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Look at this awesome frame I bought! I found it in the poster frames at Target, it was the only one they had. It’s a pain in the butt to put together (the entire back is ONE PIECE that must fit PERFECTLY to close) but it was evened out since I didn’t even hang it. Just set it on the mantle!

I know I need to hang some things other than photos around the house, but come ON. I couldn’t resist that frame! And any excuse I can find to print up more photos of the family? I’ll take.


I painted the owl in the tree at My Spirited Art a few weeks before Christmas. Then, I planned a painting day with the kids and we all painted a new canvas. I opted to do the owl again since I’ve been hooked on owls lately. Here are the paintings the kids did:


Both sets of canvases hang in the entrance to the playroom which doesn’t have a door. Since we hope to have the kid’s art over all of the slanted ceilings in that room, I thought our canvas creations would be an awesome entrance to the Gallery O’ Zoot.

I love having our own art and our own photos around the house. It guarantees there will never be another home decorated like ours.


10 thoughts on “Home Decor: Zoot Style”

  1. Uh-oh- I think the photo links liked your pictures more than you meant them to. The frame is cool, but I want to see owls!

  2. I have a post suggestion in the event you get bored one day. Ready?

    Can we do a Tour De Zoot’s house to show us all how you have your pictures displayed all throughout your house?

    I do know you have done a few posts on this so maybe you could just link them or whatever is easiest.

    The reason I ask this is because the husband and I are just now working on this. I feel like it is such a huge undertaking.

    And we disagree on HOW to decorate the walls. Me…I want to plaster the walls with photos I’ve taken or stuff that means something to me. Him….he wants to hit up Target and buy overpriced fake artwork that means nothing to either of us.

    Can you help? Maybe if I show him how fabulous your stuff turned out he will agree with me :)

    1. I’ll post pictures of our Man Room b/c it’s the best example I’ve got. It’s Donnies room, he picked out furniture and such – but he likes the way I’ve done the photos because it still looks “manly” so to speak. HA!

      But I’ll tell you the secret: Target Frames. That have a million wall frames that are all the same basic simple style so you can really post a variety of layouts and sizes and it all still goes together okay. I’ll show you!

      1. Ohh, yes, to the tour. If I’m not crazy, you had a picture hanging wire in the old place – did it get hung back up? (or maybe I am crazy)

  3. I love the frame of fun pics. I really love that I know where they were taken and know the memories that surround them! The gallery o’ zoot is fantastic!! We are really trying our best to fit in frames all over too. We have sooooo many fun new photos!

    Love ya!

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