Home Decor: Zoot Style


Look at this awesome frame I bought! I found it in the poster frames at Target, it was the only one they had. It’s a pain in the butt to put together (the entire back is ONE PIECE that must fit PERFECTLY to close) but it was evened out since I didn’t even hang it. Just set it on the mantle!

I know I need to hang some things other than photos around the house, but come ON. I couldn’t resist that frame! And any excuse I can find to print up more photos of the family? I’ll take.


I painted the owl in the tree at My Spirited Art a few weeks before Christmas. Then, I planned a painting day with the kids and we all painted a new canvas. I opted to do the owl again since I’ve been hooked on owls lately. Here are the paintings the kids did:


Both sets of canvases hang in the entrance to the playroom which doesn’t have a door. Since we hope to have the kid’s art over all of the slanted ceilings in that room, I thought our canvas creations would be an awesome entrance to the Gallery O’ Zoot.

I love having our own art and our own photos around the house. It guarantees there will never be another home decorated like ours.

Breakfast Party!

What...You Don't Have Breakfast Parties?

I read all of these great ideas on blogs about awesome things to do with/for your children. However, they always seem to require time/talent/skill I don’t have. I share them out – because I would love to do them someday – but I rarely do. Even the “homemade” type of stuff gets expensive if you don’t have a lot of the supplies on hand already. And talent? None of my projects ever turn out as awesome as the original.

But this weekend? I came up with my own AWESOME idea. And it requires no time, money or skill!


What...You Don't Have Breakfast Parties?

All I did was put candles in their bagels and sang, “Happy Breakfast to you…” as I served it. They blew the candles out and thought it was the BEST BREAKFAST EVER. They were so excited by such a small shift in an otherwise boring meal that you would have thought I had served their food on the back of a tiger. They told everyone about it and demanded we do it again some day.

Sometimes…it really is the little things, you know?

You Should See The Other Guy

My kids are kinda clumsy. Now, luckily they also inherited their Dad’s athletic skill to counterbalance their mother’s…um…lack of balance. But this means every day when I pick them up from school – it seems one of them as an “injury report” from a teacher. Yesterday? Nikki hit her head on something. Wes? Looked like this. Actually, it had just happened when I got there so he was a bit more bloody. But this swollen lip? Courtesy of tripping over – god knows what.

Busted Lip

And of course – if you have kids – you know that ice fixes EVERYTHING. So he had a bag of ice given to him at school, and then I had to make him one at home, and he would NOT LET GO of that thing. As it melted I just had to make him more, and more, AND MORE. I’m surprised he didn’t make us give it to him in bed.

Busted Lip

It was starting to bruise by the time I put him to bed. I’m curious to see what it looks like when he wakes up. Poor guy. I personally don’t think the swollen lip does anything but make him even more adorable.

Busted Lip

To Read: I Am Number Four

Every time I reference books on this site, several of you pop up with suggestions of books to read. OR, you ask me for suggestions. OR, we just flat out discuss how we should start a book club. And you know what? I say let’s do it.

I’m reading I Am Number Four again before the movie comes out. So, I thought I’d put it out there to see if anyone else wanted to join me.

I read this after Mockingjay, which I ended up being a bit disappointed in. (Short explanation: It had some of my favorite parts of the entire series, but I felt the last 1/4 of it was rushed and many deaths didn’t get the attention I felt they deserved.) The book you read after a dispapointing read? Is often harsher critqued, at least in my case, because you find yourself looking for that book to carry it’s own weight and the weight of the last book you read.

I Am Number Four did that.

It is a series, but the “ending” was suitable. It wasn’t a crazy cliffhanger that makes you irritated you can’t just pick up the next one. And the next one comes out this summer, which isn’t too long to wait.

I really enjoyed it, which is why I’m suggesting it to you guys. I would be nervous to try this with a book I hadn’t read. It’s an easy read which is the only reason I’m cramming it in. On February 15th I’ll post the “review” entry where we can discuss the book on this site. Giving us 3 days to hash it out before seeing it on the big screen! (If you live in Huntsville and want to be part of our group to see the movie, let me know!)

My own worst enemy.

My rewardI hate folding laundry. There can be a load in the dryer all day and I’ll dread having to fold it ALL DAY. Every time I walk near the laundry room I think, I should fold that. But the other voice says, Nah. Maybe later. Of course, once I do it? I feel much better…but man do I put it off. Same with putting up clean dishes, putting up folded laundry, cleaning out my van, and taking showers. Small tasks that take no time but annoy the hell out of me.

But lately? I’ve had no choice. Now that I’m back at work my hours at home are limited so I can’t put tasks off as long as I used to. So now? If I have a moment? I just do it. And I feel so much better. I still want to put things off, but I know I can’t because I only have a small window of opportunity to get things done. In other words, I’ve not made any real mental progress in my procrastination, life just took away some of the time I usually use to procrastinate.

So, when I’m putting off something – whether it’s simple like fixing lunches, or difficult like getting out of bed for bootcamp – I try to just remind myself to JUST DO IT.

It’s kinda working. A little bit. I’ve gotten up for bootcamp successfully every day in the last 2 weeks. But every day – especially days after late nights – it’s a struggle. To just GET UP and GO TO BOOTCAMP. I play this game inside my head, like in the cartoons, where I argue with myself. Part of me says, “I don’t want to get out of bed” and then the angel on my shoulders says, “Just do it.” I have those conversations for 5-10 minutes at least. Sometimes longer, depending on how early I get up. Back and forth…NO! YES! NO! YES! Maybe? YES! Okay.

I guess I’m proud of myself. I knew sticking with bootcamp once I went back to work would be hard. On tough days before, I’d nap with the kids to get myself through the day. But now? I don’t have that luxury. It’s early mornings, late nights, and no napping. Which means that voice saying, “No! NO! DON’T GET UP!” is getting louder and louder.

But every time I do, I am glad.

Now, am I having any luck with the voice that makes me binge-eat at night? No. But I think I only have it in me to battle one big voice at a time. The little voices – the ones that want me to put of folding clothes or making lunches – those are easier beat down. But the one trying to get me to stay in bed? MAN. That beeyatch is stubborn. She’s like, “But it’s so warm! And you were dreaming about going to school at Hogwarts! Stay in bed!” I definitely can’t take on her AND the one who’s all, “Ice cream at 10pm sounds GREAT!” all in the same day. I’m only one person, you know.