I Really Hope I Don’t Jinx This

So…as of yesterday…I’m 99% sure I’m done with everything associated with the Probate Courts in Knoxville to finally close Dad’s docket. I mailed off the last bit of everything yesterday to my lawyer and as far as I can tell, the rest is in in his hands to get it where it needs to be […]

Sometimes the days ARE hard.

In the interest of protecting the privacy of certain parties involved, I’ll keep this simple and detail-free: Yesterday? All of my kids were possessed by something even more evil than Lucifer himself. I’m not sure what that is because I’m not familiar with all of the evil deities of the world, but I just know […]

I Am A Photographer

One of my favorite places in my current home was this wall: Since “they” (who are “they” anyway?) say to sell your home it’s best to remove personal photos, that wall now looks like this: And you know what? I still really love it. Because that is MY photo. Most of our walls were covered […]