Things I’ll Miss

I’m staying optimistic about the house. We’ve submitting our request for repairs, hoping most of it gets addressed or that they’ll give us cash at closing. We’ll know for sure by Tuesday. We’re proceeding as though we’ll own in on June 11th because most of me strongly believes in the power of positive thinking. The other part of me always prepares for the worst, JUST IN CASE. But for the sake of this entry? Positive Thinking.


Things I’ll Miss About My Current Home

  • It’s easy to clean. This house is not tiny, as it’s a good 500 square feet bigger than the one I grew up in. However, it’s still only 1700 sq ft (The house I grew up in? TINY.) so cleaning it in an hour is a very easy task. The new house? Twice as big. And twice as old. I don’t think I’ll be cleaning that in an hour.
  • The kids sharing a room forces us to ban Large Toys. I kinda like having the excuse to ban things like small vehicles and toy kitchens. The sight of large amounts of brightly color plastic tends to make me a little stressed. I don’t mind seeing art stuff all over the place, but for some reason, if a toy is too big for a toy box? I feel like the room is never completely clean. I am weird. I know. In the new house? We have a “bonus room.” There’s no door or doorway to it (The house has a very unique floor plan) so it’s not a bedroom, but we’re making it the play room. Know what that means? No more excuses. Maybe I’ll just pretend that room doesn’t exist.
  • This house has a very open floor plan. If you’re at the computer, or in the living room, or cooking dinner – someone in any of the other three rooms can talk to you. The new house is older so the floor plan is not that open. And it has two floors, with the main living area and the kids’ rooms being upstairs from the kitchen. I’m feeling a lot of yelling in my future. Maybe time to invest in a bullhorn?
  • This house is done. Especially now that we’re finishing up all the project we said we’d do 5 years ago. Our current house will need no more repair/upgrades in a few weeks. This new house? Well, it’s not horrible. But, every wall will need a fresh coat of paint before we even move in. A lot of fixtures will need replacing eventually. The siding will need repair as soon as we sell our house. It needs updated windows that are more energy efficient. And on and on. We’re okay with that, when you want a bigger house but can’t afford these nice new ones – you buy one that needs work and do the repairs over time. That’s what we’re doing. When it’s all said and done? It will be a wonderful Forever Home. But I’m sad to leave a home that needs nothing in the immediate future. Let’s hope the new homeowners appreciate that.
  • The kids share a room. While this is also a big reason to leave our current home, it has forced upon them a wonderful friendship. They really do play together well, and I think it’s because they have no choice. There aren’t other places to play.
  • The fence. In the short term, there’s not containment system in place for the dogs at the new home. It’s an uneven and wooded backyard, not easily fenced. Supposedly there was an invisible fence but until we decide how to work that and if we want to go that route, we’ll have to walk the dogs every time they have to go potty. I’m too lazy for that. I don’t even like walking for myself when I have to go potty.

9 thoughts on “Things I’ll Miss”

  1. I have a bonus room, like you are describing, and I just don’t clean it. Period. I don’t worry about putting toys back. I’ve just come to accept that it is going to be littered with toys and I force myself to overlook that fact.

    I also have an older home, and I have to say that I really want to move into a house like you are describing – one that doesn’t need anything done to it. But the difference between you and me is that I didn’t anticipate how much work needs to be done to the house – unlike you who are prepared for it.

    Best of luck!

  2. Can I just tell you how impressed I am that it only takes you an hour to clean a 1700 sq ft home?!? Our home is 1950ish sq ft and it takes me at least half a day to clean it (of course, my cleaning has to be preceded by a massive straightening effort).
    And if it makes you feel any better about having an older home, we built ours in 2004 (built it to look old-fashioned, ’cause I love old homes, but have building-contractor brothers, so had to take advantage of that), but we still have lots of home projects that we’d like done (mostly related to outside hardscaping and landscaping). I’ve decided that, new or old, a home is never really finished.

  3. My kids share a room, even though we live in a 4 bedroom house and one of the rooms sits empty (save for kitty litter boxes and some storage). Well, the kids actually co-sleep with us, but the kids’ room is a joint playroom for them. Eventually, they will want their personal space and until they ask for it, they will continue to share.

    For the dogs, a friend of mine used one of those invisible fence systems and it worked out very well for them.

  4. Hi I’m a lurker I’ve been reading you for some time. I love your posts! For the unfenced yard have you looked into one of the wireless electronic fence. They are a little pricey but worth every penny! I use mine when we go up to our cabin or camping. The plus side is there are no wires to worry about you just plug it in and put the collar on the dog and you are set! good luck on your move.

  5. Just here to send positive thoughts your way. Although I’m trying to figure out how I could clean my 1500 sqfeet (1/3 basement!) in an hour, and.. no, I’m not that good. Perhaps if I did it more regularly? eek.

  6. I am EXACTLY the same way about big toys. I have no intention of buying the kids any, and I wish my MIL would stop. She has bought Henry a wagon and a Melissa & Doug easel, which are not bad as big toys go, but I don’t want any more.

  7. I never liked walking our dog when I had one…

    A- can you build a smaller fenced “dog run” for the dog(s) to do their business?
    B- fasten a chain or other sturdy tie around a tree and clip your dog to the end of it. Gives them a controlled but “free” area to wander.

    Keeping our fingers crossed for you!!!

  8. I miss some stuff about our old place that I never thought I’d miss. Cat boxes in basement instead of main-floor laundry room/garage is top of list. Good luck with this journey, it will all turn out.

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