Headshot for Beauty and the Beast AuditionsE has taught me about bravery. With every audition he does or song he sings on stage, I learn about confidence and courage. I tell him, “You just did something there’s no way in hell I could or would ever do.” And I mean every word. His courage and talent in theatre has brought so many wonderful things into my life – great volunteer opportunities to hang out with him and his friends, and opportunities to make friends of my own in the other parents. He has, literally, opened up a whole new world into my life. And if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone sing about that whole new world (…A new fantastic point of view…) I’d be rich. (We’re doing Beauty and the Beast in the Spring…my house has now become a focal point for any and all Disney musical numbers.) His life, his hobbies, his talents – they have changed my life, entirely for the better. He’s introduced me to a world I never dreamed I’d be a part of. BACKSTAGE…a land I never thought I’d visit. All because of his own passions and talents.


So Serious Nikki has taught me more about being a girl in the last year she’s been controlling her own style, than I’ve learned in the 35 years I’ve been a girl on my own. Wearing jewelry, headbands, pretty clothes – these things make her feel good. She smiles, she twirls, and she exudes confidence because she feels so good about her image. Even at 4, she encourages me to do the same. She goes through my jewelry and finds a ring she thinks “is really cute!” Or she picks out headbands or shirts for me to wear. She really wants me to get as excited about getting dressed for the day as she does. The possibilities! It’s intoxicating! So sometimes? I wear skirts because it makes her happy and you know what? It makes me feel good too. She sees me pick out earrings – and while they may not be the long pink feathers she loves (Why do I have those again?), she always compliments me on the ones I choose. I predict lots of makeovers in my future. And I’m completely okay with that. It’s something I never really cared about, until she came along. And she brings this joy with it so it feels less like torture and more like something fun she and I do together. I think I’m actually looking forward to the teen years, when she really can help me pick out my clothes and I can be confident she won’t choose anything overly pink and frilly.

These two kids – have expanded my world in ways I never dreamed possible. Not in the Motherhood sense you hear so much about. That’s there too – but just in their own personalities. Their own interests. Their own passions. The individual traits they are showing as the grow, those have changed me. Have given me my own interests so we can have things in common, have helped me grow into a better person. Having these two children has taught me more than Unconditional Love and Motherhood (Which are great, don’t get me wrong) – they’ve taught me about me, and unrecognized potential.

I can’t wait to learn what this guy is going to teach me –

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  1. Isn’t it neat to see their own personalities develop, to see their interests and preferences totally independent from yours?

    I was into music (band, orchestra, school musicals), drama, debate and my kids did none of that. The boys enjoyed sports (youth baseball when they were young, then football and wrestling, BMX bike jumping). My daughter dabbled in lots of sports and philanthropic things like scouts, Campfire, Boys and Girls club (and OK, I’d done Girl Scouts as a kid), but overall her interests are mostly different from mine.

    I love it! I would have been fun if they’d done things I liked as a kid, but there’s no way I would force it on them. They’re having too much fun doing what THEY love, what THEY’re good at — now where did they get those talents?

  2. So sweet.

    Haven’t you already learned more about large trucks (at least, their schedules!) then you ever knew before?

  3. First, can I tell you that this darn post had me in tears. Am I hormonal? NOt sure but good grief, woman!

    Second, that head shot is amazing! I cannot believe that E is that old. I’ve been reading since he was a little guy and watching him grow up on your blog, especially when I don’t come as often as I used to, is mind blowing!

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