My Favorite Room In Our New Home. (So Far.)

Dining Room Before
Dining Room After

The dining room is the first room of the house I don’t mind calling DONE. There will eventually be things on the walls, but that will take awhile to decide on. There will be a few more pieces added to the china cabinet and probably something to the top of it. But for the most part? DONE. And I could not be more in love with it. From the table, which was my first real furniture purchase to the china cabinet which was Donnie’s doing. He saw a dresser in the same style a few weeks ago and fell in love, but it wouldn’t have matched our bedroom. The next week? The cabinet showed up in the furniture store we’ve bought almost everything else from. I brought him a picture, we both agreed it would match the table perfectly, and we brought it home this week. I have bought a few expensive dishes from stores like Pier One and Anthropologie (just a few, wish I could afford more) and of course – I found some treasures at TJMaxx. I’d like to add a few cups in eventually, but for the most part? Perfect. In every way. I want to make out with this room and have little rustic/contemporary babies with it. We eat dinner in here every night. We will have family dinner in here most Sundays. This room will be used more than most dining rooms, so I couldn’t be more pleased we found the perfect pieces to put in it.

New Fixture
My Perfect China Cabinet
My Perfect China Cabinet
My Perfect China Cabinet
Birds and Butterflies
Birds and Butterflies


31 thoughts on “My Favorite Room In Our New Home. (So Far.)”

  1. Ahh…I just saw that we have a Nadeau in Homewood, which is closer to Hoover than your town is. I’ll have to check it out one weekend.
    On the Anthropologie site, I create a wishlist, then check it on Tuesdays to see if the things I want have gone on a big enough sale that I’ll buy them :)

  2. That cabinet – WOW! Are you going to tell us where you got it, or where the dresser is that semi-sort-of matches? It’s hurting me, I want it so bad. And I live in NC, so it’s not like people are gonna go from your house to mine and think I’m ripping you off. :)

  3. Really love the fixture, okay ‘fess up, plz, where did you get it? The table and china cabinet are perfect together. I’m so glad y’all are getting settled. It feels good, huh?

  4. You know, I am going to be totally P.O.’d if you get your house decorated before me. I’ve been in mine 6 months and just hung stuff on the walls last night. We may eventually paint (hire someone to paint), but aren’t in a big hurry for that.

  5. Oh I love it! Great work :) Also, “rustic/contemporary babies” about made me snort water out my nose. (I’m tired, okay? heh.) I think it’d be kind of cool to keep the chandelier thingy, and “rustic” it all up, distressing the finish and whatever. Could be a cool craft project (because heaven knows you won’t have enough to do in the new house…) if you still have it!

  6. Karen and Wacky Mommy – I got the fixture at LOWE’S. Can you believe it? I love it. They have a really cool long rectangular one in the same style, but we opted for the circle to break up the 90-degree angles some.

    Annie – The furniture came from a place called Nadeau. We just got one here but I think we have one in Nashville and B’ham too. Maybe there’s one near you? They don’t do delivery or anything (which has been a challenge on my poor minivan) but the prices are really reasonable. On par with the lowest end at some place like Ashley Furniture – but to me? Better quality. That furniture is SOLID.


    I’m so glad you did close-ups of the cabinet, except that the close-ups took me from “Oh, awesome cabinet!” to “Oh hurtie must fill hole in heart.”

  8. I LOVE IT. And I particularly love the plates with the birdies – I don’t know what it is, but I have a thing about birdies right now.

    And the wall color is also great – it looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see more. :)

  9. Great job! It looks wonderful! I think your idea for a mixed set of dishes is way more interesting than a fussy matched set.

  10. LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE! Love the wall color, table, light fixtures and china cabinet! Great job!! And i am so jealous!

  11. I want to make out with this room. Especially the dishes. Bring them to my room, whisper sweet nothings.

    I could not love everything in the room more. Well done.

    Signing off now to dream of your dishes…

  12. I love the room. And I especially love the dishes in the cabinet! Have you looked on e-bay for any more pieces? I got some stuff on there a few years ago for reasonable prices. Just odds and ends to put in my china hutch. They are very cool pieces though. I love your style!

  13. you are not the only one wanting to procreate with that room and everything in it!!!

    i love it so! you did an amazing job, girl…NOT that i’m surprised!

    love you!

  14. I love everything about it. But the plates… if I was within 10 feet of those beautiful plates, I’d be figuring out a way to stuff them down my pants to make it out the front door with them. Love them.

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