWO new mosquito bites this morning I thought I would certainly eye-roll since you warned us. Guess I’m having a good morning after all. :)

  2. No eyeroll here; just a lot of admiration for doing what you knew HE needed, instead of what you might have felt like doing. I can’t say how many times I fail miserably at that! Like last night… it seemed everything my kids wanted to do or say was just annoying to me, and I kept telling them to just go find something else to do, or nixed everything they wanted to do/say/talk about. I came to my senses before bedtime and called them to me to apologize. i gave no excuses, told them I didn’t even know why I was being such a grump towards them, but that I was sorry. They were so forgiving.

    Now let’s see if they can be this forgiving when I make them return the turtle the dogs found in our yard yesterday back to the swamp.

  3. There wasn’t even a HINT of an eyeroll in me reading this, and I, too, am an eyeroller. This is sweet. You’re a good mom, and your kids are very lucky ducks.

    Also: My almost 13-year-old daughter still needs (and gets) these moments. It is nice to be able to provide it, even still.

  4. LOL! Your list of eye rolls are exactly my list of eye rolls! Although I am never nodding and smiling in agreement when people say they love to exercise. I just don’t get it! But the eye roll is at least partially out of jealousy!

  5. Ha! I know what you mean about the eyeroll. It does depend on my own mood and tolerance level. However. Your entry utterly did not make me roll my eyes. It made me think I should look out for more times when that’s what my daughter needs, and how a minute or two of just STOPPING and snuggling can fix everything.

  6. Totally with you on the eyerolls. No eyerolling for your post though. Sometimes it’s hard to step outside yourself & put yourself in your child’s shoes. Thank you for the reminder to do just that.

  7. I demand a refund! This did not make me roll my eyes!! I love it when I can remember to actually tune in to Mr. Man’s needs and do something about it. It usually involves a cuddle too. Great job!

  8. Holy good Lord the eye roll drives my husband insane too! And I can’t help it!! But there was no eye roll with this spot, just appreciation of a reminder to slow down sometimes and deal with the little things. Thanks.

  9. I sigh. It’s obnoxious. When I’m happy, sad, aggravated… it’s my go-to thing.

    glad you seized the day, baby, it makes it all worthwhile. Twenty years from now, those are going to be the moments we remember. (sigh.)

  10. I’m not a habitual eye-roller, but certain blogging types make me one, so I don’t even bother with those. This post though? This one was a good REMINDER and not like every single one of your posts, thus not an eye-roll inducing one.

    Just don’t go writing a million of these or I just might have to roll my eyes at you.

    Nice post :)

  11. Your disclaimer describes me perfectly!
    For the record, I thought this post was really nice and didn’t make me roll my eyes.

  12. I’m not an eyeroller, your posts have never made me roll my eyes, and this is one of my very favorites. Those little moments of snuggling when somebody really needs it are part of what make life so great. :)

  13. I just want to say thank you so much for this post. I read it yesterday morning and when my son started off on a grumpy day, it was the thing that reminded me to take a step back and just be with him for a little bit. So thank you for allowing my son and I to have a much better day than it might have been.

  14. I think it’s beautiful. No eyerolling here. You are right. It was good for both of you, and I’m gonna try harder to do this. You rock!

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