• Home Decor: Zoot Style


    Look at this awesome frame I bought! I found it in the poster frames at Target, it was the only one they had. It’s a pain in the butt to put together (the entire back is ONE PIECE that must fit PERFECTLY to close) but it was evened out since I didn’t even hang it. Just set it on the mantle!

    I know I need to hang some things other than photos around the house, but come ON. I couldn’t resist that frame! And any excuse I can find to print up more photos of the family? I’ll take.


    I painted the owl in the tree at My Spirited Art a few weeks before Christmas. Then, I planned a painting day with the kids and we all painted a new canvas. I opted to do the owl again since I’ve been hooked on owls lately. Here are the paintings the kids did:


    Both sets of canvases hang in the entrance to the playroom which doesn’t have a door. Since we hope to have the kid’s art over all of the slanted ceilings in that room, I thought our canvas creations would be an awesome entrance to the Gallery O’ Zoot.

    I love having our own art and our own photos around the house. It guarantees there will never be another home decorated like ours.