Seussical: Day 1

I survived yesterday, which was still just a dress rehearsal. I think I’m getting better at makeup but still terrified someone is going to make me paint the circle around the faces of the kids wearing white paint on their face. I can NOT draw a straight line to save my life. And while I know a circle is not a straight line (I learned that studying for my GMAT) it still is a curved line that should NOT HAVE SQUIGGLES. I assure you if someone put the pencil in the hand of someone who smoked for 10 years and also has a thing for caffeine? You WILL get squiggles.

NikkiZ has to perform FOUR times today. We’re doing two FULL shows and two small sections as a “preview” for the high schoolers. I’m worried she won’t make it. She’s a bit whiny about the costume (To which her brother, who has to change like a bagillion time says, “SUCK IT UP.”) and she won’t have her scheduled nap after getting very little sleep this past night. I’m envisioning her final performance in the Who Marching Band this evening will involve many scowls and possibly tears. WISH US LUCK.

Thanks for listening to me through all of this. It’s such an exciting thing to experience and while I know most of you find it tedious, (Really? Seussical again?) I appreciate you letting me document my journey here without too much grief. It’s also nice to finally give LilZ the attention he deserves. He’s done an amazing job and I just don’t think I ever knew how much drive, determination and dedication he has for theater. He’s amazed me at every turn so I’m glad he gets the focus from me he has earned. Being the oldest with two very young sibling has you lost in the shuffle many days. But this week? He’s in the spotlight.

And wearing an animal costume.

Mom and Son

24 thoughts on “Seussical: Day 1”

  1. “I learned that studying for my GMAT” made me laugh quite impolitely loud. Good thing I’m home alone. I may have startled the cat, though :P

  2. I think Seussical is awesome! I’m a theatre person too, and I actually find these posts rather interesting!

    I hope all the shows go fantastically well, with few mishaps and even fewer crooked circles! :D

  3. Don’t apologize about talking so much about the musical–I’m wondering if there’s a way we can see a video of it!

  4. Love this talk! I’m looking for insight since my younger kids are interested in theater but the oldest would rather die than perform on stage (except in the band). It’s nice to see a little preview of my life.

  5. I find the LilZ/theatre posts AWESOME! As someone who has spent most of her life studying theatre, and who is an educator/actor/vocal coach/director/dramaturg, I am thrilled to hear how much LilZ is enjoying his experience, and how much his passion has infused your entire household. Good for you for volunteering, Kim (you’ll notice there is no mention of makeup in my list–TOO HARD!). Tell LilZ to break those legs, and have a wonderful series of performances. NikkiZ might get cranky, but as soon as she hears that applause or those laughs, girlfriend will snap out of it! Can’t wait for the wrap-up entry.

  6. Oh, I LOVE all of this theater talk!! I was a part of my high school drama club, and wow, do I often look back on those days of some of my very very best! Hearing all of your talk about LilZ takes me right back there….late night rehearsals, it seeming like NOTHING is going right until the absolute MAGIC of opening night where miraculously everything just…clicks, the comradarie and of course all the drama that happens backstage! (Oh dear god I’m going to be singing the South Pacific soundtrack in my head all day now — my last “big show”) Here’s to the memories….break a leg guys!!

  7. As a person who lived and breathed drama club all through high school, I am loving these posts! I think it’s fantastic that your entire family is so supportive and helping out on this production. Break a Leg!

  8. I’m normally just a lurker, but I just thought I’d say that I like reading all the Suessical stuff too! I loved the musicals my high school put on, but was always way too shy to participate. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes.

  9. Love the theater entries!! Good luck and break a leg! BTW, you should frame that pic of you and LilZ. It is awesome!!!

  10. This is SO exciting! I can’t wait to see video snippets and pictures and I’m praying NikkiZ makes it!

    PS – I tried to do the theater thing when I was in high school, but just didn’t have that drive and determination…I bow down to LilZ!!!

  11. Break a leg to both performers! (and you!)
    And when in the world do we get to see pictures of the much-talked-about costumes? Now you’re just taunting us.

  12. My youngest daughter is, in many ways, the female version of LilZ. She is very good-looking, she loves theatre, she is great with younger kids, she’s socially adept, she’s bright, she has a wonderful mother (heh) and she’s a freshman in high school. When can we get together and arrange their marriage?

  13. I LOVE these theater posts! I was another high school drama/choir geek and reading about Seussical has been so much fun. Hope you can show us some costume pictures!

  14. I’m agree with the others. I love all this theater talk! I hope we get to see pics and maybe even some video. Good luck, everyone, and have fun!!!

  15. yay for lilZ in the spotlight…where he should always be! :) give him our love, and we want lots of pix!!!!!!

  16. I was in all of my high school musicals, so I LOVE reading your accounts of LilZ’s rehersals. I kinda wish I was local so I could come and see the show, especially your make-up job with the Wickersham Brothers!

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