To Read: I Am Number Four

Every time I reference books on this site, several of you pop up with suggestions of books to read. OR, you ask me for suggestions. OR, we just flat out discuss how we should start a book club. And you know what? I say let’s do it.

I’m reading I Am Number Four again before the movie comes out. So, I thought I’d put it out there to see if anyone else wanted to join me.

I read this after Mockingjay, which I ended up being a bit disappointed in. (Short explanation: It had some of my favorite parts of the entire series, but I felt the last 1/4 of it was rushed and many deaths didn’t get the attention I felt they deserved.) The book you read after a dispapointing read? Is often harsher critqued, at least in my case, because you find yourself looking for that book to carry it’s own weight and the weight of the last book you read.

I Am Number Four did that.

It is a series, but the “ending” was suitable. It wasn’t a crazy cliffhanger that makes you irritated you can’t just pick up the next one. And the next one comes out this summer, which isn’t too long to wait.

I really enjoyed it, which is why I’m suggesting it to you guys. I would be nervous to try this with a book I hadn’t read. It’s an easy read which is the only reason I’m cramming it in. On February 15th I’ll post the “review” entry where we can discuss the book on this site. Giving us 3 days to hash it out before seeing it on the big screen! (If you live in Huntsville and want to be part of our group to see the movie, let me know!)


9 thoughts on “To Read: I Am Number Four”

  1. I am totally joining this book club! I will see if I can get this from my library in time… no $$ to actually go buy it right now.

    Did you enjoy Matched? I got it for xmas but haven’t read it yet.

  2. Dude. Your club needs a name. How about Zoot’s Online Bevy of Discourse and Critique of the Literary Masters. No?

    Anyway, I am in for I am Number 4. I’ve been wanting to read it and what better way to do so while having a chance to discuss it as well?

    Have you read The Maze Runner? Very good. It has a few Hunger Games similarities, which is not surprising as both were obviously inspired by the Greek Labryinth. It was a good read, though.

  3. I just finished reading this last weekend. I’ll have to make some notes now or I won’t remember details for my critique on 2/15

  4. I want to read this! I’m only balking at the cost on Amazon for my Kindle because I *want* it to be $5 and not $10! I think you recommended it a while ago, so thanks!

    I, too, was really disappointed in Mockingjay. It was too short. I’m glad I didn’t read them and have to wait for the next one to come out or those cliffhangers would have driven me crazy. I am excited for the movies, though.

  5. Ohh goodie, been looking for a reason to read this one…

    After I watched the trailer you posted a while back I told the husband .. “this might be your Twilight” – LOL

  6. I’m in as well. I just finished reading it this weekend! One thing that’s been bothering me is a very obvious quote from a Counting Crows song. Are some of the other quotes that Henri says famous quotes as well?

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