Breakfast Party!

What...You Don't Have Breakfast Parties?

I read all of these great ideas on blogs about awesome things to do with/for your children. However, they always seem to require time/talent/skill I don’t have. I share them out – because I would love to do them someday – but I rarely do. Even the “homemade” type of stuff gets expensive if you don’t have a lot of the supplies on hand already. And talent? None of my projects ever turn out as awesome as the original.

But this weekend? I came up with my own AWESOME idea. And it requires no time, money or skill!


What...You Don't Have Breakfast Parties?

All I did was put candles in their bagels and sang, “Happy Breakfast to you…” as I served it. They blew the candles out and thought it was the BEST BREAKFAST EVER. They were so excited by such a small shift in an otherwise boring meal that you would have thought I had served their food on the back of a tiger. They told everyone about it and demanded we do it again some day.

Sometimes…it really is the little things, you know?


10 thoughts on “Breakfast Party!”

  1. Great idea. And Wes’ T-shirt is proof positive that you’re doing an awesome job raising your kids. ;o)

  2. Have I ever told you I think your cool? I don’t mean in a high, school “popular way” but just cool because your yourself, which in my book makes people cool. I love your ideas. Over and out.

  3. Thanks for the great idea! Today was a snow day so I dug out the NUMBER candles and put the appropriate one in each of the boys’ French toast. They thought it was awesome! We all sang “Happy snow-day breakfast to you!”

  4. Sometimes on the weekends we have a “pancake picnic” and we eat on a blanket spread over the floor in the living room. The kids always love it and have a great time setting the floor while I make pancakes.

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