Does Anyone Say “Playing Hooky” Anymore?

E on his way to Prom

This is Spring Break! Except…not yet. Due to that huge snow in January, we lost today and tomorrow of our Spring Break. They decided this a few weeks after the snow, and everyone who had already made Spring Break plans had to bring in “proof” to the school and fill out paperwork saying they wouldn’t be here these two days. That way their absences would be “excused”. We didn’t have any plans at the time, and I didn’t think about faking any. Turns out? Almost everyone E knows is either on vacation this week or…”on vacation” this week. If I had known so many parents were going to do this, I might have done it too, but it’s too late now and I don’t want E to have an unexcused absences.

My point? E will practically be the only one at school today.

The funny thing is, he doesn’t really care too much, other than just having to get up early. His theatre teacher is going to teach them how to do bullet wounds and cool make-up effects like that; and the rest of his classes have done things like scheduled movies and such. As a teacher, you can’t really plan on covering anything real since half the school (or more) will be gone. Which, of course, makes you wonder what the point is. Oh well.

My Dad would have made me go even if everyone I knew was skipping. But I probably would have wanted to go anyway. Our house had no heat or a/c so, depending on the time of year, it wasn’t necessarily a fun place to be for long periods of time. Either way, I consider it a kind of homage to my Dad that I’m making my kid go to school when no one else is.

What about you? Would your parents have let you skip? Would you let your kids – even if you had no trip planned?


12 thoughts on “Does Anyone Say “Playing Hooky” Anymore?”

  1. The one day I did skip work, my Mum came into the store I worked at to speak to me and I wasn’t there – she spoke to my manager who said I’d called in sick and she was confused because if I was sick why wasn’t I at home, funnily enough she went ape! It was not a good day. I certainly learnt my lesson there.

    Now I think I’m the other extreme – if I’m sick and really should go home I feel I need to prove that I am actually ill enough to go home (Even though I work for a different employer and no longer live with my parents lol)

  2. As the daughter of a public school teacher, uh, no, there would have been no skipping. Of any kind. Ever. She taught high school and apparently kids are not coming up with any creative new excuses now-a-days. So a resounding NO.

  3. Absolutely not! LOL. My dad would have kicked my butt. The one time I tried to skip I got caught and grounded so there would no be allowing it. My dad was way too much of a stickler for that.

  4. We had senior skip day – which the administration tried to squash my senior year (new principal). My dad gave me his blessing to skip if I wanted to – he saw it as childish shenanigans. I was a good kid with a job and good grades so he didn’t see any harm in it. He did warn me that if I got in trouble I had to deal with the consequences.

  5. I probably would have written the “on vacation” note if I knew ahead of time that there would be no real learning/teaching going on those days any way. But I wouldn’t have let them skip if it would be considered unexcused. I’m pretty sure I called in for them on senior skip day because otherwise it was unexcused.

  6. My parents would have totally let me skip. I always skipped on random days, with permission, just because…

    I don’t know why my parents were so permissive about absences. Strange.

    Not sure how I’ll handle it for my kid. I’ll probably make him go so he won’t tear up my house while I’m at work ; )

  7. Yes, I still hear the expression “playing hooky,” but I wonder if I’m only hearing it from people my own age!

    I would not have written a note that we’d be on vacation — unless it was the truth. And I’m certain my parents wouldn’t have done so, either.

  8. When I was in high school I would skip school without telling my parents. Later that night when the attendance line called my mom would answer the phone and say, “Oops I forgot to call and excuse her!” then she would hang up and go, “Melissa! Why weren’t you in school!” I would get in trouble at home but she didn’t want me in trouble at school. Which is probably why I kept doing it. A boyfriend and I skipped together one day and I was at his house when the call came in and his mom was totally confused, “What do you mean he wasn’t at school? He left on the bus and came home on the bus how could he have not been in school?” I decided it was time to head on home! I don’t know yet how I will handle that. My oldest is 11 so I guess I better figure it out. It will happen sooner or later!

  9. My folks would have had no part of my skipping school. I wasn’t even allowed to miss school when we lived in Europe. How crazy is that?!

  10. My parents, nuh-uh, because they went to school 6 days, every week and had Christmas and Easter Day off (which, btw, is a Sunday) and THAT IS IT! Me? Well, I’m a little more lenient and have been known to celebrate spontaneous mental health days, as well.

  11. My mum would have let me stay off but I wouldn’t let my daughter have the time off school. I pretty much went into school when I felt like it and I don’t want her to be the same.

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