Serious Business, You Know

First and foremost: This is SOOOO not any sort of sponsored post. This is just me, being a huge dork who loves pens and pencils and knows many of you are the same. Please do not think less of me because I’m writing an entire entry about a new pencil.

Sharpie Pencils

We finally did it! Went out and hunted down some of the rumored Sharpie Liquid Pencils that were just released. E and I were pumped as he inherited his Mother’s obsession with writing utensils.

They had a demo station at Staples so I was able to try out the pen before I bought it, and I was immediately disappointed. I was expecting some sort of revolutionary technology that allowed the magicians at Sharpie to liquify graphite to be dispensed JUST LIKE A SHARPIE MARKER.

I know – you all are thinking that’s impossible. I should have known I’d be disappointed. Alas – it wrote just like the erasable ballpoint pens do.

Sharpie Pencils

Since I’ve never really liked the way ballpoint pens write, this was a bit depressing. However, it did erase a little better.

Sharpie Pencils

But still, less than I was expecting. And yes – I’m totally aware that dedicating an entire blog entry about my disappointment over the way a pencil writes? Makes me officially the biggest dork on the planet. But I feel it is my duty to my fellow pen-lovers to report my review honestly.

But since many of you on twitter admitted you couldn’t find them in your stores yet, I’m still hosting a giveaway. Because while I may not be impressed, YOU may be. I have three packs to give away. Just give me a random comment about writing utensils or office supplies and I’ll enter your name in a drawing. US ONLY PLEASE. I don’t want to spend more on shipping than I did on the pens. I’ll close the comments when I wake up in the morning and do the drawing this weekend.

So…tell me about YOUR favorite office supply. Or pen. Or pencil.


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  1. Hi my name is Wendy and I’m addicted to office supplies. My faves are index cards, small spiral notebooks that fit in my purse and pens. LOTS OF PENS. My heart broke the day they stopped making the old classic Bic Clic retractable pen.

    My current fave is the retractable Sharpie pen. How cool is a Sharpie that doesn’t bleed through the paper!

    Thanks for the review on the Sharpie pencil. We fellow dorks appreciate you! =)

  2. I adore writing implements. As do both of my sons. Alas, I have been unable to find these anywhere. (Sadface)
    Besides, when I do, oldest will steal them from me, so moot point I guess.

  3. My Favorite office supplies are the free pens I get from other medical places. I have tons and tons of them! I hate to share them. But when I go to the store I find I have to walk down the school supply aisle EVERYTIME….even though I already have what I need…just in case..

  4. You are so not a dork because I would write a whole blog post about the lack of a decent pen/pencil too! I have a cartridge pen that I write with most of the time because I can’t find a gel pen or a ballpoint that I like the writing style of. I have a pen by uniball that I use for work and it seems to be quite popular but my favourite was discontinued (even my Mum agreed with me on this fact).

    I have two erasable pens which are fine because they are nice colours but one of them has started smudging rather than cleanly running out lol.

    I like a middle side pen with a chunky writing point – none of this fine business lol but thats a business in itself.

  5. i do have opinions on my writing implement of choice, but i recently realized that i actually write very little these days. shocking!!

    i still doodle my grocery list and a to do list, but i used to write notes and paragraphs and practice my signature constantly.

    my fave is a fine point sharpie permanent marker – the ultra fine point is not that fine, it dries fast so i don’t have smudges on the side of my left hand, and i like that it’s kinda stinky. and there are fun colors, too. yay for fun colors!

  6. OK, during my college years, I was a Math major so I was required to have certain types of pencils, mechanical ones…. I had never owned one of those in my life, so at first I didn’t even know what I was going to buy…. And so began my obsession too…. When I started my job 16 years ago, I learned that having a different pen for different things makes it easier to find those things on the paper, so I have a favorite red, (for invoicing) a favorite blue (for checking policies) a black for my notes and just a drawer full of other colors just in case I feel like being fancy on any particular day. Uniball Extra fine in red, fine in blue and a black bic ballpoint just rock my socks.

