• Look What I Did!

    When we bought our current house five years ago, we wanted to update our bathroom, paint our bedroom (which had hideous trim color and wallpaper border) and built a new closet system since the one that came with the house collapsed a few months after we bought it. Now that we’re about to put the house on the market? These things are finally getting done.

    MrZ has been working his ass off on the new closet system. I can not wait to show you pictures of it, it’s so awesome. However, there’s not much I can do to help, so I decided to take on the bathroom. And here…something most bloggers are too proud to do…I’m showing you a picture of my old sink.

    Old, Dirty, and Dated

    Yes. The sink is disgusting. (In our defense, the little kids use our bathroom too!) Yes. Those are tampons on the counter I didn’t even bother removing for the photo. Yes. That’s paint in the sink. I wanted you to get an honest look at our bathroom so when you see the end result? You will be as impressed as you should be.

    New Faucet

    I DID THAT. I replaced that faucet AND drain all by myself! Well…I had the help of copious amounts of videos on YouTube, but no real people helped me. And let me tell you, the faucet? Not the hard part. The drain…that had been there for 15+ years and had hair and paint and god-only-knows-what-else in it…the drain was the worst part. One plumber video was taking his drain off of a sink removed from the wall and said, “If your sink is attached to the wall, this will probably be a two man job.” Yes. Two men. Who did it in my bathroom? Two men? No. ONE WOMAN. And that woman was me.

    Plumber Zoot

    Now…our light fixture needed replacing too.

    Old (And Oh So Modern) Light

    I got the old fixture off the wall fine. I painted the walls using Behr Paint/Primer in one. That stuff goes on beautifully. Then, when I went to put the new fixture on? I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I felt defeated. MrZ had to do that for me. He swears it’s because the box used for the other fixture is not the standard shape so I shouldn’t have been able to do it, but I still lost a bit of my pride at doing the faucet myself. Oh well.

    New Light

    I bought a new shower curtain that will be used to re-upholster some chairs after we sell our house. I cleaned the counter a bit and Ta Da! an updated bathroom.

    Curtain and Wall color

    $30 paint. $30 faucet. $90 fixture. And the bathroom looks hundreds times better. We bought some towel racks too, but we haven’t put those up yet. Those were about $40 total. I’m hoping combined with the fantastic closet, this will make our Master bedroom look more like a suite. Or at least less gross. Either way…it’s better.