Tornado Warnings Kinda Piss Me Off When They’re Not Saving My Life


With this schedule that combines work and boot camp and…well…life – I find myself very tired by Thursday. Zapped. It took everything out of me to stay awake until Donnie and E got home from Beauty and the Beast work last night. (Donnie is helping work on sets several nights a week.) As soon as they got home? I was in bed 9:15 – sleeping soundly.

THEN…we had our first tornado warning of these season. The sirens went off around midnight or so. I got up, went to turn on the TV – no cable. We get these sirens whenever there’s a threat for a tornado anywhere in our county. When I first liven in Alabama, I hid with every warning. But since then, I’ve learned how large a county is. There could be the threat of a tornado in part of a county, but the rest of us don’t need to worry. But…the siren goes off for the whole county. AND IT IS DAMN LOUD.

I tried the internet, hoping that somehow the TV was not related to the internet. (Yes. Things like that make sense when you’re woken up from a heavy sleep with an obnoxiously loud siren.) No internet. BAH. I didn’t really want to wake up the entire family to run to the garage unless we had to. So, I grabbed my phone. Checked the local news Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. Nowhere near us. THANK GOD.

Of course – still in our county. Which, to those of you not hounded by the ubiquity of these warnings, would still be too close for comfort. But we hear these things several times a Spring storm season. I’ve only hid my family 3 times or so since Nikki was born. You learn to filter. Not that it’s not hugely disconcerting to hear those sirens…it is…but you just learn no to panic every time.

But…last night? When I really needed to catch up on sleep? MAN…did it piss me off. I wanted to be call the National Weather Service and DEMAND they not turn on those damn sirens unless the tornado was at LEAST coming to my side of Huntsville. I was LIVID. And more importantly? I was AWAKE. Not ASLEEP like I wanted. And the anger was keeping me wired.

Did the siren wake up anyone else in the family? No. Of course not. No one else wanted to make sure the tornado wasn’t coming to our house. They were all sleeping PEACEFULLY. And I kinda wanted to wake them all up just to yell at them about it.

Alas, I didn’t. I just got back into bed and grumbled frustratingly until I dozed back off around 1am. Just to wake up at 4am for boot camp.

In other words? I need a nap. And maybe a weather radio.


8 thoughts on “Tornado Warnings Kinda Piss Me Off When They’re Not Saving My Life”

  1. I live in the south too-in AR. We had some tornadoes yesterday, but not where I live. Now they do the warnings (with the sirens) on the doppler radar indicated tornado instead of someone spotting the tornado. I guess I should take them more seriously, but just saying it’s doppler indicated usually doesn’t scare me.

    Talking about getting woke up-my sister called one time at 3:30 in the morning saying we had a tornado warning. I was so aggravated because it takes me forever to go back to sleep after being woke up by a phone.

  2. Ugh I know! In Iowa, a tornado siren meant get thee to the basement asap. In Kansas City, those things would go off ALL THE TIME, with nary a tornado being spotted. Simply the “right conditions” for one. It drove me crazy. The first time it happened I was in my car driving home from work and I literally freaked out, looking all around me thinking of where ahead of me would be the best place to pull off and run for the ditch. Except then I noticed no one else was the least bit concerned and everyone was driving as usual. Which if people are driving normally in the city during inclement weather, you know its okay.

    I think individual cities should make a determination on whether to sound the alarm. It only makes sense.

  3. Never had a tornado warning here funnily enough but I’ve sat through an earthquake – luckily it was one jolt and was over in a few minutes. I woke up to my wardrobe shaking and I though my brother was rattling the doors as a joke but then it dawned on me he was asleep and my bed was moving too!

  4. I slept through the whole thing. Which is unusual, sirens usually wake me up and storms make me really anxious. My husband said he kept expecting me to wake up and run into the living room freaking out.

    I put a tornado warning on Olivia’s baby calendar; the first day we were home alone there was a tornado warning. That one was actually close to the house, we had to hide in the hallway and the cat voluntarily came with us. That’s an AL baby for you, tornados and shelter all in the 1st month of life!

  5. My parents live in Tuscaloosa and have tons of tornado warnings as well. They also have a weather radio, which wakes everybody in the house and freaks them all out. Last time we visited, we had to go to the storm shelter and wait it out (it passed a few miles to the north, thank goodness), but from about midnight through 3 am when it finally announced their section of the county, there was absolutely no sleep for anyone.

    I can’t say I miss that part about Alabama – at least in Knoxville, tornado warnings are very few and far between…

  6. When I was a kid, I was TERRIFIED of tornado watches and warnings and would hide in our basement. As I got older, I realized we never actually had tornadoes where I lived – I think there were actually 2 in my entire childhood. So I got rather blase about them. When we moved south, my husband would freak out every time there was even a watch because they never had them where he lived. I assured him that if the sky got that weird greyish green color I would hide in the bathroom but otherwise I wasn’t hiding. Then the second year we lived here, right after I had Tessa, a women and her infant were killed by a tornado about 20 miles from us. I stopped being so blase and pay a little more attention now. We bought a weather radio this week. And it is ANNOYING – so much louder than sirens. But at least I don’t have to repeat the one night last summer when I was afraid to go to sleep because the warnings were popping up everywhere but I didn’t want to wake up the kids if I didn’t have to (they ended up camping out on our floor so I could get to them fast if I needed to).

  7. When you’re only getting a little sleep, how do you make your body get out of the bed that early? When I try that on little sleep, my body rebels.

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