Office Supply Addicts Anonymous Winners Are…

Even though it’s hard to believe these numbers are random, and I feel so sorry for Sarah of comment #17 – These are our winners! Here are the associated comments with the winners so you can know for sure if it’s you that won:

Hopefully I’ll get to email all of you today, but if I don’t – just email me ( with the address you want you Sharpie Pencils mailed to and I’ll get the mail on Monday!

And also? Thank you ALL for talking incessantly about the wonder of the different Sharpie Pens because now I’m going to have to go out and buy a bunch of THOSE too. Because so many people talking so enthusiastically about a writing utensil? Is like my favorite bandwagon EVER.

Thanks for joining in on the We’re Addicted To Office Supply conversation. Don’t we all feel better knowing there are so many of us out there? Now…my question to all of you – do you hide your good pens from your kids and buy them crappy/cheap packages of 25 off the clearance rack? No? Just me then? Okay. Nevermind.


5 thoughts on “Office Supply Addicts Anonymous Winners Are…”

  1. Those are the least random looking random numbers I’ve ever seen. Weird. I didn’t comment yesterday because I didn’t want to win the pencils if they weren’t any good. I am so sad to hear they aren’t any good though. They sounded so cool when I first read about them. Thanks for saving me some money!

    Yes, I hide the cool pens from my six-year-old and give him the cheap stuff. Usually packs of pencils from the dollar rack at Target, so at least they are decorated. And I buy him good stuff for his art box. What else does a kid need?

  2. my children don’t know the difference between the good and the bad pens yet – other than they prefer the cap-less, clicker kind. so i’m safe… for now… =)

  3. You kidding me? I hide the good pens from my HUSBAND. And also? When we were first married (and first living together, since we didn’t co-habitate before marriage) I had nice pens with LIDS. Which he would lose. I gave up on him re-capping a pen EVER and went with retractable from there on out. It was one of my very first lessons on “marital compromise”

    The kids are showing interest in mechanical pencils now, so I will need to buy some cheapies of those to fend them off from my nice Pentels.

  4. “…my question to all of you – do you hide your good pens from your kids and buy them crappy/cheap packages of 25 off the clearance rack?”

    yes. and they’ve known for several years now that if i catch ‘em w/ one of my “good” pens? big trouble.

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