• Gallery Wall

    The "Man Room"

    This is the view of the TV in the Man Room. We called it the Man Room because it allows Donnie to finally have a nice TV watching setup and I left him in charge of picking out the furniture we needed in it since he let me do the sitting room. The couch tables are hand-me-downs from his parents but he picked out the couches and we both found the TV table. The bean bag is a Comfy Sack and before we got the couches it was the only thing to sit on in the room – which was FINE because I LOVE THAT THING. I actually slept on it several nights. All of the animals love it too and even though it weighs a trillion pounds and is impossible to move, it is probably the best couch I’ve ever sat on. LOVE IT.

    We’re not close to having everything set up for the TV yet. We just hooked up the DVD player a few weeks ago and we have 47 game systems that were hooked up to the TV in the old house. BUT I HATED THAT. So, I’m not going to hook them up here. If someone wants to play one (which they rarely do as we’re all very busy) then we’ll hook it up. Until then? It stays in the blue box next to the TV. Which somehow makes me feel better.

    Now…for the point of the entry…my GALLERY! Let me start by saying I had to attach the frame wire on these frames myself and that is NOT an exact science. Each one is just a hair different as I may have twisted it tighter, or the hooks may have been more loose, or something. So, the fact that they’re not perfect will be rectified as time goes on. I want to wait until the weight of the frames settle on the wires before I make any adjustments so I won’t have to RE-adjust later. But for now? You get the idea.

    Disclaimer: Two of my regular-read bloggers often talk about home renovations or updates. When I post pictures of my small-scale improvements I feel a bit silly as it doesn’t compare to Kelly Rae’s gorgeous home rennovation or Heather’s office remodel (Which, I wasn’t planning on watching those videos because my ENVY is too great, but it was totally worth it as it cracked my ass UP.) – but it’s my new home and I should be PROUD. I just felt the need to point out that I am aware that my scale of upgrades is not as impressive as others. But still…GALLERY!

    The "Man Room"

    This is the shot from the upstairs hall. The wall on the other side of the window, I haven’t decided on yet. I wanted to get this wall up first. I don’t want the walls to match in layout, but I do want there to be similar photos in similar frames so the entire back wall is somewhat uniform. I’ll think about it for a week or so before I start laying something out.

    Here’s a close-up:

    The "Man Room"

    Do you see what I did? I combined color AND black & white. I really like the look of it and kept stopping on Sunday going up the stairs to just stare at it. Look! My photo wall! My photos! Here’s what I said to my husband,

    “Who needs art when your wife is a photographer?”
    “What do you mean? That is art!”

    2-points for saying the PERFECT THING. I’m quite proud of it. I’ll be even more proud when I get the wires on the back adjusted so they all line up perfectly, but for now? I’m happy with it.