Andreanna’s Beer Chicken

Beer Chicken

The original recipe for the Beer Chicken I have come to love came from a site that has since moved. The moved recipe is here. The writer, Andreanna, now writes at a splendid new site that you should be following. Especially if you have gluten sensitivities or if you have a primal diet. HOWEVER – I have neither issue and I love just about every recipe of hers I try. So you should follow her NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.

ANYWAY…She has the recipe for beer chicken that has become a staple in my family. It is why I bought another big crockpot like you see in the picture, so I could cook TWO at a time for family dinner nights. But one chicken? Enough for my 5-member family and usually gives plenty of leftovers. (For the record? Leftovers? MAKE the BEST chicken sandwiches EVER.)

Without further ado…ANDREANNA’S BEER CHICKEN, varied every-so slightly due to the tastes of my family.


  • 7-8 lb oven roaster chicken (Although my grocery store often only has 5lb+ fryers, and they work fine too. Just gives less meat.
  • One onion cut into large pieces
  • Several stalks of celery (I use 2-3)
  • 2 oranges, sliced.
  • 1 bottle of Guinness draught beer
  • Salt, pepper, paprika, thyme.
  • Put the chicken in the crockpot, boobs up. (Boobs are squishy! Am I the only one who sometimes struggles with the orientation of a whole chicken? If so, remember boobs are squishy! Back is not.)
  • Place chunks of onion in first, squishing in around chicken
  • Lay celery stalks around chicken
  • Place slices of oranges around chicken
  • Pour beer in over the entire chicken.
  • Sprinkle top of chicken with seasonings.
  • Cook on low 5+ hours, until chicken is 165° internally.

SO GOOD. Especially the next day on sandwiches. If you want to know how to make use of all of the bones and broth etc…go to the orignal recipe where you can see how to make stock and soup out of the leftovers. I’m honestly too lazy to attempt that. But if you do? YOU WIN THE AWESOME COOK AWARD!


10 thoughts on “Andreanna’s Beer Chicken”

  1. Believe it or not, we have WAY too much beer (left over from our wedding) crowding the fridge, and this would be a great way to use some up! Two questions:

    1. Do you need a rack in your crockpot like the original recipe says?

    2. Do you think this would still be good with another kind of beer? I think we have some kind of seasonal Sam Adams and a dark-ish ale.

    Also, because I’ve never said it before: Thank you for your new recipe section, Zoot! Everything you put up sounds delicious… very doable and not crazy-making, and I love that you are feeling confident and awesome about your cooking.

    1. I don’t have a rack for my crock pot so the first time I did it I just put the chicken in and nothing bad happened. :) So, I figured why not? One thing about being a newbie, sometimes we’re not sure why tips are there so we’re stupid enough to try to skip steps. Most of the time this is BAD, but this time it worked out okay! :)

  2. Excellent, thanks. I’m sometimes scared to experiment with the crockpot because I feel like the results could burn down my house (see also: the time I tried to make black bean soup in the crockpot but forgot the WATER, and came home to scorched dry beans 9 hours later).

    I am totally trying beer chicken this week! Thanks. :)

    (Also, if you want to try more beer-tastic recipes… I made this quick bread last week and it was great: )

  3. I don’t know how I missed this but thanks so much for this lovely write-up! You’re so kind!!

    Glad you like the chicken! We now have to make it with GF beer due to Mike’s DX, but it still comes out delicious!!!

  4. I just love your recipe section as well! I can’t wait to try this, though I wonder if it would work in my crock pot. I hace the one I inherited from my grandmother so it is tall, not wide like yours. Hmmmm….

  5. Ok can any kind of beer work? My family never drinks beer but we have a whole case of Bud Light left over from Christmas 2010.

  6. I am waaaay late to this entry, but had to add that I made it last week and it was So Good. (Also, if you like cooking with Guinness it also makes the best pot roast in the world, also crockpot-able.)

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