And we’re OFF!

We’re going to miss the garbage man today. First pickup after we gifted him with treats for Christmas and we’re not even going to see him as we will (hopefully) be in the air on our way to Dallas. Where we will then bolt to our next flight during our 45-minute layover and head to […]

Is It Over Yet?

Why is Christmas SO EXHAUSTING? I have the kids down for their naps and I’m minutes away from collapsing myself. Except there’s still a whole half-a-day left! I still have to shower, cook some more, and head over to the in-law’s for a gluttonous family dinner. I just wanted to pop in with a couple […]

Christmas Flashbacks

My first Christmas. Don’t I look utterly enthused? Because I am. I remember. I was totally stoked about that walker right there. You can tell, can’t you? Also – did you have those ornaments covered in thread on your tree? I remember digging those out every Christmas, even up until a several years ago at […]

Frosty The Snowbutt

My kids spent the entire car ride home from the Galaxy of Lights last night modifying Christmas songs to incorporate words like Poop. Or even better…Vag!na. (Trying to avoid certain search hits, you know.) As in, “Rudolph the red-nosed Poop, had a very shiny Vag!na.” WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THAT? Do you – A) […]