    I have accused my co-workers of stealing my pens on more than one occasion and my boss steals them on purpose just to hear me gripe & complain about it…. It has become an office joke not to mess with my pens, “’cause I will cut you fool”

  7. I think it’s the notion of “Liquid Graphite” – it just sounds so stinking cool. You get in your head like the pen is going to write like something out of sci-fi movie.


  8. LOVE office supplies! My favorite things are Sharpies, any kind and Uniball Signo gel pens in black – gotta have them! I get so upset at work if someone takes my pens! Thanks for doing this!

  9. This is so disappointing! They seemed like they would be great. I haven’t tried the Sharpie pens yet either, but working in a laboratory I’m all about the Sharpie markers. I have 3 in the pocket of my lab coat as I type! In a pocket protector! Sad, I know. :)

  10. I absolutely love office supplies, but pens are my very favorite!! Gels are my favorite right now. I absolutely love the sharpie pens tho! They are fantastic.

  11. I saw your Tweet and was disappointed as well! Totally, Sad Trombone over it.

    My favorite pens are still the Uniball Signo series – I tried the new Bics you mentioned, but found the barrel to be a little unstable. Disappointing!

  12. I like a nice, medium-point pen. I’ve been using the Pilot G-2 (in blue) for the last little while. It’s a gel pen so it can get smeary if you touch it before it dries, but I like it.

  13. I too love office supplies, and I too was disappointed with the liquid graphite pencil. I’m hoping they get better with use…? Anyway, I am a pen freak, and my favorites are the Pilot G2 (fine, not extra fine). I have converted several friends to them. :)

  14. I’m an office supply addict! We should start a support group. I’d love to win, my husband won’t let me buy office supplies just for the hell of it and I’ve been itching to get my hands on one of these too. Drool.

  15. Oh sweet office supplies. I do miss my back to school days when I had an excuse to buy all the awesome new stuff.

    But I also keep myself supplied with my favorite pens at work (because if I buy them for myself? I don’t have to share). And I have ONE coworker who gets it and we’re often traipsing over to each other’s offices to show off our newest awesome find.

    And your entire post dedicated to a new Sharpie product? Warms my heart (even if you didn’t enjoy it as much as you hoped…bummer!!). :-)

  16. Oh, I prefer pens. Blue pens. Blue Gel-Pens. 1.0mm. I am a lefty so I am not a huge fan of pencils, but I was SO excited about the sharpie ones. I am back in school working on a Masters and am taking some stat classes…seemed like the sharpie pencil would be a dream come true.

  17. I just recently bought a whole bunch of Sharpie markers because of the pretty pastel colors. And then I tried to use them on my calendar at home and they’re too light to see. But I have a whole bunch of new Sharpies to use on something else!

    I’m still trying to find a good pen. I need a smooth-flowing pen whose ink doesn’t smudge (I’m left-handed and sometimes drag my hand through my writing. Am a moron.) Got any recommendations on a good pen–NOT ball point, of course.

  18. My current, (and yes I am as obsessed as you with office supplies) favorite is the Sarasa pen by Zebra. It writes smoothly and comes in many colors. So when I am at work taking boring notes from a boring meeting – I can do it in forest green or neon pink or bright blue – just depends on my mood! I also love odd sized notebooks for work meeting notes. This way it doesn’t feel like I am still in school!

  19. I LOVE colored gel pens… its an addiction. all colors and there amazing gelness (i dont even know if gelness is a word but it should be!) this post makes me wanna go out and buy all the gel pens i can find :)

  20. I love pens!! I hate writing with pencils but I found the new Sharpie so
    intriguing I was going to give it a go.

    Papermate Flairs are my FAVORITE!!

