These Really ARE 4 Simple Goals

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For the first time ever in my blogging career, I’m reporting back on a “Improve Myself!” type meme I said I’d be participating in. That may be a slight exaggeration but I feel like in the million years since I’ve started this blog, I’ve done no less than 100 This Is The Big Thing I’m Doing To Change Something About Myself type of blog entries. And have I ever reported back? No. I don’t think so. I know I’ve not actually completed or been successful in any of them so if I reported back it was only once or it was to say: SCREW THAT.

But my 4 Simple Goals were…simple! So I can report back!

  • WEARING A SKIRT – I wore skirts FOUR TIMES the first week. I wore one for Sunday dinner first. Of course, I ended up also wearing PJs under it, but still. I enjoyed it so much I used the excuse of three big days of meetings or Volunteer Activities to wear skirts that week. FOUR TIMES. I loved it. Why I never thought to pursue the Skirt As Casual thing is BEYOND ME. Flip-flops or Converse. WITH A SKIRT. It’s totally my new thing. I was disappointed yesterday was a grass-mowing day as I couldn’t wear a skirt! I wore one Sunday and Tuesday and I plan on wearing another today. One of these days I’ll have a full length mirror so I can show you pictures. But I refuse to buy one until I lose weight STOP GAINING WEIGHT.
  • TAKING CAMERA EVERYWHERE – My first day doing this produced a lot of THE VERY SAME PHOTOS that I take all the time. Turns out I just am home a lot. Go figure. I’m going to try to take the camera again tomorrow but maybe plan something a bit more fun to do. Like leave the house.
  • EATING SOMETHING DIFFERENT – The first week I tried 3 or 4 different recipes. Went great. This week…so far? Unless you think trying the bag of frozen PF Changs food I found at Target as “eating something different” – I’ve not really put a lot of thought into the meals this week. I bought fresh brussel sprouts to cook as something different and Twitter gave me tons of yummy ways to try, but I haven’t done it yet. Dinner is tricky with E now back in school and D training for his Triathlon this weekend. I have to have it ready around 5pm to fit into D’s schedule but I can’t start until after 4pm because of E’s schedule. We’ll see how next week: Post Triathlon, goes.
  • GOING SOMEPLACE NEW – I took the kids to the MAIN BRANCH of the library the first week. We’ve been to our branch on our side of town many times, but the downtown BIG library? I only went there once in college and E and I think we went there once a million years ago to get him a book, but I don’t really remember it so it doesn’t count. The visit was great and Nikki was blown away by how much bigger it was. This week we tried out Gigi’s Cupcakes after dinner, just as a treat for E after getting his ingrown toenail chopped out. It was fun although I am just not a cupcake person. E’s was better than mine was, but none of us finished any of what we ordered. SO MUCH ICING. The kids didn’t even really like any of it. The icing or the cake. They’re spoiled by my cake poppers. They expect anything with the word “cake” in it to taste just like that.

So….I’m quite proud. The thing about these goals is there’s no failure. I’ve set them up so I can try every week, but if I don’t do it? Whatever. Who cares. Try again next week. But I actually look forward to the excuse each of them give me to Try something new/Look nice/Take pictures. Turns out I like to do those things in SOME WAYS…I’m not as much of a creature of habit as I thought I was. I’ve enjoyed some of the branching out. I’ve already started worrying that when the end of the year rolls around, I won’t have an excuse for these things anymore. But maybe by then? These things will simply be the new normal. How cool would that be?

Kim? Yeah. I know her. She’s the one that wears skirts and carries her camera everywhere! You should ask her for her _________ recipe, it’s great! She cooks a lot of different stuff, it’s cool. She also knows all the fun stuff in Huntsville to do/see. If I’m ever looking for something new to do I ask her.

Hey. I think that girl sounds pretty cool…don’t you?

(Although – I hear she never uses shampoo on her hair. That’s still pretty weird.)


12 thoughts on “These Really ARE 4 Simple Goals”

  1. Those cupcakes look so good! As soon as I saw them I started plotting ways to get my husband to move to Huntsville. Just to live near a cupcake store. I am totally a cupcake girl. And I love frosting, there is never too much frosting for me.

    I’ve always thought you’re pretty cool, by the way.

  2. I had wearing more skirts on my list too :) I’ve worn skirts two days this week (I am wearing one now lol) I got some leggings so I don’t feel so uncomfy – and they are so thick that it’s like wearing trousers underneath the skirt anyway lol.

  3. Those cupcakes have an insane amount of icing! Congrats on your goals. I made a life list and it’s the best thing ever. I crossed off the 1/2 marathon, I get to cross off the Italy trip after Sept 1st! And, hopefully this spring I will be able to cross off the full marathon.

  4. Your mini self- dialogue is cute..esp the last part abt the shampoo =P wow on the 4 simple goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. I have been reading your blog for a while but never comment. I love your posts. And that you hit all of your goals is great. I do have a question. Are you carrying your SLR camera around all the time? What lenses do you use?

  6. We LOVE Gigi’s! Though I’m not much of an icing person myself, I really like most of the cakes. The Orange Dreamcicle is really good. Of course, now I’m wanting to try your cake poppers if the kids like them better than Gigi’s. :)

  7. Every time I wear a skirt I think “oh yeah, how comfy”. I’m trying to do this more often too. That and just dress *a little* more nicely. I got an actual grown up purse – going to try and use that instead of a messenger bag for grocery shopping, etc.

    Your tweet about the library made me smile – now let us know how the brussels sprouts (ugh) come out!

  8. You know I am a woman like you. Jeans, sneaks, hoodies. But I have found, in the past 3 years or so, how much easier skirts and little dresses are. They always fit right, you can throw a plain shirt on top of a print skirt, they are flowy and fun, fit on bloated days and allow you to eat cake on the others, and make getting dressed in the morning a snap. Personally I have found them to bring a little fun power to my life…but that might not be the case for everyone!

  9. I ran across your blog long ago on the post where you talked about not washing your hair. I thought you were strange, indeed.
    Then, my daughter came out with massive curls all over her head. I do not have curly hair. Nobody in my family has curly hair. Consequently, my daughter had frizz instead of curls.
    I decided to forgo the baby shampoo and just use conditioner, per your blog. Surprise! It works! My girl now has voluptuous curls all over her head, rather than frizz. Voila!
    So, long story to say that you are not at all strange to not wash your hair.
    The end.

  10. I’m so glad you’ve found the joy that there is in skirts. I wear them casually all the time with flip flops and find that they’re much cooler than shorts or jeans in the summer. I want to get me some converse SOON to wear with them too.

    And, in the winter. . .get you some fun, funky, and bright-colored tights and the skirts are just as great!! (just no flip flops w/the tights :( )

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