Diversity in the Zoot Home

Several weeks ago, NikkiZ and I set out to repair a toilet and install a new toilet seat. Nothing major, just a simple task that needed our attention. I tried to make it seem fun by allowing her to be part of the entire process and help. Oddly enough? She was excited. And when it came down to it? She did most of it herself. She repaired our flusher and installed a new toilet seat with only minimal help from me. I was pretty impressed. I’ve always wanted her to see me doing stuff like that so she’ll grow up just assuming women can repair things as easily as men can, but I didn’t think she’d actually get excited about it. I mean…I know how to do it…but I’d rather someone else do it. You know?

Fast-forward to Sunday when AndyZ got a bunch of tool sets from various family members for his birthday. NikkiZ played with them all night. And then yesterday? I got these great photos that show exactly the two personalities in my middle child.

Tool Time
Showing him how it's done

She’s always shown great mixtures of girly-girl and tomboy. She wears princess gear and tiaras but she also hits the crap out of a softball. She wants me to paint her nails but she is overly aggressive on the soccer field. She’ll rock her baby dolls to sleep and then teach her brother how to use a screwdriver. It’s just so fascinating watching her grow into this fantastically well-rounded little girl.

Much better than her mother who still doesn’t know how to apply makeup properly.

Edited to add: For those of you who noticed part of this entry is missing? I took it down just to make this entry a little more positive and less negative. I realized after the fact that it seemed a bit bitchy and, while it made me feel better at the time, I don’t want to put too much extra negative out into the universe when there’s already plenty out there. I got the bitching off my chest, now I’m okay shifting the focus of this entry back on my adorable daughter. Thanks for those of you who tolerated the previously included rant.


12 thoughts on “Diversity in the Zoot Home”

  1. I think it’s awesome that you let your boy wear pink, paint his toenails, and generally explore all of his personality. Every kid deserves open minded parents, and all of your children are incredibly lucky!

  2. I’m sorry, but that is ridiculous. He is SO cute in those costumes (and in everything else) and what he is or isn’t wearing/doing/playing with will change nothing about who he is becoming as a person. My little brothers were often dressed up (usually by me and my sister) in dresses, jewelry, and makeup. We all shared dressup clothes, and one of my brothers had a Cabbage Patch doll that he carried around forever as his baby. One of the boys is an army police officer and the other is a firefighter/EMT. Both are happy, smart, and well rounded.

    Evi’s favorite toy right now is a tool bench… which she played with yesterday while wearing her pink tutu. And if she’d been a boy, I’d have hoped for the exact same scene.

  3. You can have boy fairies lol.

    That is awesome that NikkiZ gets excited about that stuff. It wasn’t till I was in my teens that I got into DIY and stuff like that. I worked in a Builders Merchant as a part time job while I studied Music and Drama at school lol.

    My Grandad taught me how to tile and grout, He also taught me how to put the glass into uPVC frames when he redid my Mum’s windows.

  4. Great points you bring up about how society treats boys. My 3 year old son is currently watching the Swan Princess and likes to pretend he is Sleeping Beauty–I am the prince that has to wake him up with a kiss. I have friends who disapprove, but you know what–if only we could all be that innocent of what boys and girls should be like. Why can’t he like fairy tales too and want to act them out? I don’t want to break the spell by saying, no you can’t do that, you’re a boy, enough magic will disappear as he grows up. And honestly, he’ll be who is regardless of whether he plays with cars or dresses. On an unrelated note, kind of, Kurt’s dad on Glee had a great speech last night about accepting his son as he is and the power of slurs/labels. By the way, I have a tiara if your son needs it –and no, I don’t also have a girl :) Cheers, your kids are the kind I hope my son befriends as he grows up.

  5. I agree with you. My son loves to put on nail polish and dance around. But my MIL freaks out. But when my daughter plays with bugs and worms, that is perfectly okay and makes her well-rounded. I really don’t get it. My children are who they are. And my job is to encourage and grow all facets of their little personalities not just one.

  6. I wanna read the rant part! haha. I guess I got up too late ;) I really love the pic of Nikki with the frilly pink dress and the tools. You are raising wonderful children, Kim!

  7. I remember loving those kinds of tasks when I was younger. The things that we consider work and no fun now are playing when you’re that age. And I particularly appreciate my parents having the patience to include us. I know kids can really slow down the process, so a lot of parents are against letting the kids get in there to “help” but I’m glad mine did! I think it’s great that you do too :)

  8. I think I miss not seeing the rant. This is a beautiful image as is… but I think I know where you were going, and I just realized that, since we don’t buy our son any toys (everyone else buys enough!), all he has are things for hitting, throwing, etc. Stuffed animals yes, but no dolls to take care of… but would he just use the dolls for hitting, throwing, etc anyway.. ugh.

  9. I love the look on his face while she uses the screwdriver. It looks like a mix of “so THAT’s how it works!” and “is it my turn yet?”

  10. I hear what you are saying about society and the way boys and girls are viewed… and what is expected of them and for them.

    I have been fighting those views since I had my children. My girls fix cars, play sports and all sorts of other “boy things” and my Son plays with Dolls and plays pretend and dress up too. He cooks, gardens, and helps clean too, lol.

    They each do things that fit better with society’s view of boys and girls too. But I have tried very hard to make them well-rounded and loving of both girl and boy things in their life. I have always felt it was important for them to view the world as a whole and not be “stuck” with only one view. I want my children to be able to take care of themselves. That way when they choose a mate it will because they want to share their lives with someone else, not because they need someone to cook for them or fix their car, lolol

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