The One Where I Praise My Body Instead Of Curse It. For Once.

Early on in my adult life (the one post-college, with a real schedule) I realized that I had weird sleep habits. No matter what time I set my alarm for, I would start waking up an hour before (even if I had gone to bed late) and just keep waking up every 5 minutes until the alarm went off.

Needless to say? I stopped using alarms.

I haven’t used an alarm regularly in years. I’ll set one as backup sometimes, but I rarely (never) need it. And these last two weeks when I’ve been getting up in time for 5:30 a.m. bootcamp? No exception. I got up the first two days at 4 a.m., not really sure how much time I’d need to get going and ready for exercise. After two days I decided I could push it to 4:20 a.m. I’ve not used an alarm any day, but I’ve woken up spot-on-time. Even this morning, when I’m so very tired, my body woke me up on in time. Not too early, even. Just ON TIME. Exactly.

It’s one of the few amazing things about my body/mind that I really like. It’s like the internal clock inside of me is just that good. It works better than an alarm clock too because it is unsnoozable. Once my body decides it’s time to get up? There’s no going back to real sleep without consciously acknowledging that I’ll be missing whatever I needed to wake up early for. If I don’t want to miss it? I won’t be able to go back to sleep.

Quite handy, YES IT IS.

Anyway – I do so much moaning and groaning about my body, I thought I’d give it a break today. Even though we’ve lost NO weight in two weeks of working our ass off (GRUMBLE), my body has still held up quite well this week. We’ve (Yes, I’m pluralizing my Mind and my Body, THANK YOU.) been to bootcamp every weekday and even done a run on two nights. That along with the ability to still wake up up when I want to wake up? I’ll give it credit where credit is due – Way To Go, Kim’s Body. You’re Rockin’ It This Week.

Yes. That will probably be the last time you ever hear such a sentiment. Let’s cherish it.

Chip Boy
Helping me lose weight by eating all of the chips in the house.

7 thoughts on “The One Where I Praise My Body Instead Of Curse It. For Once.”

  1. Woo, Kim’s body! I also have a freakishly accurate internal alarm clock. It’s not as reliable as yours; I always set a “real” alarm as a backup, just in case.

  2. I’ve noticed that during the week I always seem to wake up 10 or 15 minutes before the alarm goes off. I am too chicken though to ever try to go without setting the alarm. I know that Murphy and his stupid law would take over and it would be the one day I didn’t wake up on time.

    I think it’s pretty awesome that you have the confidence to rely on your body.

  3. That is an amazing ability. I have nothing of the sort. If I want to get up while it’s still morning, I need an alarm. If I’m tired enough, the alarm isn’t enough–there have been times that I’ve hit snooze more than 10 times without any memory of doing so.

  4. You and your body totally rock, luv ;) And just think, at boot camp, even if you haven’t lost weight yet, you’re building muscle which will burn fat and get you healthier! Tada!

  5. I am very, very jealous. My body seems to rebel against alarm clocks, and waking up entirely. Sometimes I set TWO alarm clocks, and still fail to wake up on time.

  6. I’m very, very impressed by people like you. I have no internal clock at all, and oversleep on an almost daily basis. I wish I was a morning person and/or able to just pop out of bed when the alarm goes off the first time. But no.

    Instead, I slap the snooze at least three times every single morning without even realizing it, so have to set my alarm for at least a half-hour (and usually more) before the time when I absolutely MUST get up.

    Way to go, Kim’s body! Way to be lazy, MY body. Jeez.

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