Mind Over Matter


Some days, or more importantly – some nights, can make parenting seem like a form of torture. When you’ve sang every song, read every book, tried every bed, driven through every neighborhood – and your child still won’t go to sleep. Eventually you end up in your own bed with a kicking 2-year old who finally falls asleep only to wake up 2 hours later, demanding a meal. You know, because who doesn’t want to feed a toddler at 1am? It’s my favorite thing to do! And then, when he finally goes back to sleep it’s only for a few hours because 5am? Wake up, sleepyhead!

Basically, I’ve spent this morning implementing the most basic of Happy Self principals. MIND OVER MATTER. My body is tired. My mind is fried. My heart is a little beaten. My throat hurts. But will this do me any good today? NO. It will simply make me more miserable. I’ve been spending every other minute of this already-long morning saying to myself, “You are in a great mood. You are excited about your day. Your kids are wonderful blessings, not evil spawns of Satan. Today is going to be a great day!”

And as cheesy as it sounds? As long as I keep telling myself this, and don’t let the festering thought of misery have even one millisecond to grow, it works. It’s one of my most valuable lessons I’ve learned in parenting. Mind over matter can work. I’ve been joking with the kids, calling their milk/juice their coffee. “Don’t spill your coffee!” They think it’s hysterical and it give me the periodic excuse to get more coffee. Which helps too. I’m staying busy, doing laundry, not letting my body dictate my mood. It doesn’t always work, trust me, but it definitely won’t work if I don’t ever try. So every time I have a particularly rough night, I try to psych myself out the next morning. I convince myself the night wasn’t that bad, I’m not that tired, and today has too much potential to waste on my own grumpiness. I say 3 days out of 5? This helps me salvage what would have been a pretty crappy day. Those are pretty good odds, if you ask me.


6 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter”

  1. There must have been something in the air last night – my 10 month old just WOULD NOT SLEEP either last night. Ugh.

    Thank you for this post this morning – compounding your positive thinking with my own, I already feel better!

  2. Thank you for that….I will try my best to remember your words of wisdom the next time I find myself wishing the day away because I’m overtired from being up all night with my small children. Funny you should write about this topic, just the other day I calculated how many years I have spent sleep deprived…it’s amazing how one human can function for so long on such little sleep.

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