You Should See The Other Guy

My kids are kinda clumsy. Now, luckily they also inherited their Dad’s athletic skill to counterbalance their mother’s…um…lack of balance. But this means every day when I pick them up from school – it seems one of them as an “injury report” from a teacher. Yesterday? Nikki hit her head on something. Wes? Looked like this. Actually, it had just happened when I got there so he was a bit more bloody. But this swollen lip? Courtesy of tripping over – god knows what.

Busted Lip

And of course – if you have kids – you know that ice fixes EVERYTHING. So he had a bag of ice given to him at school, and then I had to make him one at home, and he would NOT LET GO of that thing. As it melted I just had to make him more, and more, AND MORE. I’m surprised he didn’t make us give it to him in bed.

Busted Lip

It was starting to bruise by the time I put him to bed. I’m curious to see what it looks like when he wakes up. Poor guy. I personally don’t think the swollen lip does anything but make him even more adorable.

Busted Lip

7 thoughts on “You Should See The Other Guy”

  1. :( I used to get lots of Bump reports as well – I was forever falling over my own feet. I grew out of it but when I was about 17/18 I had a period of about 6 months where I just kept tripping over air lol. My knees were so bashed up.

  2. Mine are really clumsy, too. They are ALWAYS asking for ice. I found these great kids’ ice packs at Walmart in the pharmacy section; they are awesome. Thomas the Train and Strawberry Shortcake, and they don’t make their little hands cold the way a bag of ice does. Just a thought for you… I remember mine asking for ice, then whining “It’s COOOOLDDDD!!!”.

    Justin got a black eye, and I think it was more black because he put the ice on the wrong side of his face. :)

  3. We were YMCA members for many years with out kids and always joked that ice was the Y’s solution to EVERYTHING!

  4. It does make him look more cute! And make me stick my lip out with pitty for the poor guy. My kids are constantly bumping into something because they take after me with a vengeance. Ice most definitely does make things better though! I hope the swelling went down quickly.

  5. I am a klutz (even though I have 14 years of ballet/dance training – my mother swears she wasted her money, haha), and I think this gene might beat out my husband’s knack to walk a straight line properly. Our kids don’t have a chance.

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