• And we’re OFF!


    We’re going to miss the garbage man today. First pickup after we gifted him with treats for Christmas and we’re not even going to see him as we will (hopefully) be in the air on our way to Dallas. Where we will then bolt to our next flight during our 45-minute layover and head to Tucson. Where we will succumb to a whirlwind of wedding activities including Nikki’s second attempt at being a Flower Girl. Hopefully it will go better than the first time when her brother had to carry her down the aisle due to stage fright.

    I meant to post yesterday. How funny is it that I posted the days surrounding Christmas and even Christmas itself no problem, but the Monday after? I’m silent. I have weird blogging habits, don’t I? I hope to post while I’m gone as I’m going to assume there’s WiFi somewhere where we’re staying. There’s three pools…SURELY there’s WiFi. Even if it’s not free…surely it’s still there. I want to show you pictures as we’re gone! My favorite thing about Tucson – besides my wonderful (and dorky) brother of course – is the scenery. I photograph the hell out of Tucson whenever I’m there. Can’t wait to get out and do it again with the kids this time. They’ve never seen a saguaro cactus up close, I hope they’re as impressed as I was my first time.

    It’s hard to pack for a 2-year old as you will wish you had brought ITEM X no matter how much you pack. I’ve learned that over the years…everything you think you need to keep them entertained? Will prove useless and you’ll always think of that ONE THING you opted to leave behind and you’ll convince yourself that ONE THING is what would have made things easier. They’ll travel well or they won’t – no matter what you bring. I did, however, take almost all of the music off my iPhone and replace it with episodes of Dora. I’m officially lame. Goodbye Alkaline Trio, Jason Mraz, Against Me! and Indigo Girls. Hello Boots and Swiper! Hopefully the cartoon that saves me during my most desperate moments at home will make the plane ride much easier on Wes. Otherwise? I’m suing Nickelodeon.

    Hopefully you’ll hear from me tomorrow. But – if wedding chaos and technical difficulties keep me away – please have a wonderful New Year. I think every year that this blog and the friends I’ve made here have made my life so much better. I started this blog January 1994. That means my blog is about to be 7. Thank you all for a wonderful seven years. I’m not exaggerating when I say you have made my life richer. Thank you. I hope my periodic discussions of boob sweat and diet coke (Not to be taken together, of course) sometimes make you smile.