  21. I’m addicted to those old-school, not at all cool felt tip Flair pens. I’ve been trying to find the medium point Sharpie pens that don’t bleed through the paper – I think they’d be my perfect pen.

  22. I have to agree with the not liking the erasable pens.

    I like pens that write like butta (butter). I have found most of these types of pens come from pharmaceutical sales people!

  23. I love the Sharpie pens, and was recently ecstatic to find a pack with blue, black, orange, green, and purple!

    And my best Valentine’s Day present ever was a “bouquet” of Sharpies, the giant multipack. Beats flowers any day.

  24. So I hadn’t heard about Sharpie PENCILS, but J brought me home from work a Sharpie Pen that is erasable. And GEL. This thing is SO AWESOME. You know the funny thing? I thought of YOU when I used it the first time. I even put a bunch of lines on the paper and tried erasing them at various time periods to make sure it would erase after drying. It did. You don’t like their pencils, which is cool – I totally get your reasoning because they sound not neat – but DUDE, track down the pens. I may message you with pictures of it so you can see what precisely I’m talking about.

  25. My favorite kind of pen is a free pen. My husband calls me the pen thief because most of my pens are free pens that I pick up at events or work. I like ballpoint pens for everyday writing and gel pens for making lists. I like the way gel pen writing looks, but they smear too much for everyday writing and I can’t write fast in them for some reason. And I love sharpies. I need to get one of those sharpie key chain pens so I can always have one on me.

  26. We just got Sharpie pens at work and I am IN LOVE! I was so excited to go into our supply room (which I do often just to check out what’s new — and I work for the Government so we’re always new useless crap! yay for tax dollars at work! /end sarcasm) and see boxes of the pens. I was a bit hesitant at first since they are fine point – which is not my favorite – BUT they write so nicely and not “scratchy” like I sometimes feel fine points do. Needless to say, I stole an entire box for my office (and may or may not have thrown a few pens in my purse….).

  27. I would say uniball pens (fine) are one of my favorites. I also love love the post it flags…I flag everything! I am sure that is a symptom of grad school.

  28. I had a package of those in my hands, but at the very last second switched to the Sharpie pens. I like *them* a lot. Sort of hybrid between a fine tip marker and a gel pen. They advertise “no bleed through”, and they deliver. The only thing I don’t like is that they are very lightweight. I prefer a more substantial feeling pen, however I’m willing to overlook that for smooth, non-smearing writing.

  29. I don’t use pens and pencils as much as I used to, but I’m an even bigger dork in that I have a collection of unusual ones. I’ve often bought pens and pencils as souvenirs and if I received any that I just thought were pretty I’ve kept them, even if the ink ran out.

    As far as the Sharpie pencil is concerned it looks like they are trying to do their own version of the Pilot Frixion ball pens. They are fully erasable, and I think they erase just as well as most pencils do. I originally found the Frixion highlighters on sale buy one get one free and found those to be amazing to erase as well. Seriously we highlighted portions of my daughters text book and then erased it and then I asked someone to show me where I had erased something and they could not tell. However I do caution that if you highlight over what you have recently printed out or written yourself the eraser may just blur the text under the highlighter too. But if you are looking for an erasable pen like I was (because I am so the one that messes up spelling my name on a very important document) I would go with the Pilot Frixion. The only downside I found was that my daughter used her whole box in a short while doing school work and she said they ran out of ink very quickly. I still have the two I took but I don’t do the volume of writing she would anyway. So just expect them to need to be replaced more often if you use a pen a lot.

  30. I love all office supplies. Back to school is my favorite time of year, as I get to stock up on stuff for my office. I think my most favorite though, are the bright post it notes. My office only buys boring yellow, so everyone knows when i have left a post it. Its great. :)

  31. I love all supplies. I guess that’s why my job revolves around Purchasing, and office supplies/equipment is want I handle. My favs currently are the Sharpie Pen, Pencils, and composition books with cool covers. I am over the moon during this time of year – Back to School and then, clearance of the supplies in the next couple of weeks!!!!

