Starting The Week Off Nice And Easy

Registration Day at the Ballpark

It’s Monday. Mondays are crazy around here. E has double the after-school activities, Nikki has dance, and the typical Monday chaos of getting back into the swing of the week after a weekend, is in full force. There’s a reason Mondays are hated, I know, but I sometimes thing they are a tad more evil in our lives than normal humans should have to deal with. Aren’t you supposed to ease back into your week?

This was the weekend o’ productivity around here. The big thing was getting Nikki signed up for softball tball again this Spring. The weather was perfect for this activity as it felt like Spring. The kids and I spent gobs of time at the park and walking around without jackets on. (I abhor jackets.) It’s probably a good thing the weather got better as I’m dealing with my own food issues. They’re hard enough to deal with without freezing weather to face me outside every day. The sunshine and the warmth makes everything much easier.

Registration Day at the Ballpark

And then my camera died last night. So, you know, SHIT. I’m going to check on the whole warranty process today, to see what it entails. It just stopped recognizing any memory card. And they all work in the other cameras, so it’s not the card. I don’t know. BAH. Tried my best not dealing with that added stress by going to the refrigerator. I did have a beer, but that’s usually not a snowball-causing step like making a bowl of cereal would be. So, it ended with the beer. And I’m trying to focus on the awesomeness of that step and not on the ever-present MY CAMERA! anxiety that’s riddling my mind. BINGING WILL NOT FIX THE CAMERA.

So, the week is starting off awesome, in other words. YAY! for broken cameras. I still haven’t even gotten my Eye-Fi card working yet, so let’s hope customer support for either company doesn’t get the fallout from my facing my eating addiction. I should be carrying around a sign at all times that says, WARNING: GIVING UP BINGING AS A MEANS TO DEAL WITH ANXIETY. NERVES ARE BOUND AT TOXIC LEVELS. BE NICE.

Wish me them luck! They’re going to need it.


4 thoughts on “Starting The Week Off Nice And Easy”

  1. You still have your old camera, right? Good luck getting the new camera replaced. It’s new enough that it shouldn’t be a problem, but still one of those hassles no one wants.

  2. Hope you week turns around! I don’t know much about cameras, but I can understand something you use/have with you all the time breaking down and just throwing you off. And then being solely fixated on that one thing until it’s fixed and all is right with the world again. So again, hope your camera and week are fixed!

  3. Good luck! You deserve a medal for having the beer and then a stop to it. I’m way impressed.

    That picture just spoke spring to me… I am SO READY! Keep thinking sunny thoughts… they will fix your camera, I’m sure of it.

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