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Homemade Garland

I really like making things. There are just two things that stand in my way:

1) I have absolutely, positively, NO PATIENCE.

2) I have no natural talent.

So, basically I have to take on project that require little inherent skill and can be done RIGHT NOW. Some projects take a little longer and my impatience is always noted in the careless mistakes. Take, for example, the garlands I made yesterday. (Thank you Mrs Priss.) I was trying to get the garlands done while the kids napped so I was rushing and I put the glue on the wrong side of the paper. Did I throw it aside and get a new one? NO! Takes too much time! Must hurry before patience runs out!

Homemade Garland

I just flipped it over knowing the glue would kinda be invisible after it dried. Ta-da!

Either way…this garland project? I loved it. I’ve already started draping them around NikkiZ’s room and I’m trying to think of a “boy” way to do several more in Wes’s room.

Homemade Garland
Homemade Garland
This one shows where Nikki requested jewels. Of course.

This is also a good project because I have a strange weakness for stacks of scrapbook paper in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby. Pretty paper is my Kryptonite. SERIOUSLY. I have a truly unhealthy fondness of all types of pretty paper. In other words? I have stacks of it.

Only a very small representation of my collection.

This project allows me to play with my pretty papers EVERY DAY. Because god forbid I – you know – scrapbook with it. I have no desire to scrapbook (THIS is my scrapbook!) but I luuurrrvvee scrapbooking supplies. I sometime just organize the craft storage area just so I can play with the papers and ribbons and brads. *sigh* So, DIY Paper Garland? The perfect project for someone like me.

Letters I also bought some cardboard letters and covered them with scrapbook paper and embellishments for Wes’s room. They turned out great but I’m not sure the best way to hang them. This is going to work for now, but I think I may try to put twine or something on the back and hang them higher up and horizontally. The letters are too big to go vertical, they come too low to the ground. But for now? For Me: Super Miss Impatient Lady? They let me enjoy them. I hate waiting. HATE WAITING. Which leads me to also hate precision, so don’t look at the letters too closely, okay?

Next time I think I’ll buy the kind of letters they sell at Paper Source. They look a little bit easier to work with if the instructional video is any indication. These letters I used for Wes’s room were narrow and not at all pretty on the edges so they had to be covered. The Paper Source letters are pretty all over, and look like they’d stand up on their own.

And while we’re talking Wes’s room, the garland and letters both became projects as I’ve struggle with ideas of things to hang on his walls. I’ll show you what we did with the canvases from our group painting session.


I’ve also hung up some giant animal stickers on his doors and a needlepoint D’s Mom made for his room when he was 2. I have two more pictures I found at Target to hang up and Wes’s room will finally be done! Equal parts store-bought and Mom-made. I think that’s a pretty good combination.

Sometimes I wish I had the design asthetic and desire to make my kid’s rooms look pretty. You know, like from a magazine. Mine are just…kids rooms, I guess. But I hope they’ll have fond memories of fun things on their walls and can ignore the fact that their Mom kinda has weird taste that sometimes makes it look like the actual children decorated the room instead of an actual adult.

Also all that matters? Finding any way I can justify playing with my scrapbooking papers. And if the kid’s rooms become vomit pits of color in the process? WHO CARES?

Homemade Garland
Homemade Garland
Homemade Garland
Homemade Garland