Thank you, Internet!

I asked…you answered…I did what you told me.

What I put in the bowl!

What I put in the bowl!

What I put in the bowl!

I really like the idea for the clementines/oranges with the cinnamon sticks in them the most – but since I’m doing it for family dinner tonight and didn’t really know where to find the cinnamon thingies – I took the easier route. I put together some of my goldish ornaments (the butterflies, of course) and mixed with a pack of goldish balls (hee!) from Target. Thank you guys so much! I think it’s perfect.


10 thoughts on “Thank you, Internet!”

  1. Looks great!

    Can I ask a really nosy question? How much was your dining room table? We are on the hunt for a decent dining set and holy crap are they expensive! I know you said the place you got yours is pretty reasonable.

  2. looks beautiful!! You could fine cinnamon sticks or cloves in the spice section. They come in bottles. Hint: most spice sections are in alphabetical order so you don’t have to search the whole thing ;-)

  3. The baubles is an awesome idea. I saw it done with baubles in a fire place – starting with special ones the size of footballs! (a soccer ball rather than american football ball)

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