• Dark

    i just got back a bit of cell service and am typing thison my iPhone w/out the handy WP app bc I didn’t think I’d ever need it. Kinda likes weather radio and an RV. We are fine. Without power in the ENTIRE CITY until Monday (we hope Monday) — I know it’s bad al over the state but I don’t know how bad bc we are so out of touch. The weather is perfect so life without power is just an inconvenience forcing us on walks and to parks. It’s weird and I can’t wait to tell you our stories when I can do so withmore than my forefinger. Thanks for all if your messages of concern on Twitter, FB and here. It makes me feel less alone. I hope to update soon.

    Oh…I also haven’t showered for 3 days and have eaten most of the 100 cake poppers I made for the Dessert Theatre we were supposed to have Tonight. In other words? Being without power makes me SEXY.