What Should I Put In The Bowl?

What should I put in this bowl?

Okay. So I bought this bowl on a 50% off Thanksgiving shelf at Hobby Lobby a few weeks before Thanksgiving. I love it. I put tiny pumpkins in it for awhile and I guess I could pack it up for the season, but I still love it. So I want to do something with it to make it suitable for the season. What should I put in it? I think maybe pine cones covered with glitter? But I don’t know…that may be too messy of a project. What do you think?


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  1. Maybe some fake holly? We have a garland of fake holly that I put into a wooden decorative bowl every year and it looks sort of cool. You could do some holly and pine cones and some evergreen branches.

  2. Our Target has pretty Christmas ball ornaments in the dollar section. You could pick up a couple of those packages and fill it with Christmas balls!

  3. I have something like this and I have a plan for the following. The last two weeks it’s had cinnamon scented pine cones. This week I’m changing it to the oversized ornaments. And then the next week I’m going to do that oranges punctured with cloves thing.

  4. I would put in it some pine boughs, pine cones, Holly berries and perhaps a snowman or Santa or something.

  5. I too was going to suggest Christmas ball ornaments. Depending on your colors you could do a combination. I have a lot of red/silver during the holidays, so that’s what I would do.

    Make sure to post a pic once you decide. ;)

  6. As everyone else said the Christmas balls and pine cones, however, I would add bundles of cinnamon sticks and maybe a twig or two of rosemary. I use that a lot now that I have a new family member allergic to pine.

  7. Pine cones or those piece of fake sugared fruit. Don’t ask me why, but I LOVE the look of sugared fruit. Colorful, a little sparkly.

  8. I agree, ornaments would be great. I love the look of mixed ornaments with a few sparkly ones tucked inside.

  9. My first thought is the lovely mandarin oranges that are available this time of year :) Holly is pretty good, too, though it’s pretty darn pokey with little kids around. We have a couple holly trees here, and I’d send you some if it wouldn’t cost eleventy million dollars ;)

  10. I was going to suggest ornaments (like almost everyone else). I wouldn’t bother with glittery pine-cones (messy, and kinda clashes with the sophisticated, subdued theme you have with the bowl and mat). I agree that pine cones, while nice, might get “lost” in the bowl.

    I like the idea of clementines!

  11. I’m for mixed shape ornaments in 2 colors to complement the bowl and the rest of your decor. I like silver and red, but I think blue and gold might look pretty good too.

  12. Pinecones would be awesome…but I wonder if gold or silver spraypaint would be less messy than glitter?

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