• Framing


    I think every person who manages a household has those things that are important to them, but are not consistent in every home. Some people put a lot of time and effort into keeping furniture clean and polished and in tip-top shape. Some people clean windows or spend loads of money on coverings and treatments for those windows. Some spend hundreds of dollars on baking dishes (Le Creuset…I’m looking at you) or mixers. Me? I’m a framer.

    I keep an eye on the clearance frames at Target and buy ones I find too cute to resist. Once we knew we’d be moving I just kept them in a stack to put into use in the new house. In the old house we had one hallways that was lined with frames…black on one side and wooden on the other. I had specific collage frames for specific trips we’d taken. Framed photos hung everywhere. Mostly recent photos because I take so many that I’m constantly updating frames with newer photos.

    Now that we’ve moved, I’ve got plenty of frames on shelves and tables, but still haven’t hung and of the photos of people on the walls yet. I wanted to take this move as a chance update photos and also allow for new family portraits as I think we’ll be making a trip to Portrait Innovations at the end of the summer. (If you have one in your town, you should check it out. You get 3 backgrounds and 2 outfit changes and the photo packages are all Wal-Mart/Target studio level affordable.) So…I’ve been spreading out frames on floors and trying to plan out what frames will hold new family portraits (We haven’t had any made with Wes yet.) and then put my own pictures of the kids in other frames.

    I look at my workspace above when I’m working on several frames, which I was last night, and imagine it’s something like quilting. I have stacks of recent photos I have printed and several frames/slots in frames. I move pictures in and out of positions and look at the frames/wall as a whole before committing myself. I always want to make sure we have everyone in the family represented as close to equally as possible. (Although across the house NikkiZ wins the award for Most Pictures…she’s too photogenic for her own good.) I also like to make sure everyone likes the pictures I choose of them. I try to make sure we don’t duplicate outfits or settings too often, and I like to make sure to include plenty of candid/non-posed shots. (One day I’d like to have a whole wall dedicated to these photos.)

    It’s a weird hobby/obsession…but I think it’s a way for me to turn my digital hobby into something solid that I can enjoy. I love taking pictures of my kids. I take anywhere from 2GB to 5GB of photos a month. Taking the time to frame them and decide where to place them around the house allows me an excuse to print the photos up and to spend time flipping through them while I decide what photos should/could go where.

    What about you…do you take a lot of photos? What do you do with them? Are you anywhere near as deliberate about the framing process/choices as I am or am I totally OCD about this? Because that’s okay if I am. I don’t mind.