Seussical Day…What Day Is It Again?

So…yesterday I ordered tiny bouquets for the 6 Marching Band members (NikkiZ’s Who cohorts) for “Tomorrow” which is what I said yesterday. Evidently yesterday I thought “Tomorrow” would be FRIDAY. (Are you confused yet?) But it turns out that today is Thursday and I will now have flowers for tonight and tonight is not Friday so the kids won’t even still be there after the show to hand them out. Because, you see, tonight is actually Thursday and we are sending them home to go to bed each night after they do their small bit on stage. The point of this very confusing story? Seussical has taken my brain. I forgot to send my daughter with pants to preschool on Monday to wear after dance. On Tuesday when I packed LilZ’s bag after doing laundry – trying to make his life easier by taking care of some things for him – I packed him with only ONE of his costume socks. Meaning MrZ had to backtrack home Tuesday morning to grab the other sock out of the dryer and bring it to us at school. Which didn’t make LilZ’s life any easier, if you’re wondering. I also forgot to put the powder on the Grinch’s makeup last-night after his intermission touchup. The powder is required to help some of the makeup set. One of the girls assured me since it was just a touchup he’s probably be fine, but STILL. How do these parents do this all year round with kids who perform several times throughout the year? My kid does one musical and my brain disintegrates.

But my daughter on the other hand? THRIVING. I’ve been catching her singing the songs at every turn and dancing when no one is looking. She loves this. She has also developed quite a crush on Horton since Horton is the savior of Who, you know. And she lives on Who so really he’s saving…her. Every day she draws him pictures while he gets his makeup done and she blushes fire-engine red as she tries to give them to him (and usually chickens out at the last minute) – I wish I could videotape THAT as much as I wish I could show you video of the show itself!

We’re about at the midpoint here, I guess. Finally getting a good groove on…and learning how to function on minimal sleep. Here’s a picture I snuck watching NikkiZ perform this weekend. Here she’s improvising her own story about how Horton saves the princesses.

I caught her performing

6 thoughts on “Seussical Day…What Day Is It Again?”

  1. Your posts are making me miss high school theater so MUCH! It’s such a transformative and wonderful thing to be young and in a musical. I’m happy you and the kids are experiencing it together.

  2. Ugh! They’re making me miss doing theatre too! I hope I get to do something soon!

    As for the parents who have to do it several times I year, I think they get used to it. It becomes less random and confusing after awhile, and more of a routine. :)

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