Photo: Japanese Magnolia

I’m weird about trees. There are several stories I could tell of emotional attachments I’ve gotten to trees. Sometimes it’s one specific tree (The 100+ year old dogwood at the botanical gardens) and sometimes it’s a certain type of tree as a group. In this case? Japanese Magnolia. One of my favorite professors in college […]

Chasing The Sister Who Is Also The Krazee

Nikki and Wes are so close. They just love each other and like being together. And Wes looks up to her with the admiration of a busload of Beiber fans. He follows her around at the playground trying to do everything she does. It’s especially funny because she’s a daredevil, he’s not. Neither of my […]

New Anatomy of a Binge

Last week I wrote about my addiction to eating. This is the first week I’ve ever approached my eating habits as that…an addiction. Dealing with it the same way I did when I quit smoking. Facing every meal, every snack, every bit of food near my body – as part of my addiction. I’m trying […]

Just Call Me Mrs. Sillypants

Sometimes being a Mom is simply about relishing The Silly. Wes’s favorite thing now is to make me create a new night-night song that goes along with whatever book we read each night. Last night? Moon song because we were reading Good Night Moon. Last night: Train Song because we read a Thomas book. He […]