  32. Like Wendy, I too love index cards. And stickies. I went back to school just so I can indulge myself in pens, stickies, highlighters, etc. (Zoot, you are genius not geek.) (Just fyi.)

  33. I was looking for these in the store! My pen obsession is a little odd. I find that, when I buy a box of pens, they disappear. BUT, when you swipe them from hotels and such (because they intend them to be giveaways, right?), you have them forever. So my drawers are crammed full of pens inscribed with the names of the various places I’ve been. Writing implements and souvenirs….all in one!

  34. I love the pens in hotels. I dont know why they seem SO different, but I relish staying in a nice hotel and quickly grabbing up all the pens for my purse.

    I love the way they write, but maybe I like the reminders of vacation, too, a bit. :)

  35. I have been on a quest to find the perfect note taking pen. I’m left handed and tend to drag the pinkie side of my left hand over freshly written text- resulting in a gray/black/ blue pinkie! I don’t like it.

    The Sharpie pens that don’t bleed through paper are pretty good about this…

    I love all office supplies and I don’t know anyone in ‘real life’ who feels the same! You should start a support group for us!

  36. Being in accounting, I am extremely particular about my pens and pencils. I purchase my own because I never like the ones supplied by my company. Fortunately, Sam’s sells them in bulk. At the 1st accounting firm I worked for, I was issued a pencil when I started there and told to guard it with my life. The pencil basically had to be in pieces in order to be replaced. That was the best writing pencil I ever owned. And 10 years later, I still have it in once piece!

  37. My favorite office supply is some erasable pens I got in Japan when I was on vacation last Sept. I have no idea who makes them.

  38. I’m a total office supply-aholic! When you initially posted about these Sharpie pencils, I was just as excited as you were, Kim! :)

    I used to live in Tokyo where there were SO many fantastic office supplies. I couldn’t choose a favorite item, but my fave store was Ito-ya, where I could spend hours and hours testing out and playing with the huge variety.

  39. We have these awesome pens at work, pentel enerGEL pens. But they are VERY EXPENSIVE and everything is supposed to go in the common supply room upon arrival. But my assistant does the stocking of the supply room. And she always holds a few back for me in fun colors. We also have the uniball vision pens. I prefer fine point, but they mostly order medium.

  40. I love new pens and mechanical pencils. I tend to like uniball gel. I am quite intrigued by these pencils and if I don’t win might have to find them on my own.

  41. I’ve always been a fan of the Pilot precise pens because they are so very fine. I hate a pen that claims to have a fine tip, but then it just doesn’t. The needle-like tip on the pilots are perfectly slender and FINE!

  42. You know, when I heard about these my first thought was “I wonder if Zoot knows about this?!?”

    I go back and forth on pens. Right now I’m in love with my Bic 730 R (I think that means rollerball) and it is in blue ink. I prefer blue ink in any of my pens.

    I also find that I write differently with a rollerball than I do with a standard ballpoint pen, I don’t know why.

  43. It is a testament to my love of writing utensils that the only blog comment I’ve made in a billion years is one that could get me a fancy new writing utensil, for free :) So here’s my comment (also posted on your FB note earlier today): In college I wrote all of my chemistry notes in green ink, and I got an “A.” Coincidence? I think not!

  44. My favorite pen is the UniBall Signo. Love the way it writes, but no so much the way it can smear, so I’m on the lookout for another favorite!

  45. I saw the word, “Sharpie” in my feed reader and literally shivered all over. Yes, I am THAT kind of dork….too.

    My favorite?

    Pens, pens AND more pens, but most especially…




  46. I am a total pen freak. My newest love is the Sharpie felt pens, I love them so much. I love the feel of writing with them. And they mostly don’t bleed through. I am such a freak that I carry them around in my purse. I’m a total snob and don’t use the pens provided most places I go. I am a little crazy that way.

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